Great first vegan recipe for dogs.

I realize that yes it may be a slightly scary thought at first, to consider your companion friends right by your side for ethics regarding their meal plan, as it may have been for some of you to go vegan at first but, you have to simply just jump right into it knowing that it is a far healthier option for them to eat a well balanced home made vegan meal made with absolute love versus the commercial ‘meat’ branded ‘pet’ food products bought at stores!

It is a well known fact today that most meat based commercial brands carry very little nutritional content in them, and they are made up of substances derived from cruelty, as well as substances that are not fit for human consumption, so why give it to your very best friend, when the end result promotes skin irritations, cancer, ear and eye infections, congenital problems, tooth decay, mouth ulcerations, degenerative eye diseases, dementia, lethargy, obesity, premature death, gosh the list is endless.

Be confidant with switching your dog to a cruelty free healthy diet. You are doing him justice and shall spend far less time at the vets! Know that you are providing your pup with the very best love through a healthy well balanced meal prepared with absolute love and care.

Try this ! My guys loved it and I had a jolly good sampling of it too! Too delish! 

You want to make the first half of their meal high in protein,  so here you can make good use of beans/legumes (lentils or pinto beans), are wonderful as a base (be sure to cook them well then mash them up or process them).

You can then fill up with brown rice and finally a jolly good veg combo variety.

Add carrot for Vitamin A, and leafy greens for Iron. Be sure to chop this up, boil in plain water (do not add salt or sugar). Mix this altogether with your protein.

Add a little ground flax seed( for great omega), as well as kelp (superfood vitamins), and a t or drizzle of organic cold pressed coconut oil, and a sprinkle of  nutritional yeast for vitamin B! Mix this all together.

You may want to add an additional supplement such as  L-Carnitine or Taurine to your pups meal for additional amino acids which are the ‘building blocks’ for good health. And mix all together with your above recipe.

You could bulk up and make for the week and then simply refrigerate, and warm up with hot boiled water on the next meal.

My guys loved this meal!  Do try it! Yum!  Don’t you already feel so much at ease knowing exactly what goes into your pups meal, ensuring that he doesn’t get swooped up in the industrial conveyor belt cruelty that makes so many so ill today!

I shall be posting regular recipes and inspirations for our beloved friends who deserve the very best care when it comes to nutritional value and health ! We want to see healthy, happy, thriving pups who so look forward to their meals!

Big Luv From Me Vegan Chef On The Run

and off course the team at ~ Active Vegan ~

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