Rolling out our newsletter for February 2015!

It’s been such an exciting start to the year! We have so many aspirations and doable goals for 2015, and shall tackle them all monthly! There is just so much to do this year! We have a stunning, dedicated team who sincerely wish to get the wonderful word out there regarding all aspects of being vegan and living life in a true and non violent way!

January saw us finally setting up our brand new website as well as our new twitter account, which will see us rolling out news and wonderful articles daily. Please do join us on both forms of media , share, and lets get the word out there! We feel so blessed and so grateful to social media which today, both allows and encourages us to share our knowledge and compassion with everyone out there who has access to it! It was only a couple of decades ago that this was not a possibility leaving very little room for growth!

So very many people have not been reached yet, are denied free access to all of the health benefits, well being, and are therefore denied the opportunity of living life cruelty free in a cost effective manner.  One of the biggest problem and ‘grey’ areas still, is the lack of compassionate education at school levels. We firmly agree  that most are not taught about veganism at family level, leaving a huge void and a deep gap that slows down much faster  potential room for growth. One of the  biggest obstacles still lies with government to get on board this ‘concept’, who have the power to introduce valid reasoning to their communities and to curriculum’s within the schooling educational systems.

We have had the great pleasure to have communicated with so many people across the board who have diverse opinions, sharing insight as to where ‘felt’ current existing problems lie, and how change could effectively be made to run a little faster.  We agree that people cannot be forced to make the switch, they have to be able to understand why making the switch is imperative.  People want to make that connection, they want change but many still don’t quite fully know how to go about it.   People do want to embrace the concept fully however, can only do this when they have access to information.

Every individual connects on a variety of different levels, some connect to the cruelty of sentience and want to save as many animals as they possibly can from torture.  More than 60 billion animals are slaughtered each year not including sea creatures. Each and every vegan can spare over 200 lives per year!

Others connect to the health aspects , whilst some have been through great pain, suffering, and illness and have managed to reverse their symptoms. A vegan diet helps prevent and treats heart disease, reduces the risks of cancer and can actually reverse some cancers within three months, as cancer as well as other illnesses cannot survive in body with a healthy ph balance.  Going vegan can cure diabetes as well as high blood pressure etc.

Many go vegan because they know that it shall help environmental change. ‘Meat’ is not green. Livestock accounts for more than 9% of global carbon dioxide emissions, 40% of global methane emissions, and 65% of global nitrogen dioxide emissions.

Some are passionate about people. The worlds cattle alone consume a quantity of food that is equal to the calorie alone needed for 8.7 billion people which is more than the entire human population on earth! The more people that go vegan, the more hungry  we can feed!

Others are passionate about land. Did you know that the same amount of land can produce enough food that can feed 20 vegans or just one meat eater. 30% of land mass is dedicated to raising animals for food which is about the size of Asia.

Then there is water! Nearly 60% of all water goes to raising animals for food. It takes 25 gallons to produce a pound of wheat, 815 gallons to produce 1 pound of chicken, 1630 gallons to produce one pound of pork, and a staggering  5000 gallons to produce just one pound of beef.

Some people make the switch for energy! Balanced vegan diets are naturally free of cholesterol laden and artery clogging animal products.  Whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables are so high in complex carbohydrates, that they supply the body with plenty of energising fuel!

Then some find the beauty aspect appealing. With no animal fat, weight goes down naturally and skin gets cleansed.  Going vegan  has a direct health effect and appearance on skin, hair and nails.

Others simply do it to avoid toxic chemicals. Nearly 95% of the pesticide residue in the meat eaters typical diet comes from meat, fish and dairy products.  Fish contains carcinogens and heavy metals . Meat and dairy are fortified with steroids and hormones.

Finally some find the discovery of taking their eating experience to a whole new level. Experience new foods, discover new tastes, experiment and enjoy!

All of the above are valid reasons to go vegan however, we firmly believe that it ought to be primarily about abolishing animal cruelty. Having said this though, we do respect the connection that individuals make in order to accomplish the ultimate goal of living ones life as a vegan. So with such a diverse culture of people throughout the world, we are highly excited and motivated. and fully embrace all reasoning in uniting everyone whom we believe to be heading in the same direction.  The links are strong!

Whilst all of these topics will be covered daily to continue to encourage, engage and unite, we shall also focus primarily on something quite different for February, which we shall update you on in our  March newsletter, should efforts pan out to be a success!

In the mean time we strongly recommend that you to talk about veganism, and all of it’s wonderful values and benefits to as many as you possibly can! May February bring you much joy and health, and may you be positive in everything that you do.  We encourage you to touch the lives of as many as you can! Be an ~ Active Vegan ~ every second of your day!

~ Active Vegan ~

What is your reason to go vegan! Please do let us know, we would love to hear from you!


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