Healthy vegan dog recipe 3

We present you with our third healthy recipe in this series, to keep your pup absolutely delighted!

Cooking for your pup has never been easier. We do so with pleasure and love.

His health is of vital importance, and he is not going to get health out of a commercialized ‘meat’ bag which has come straight off a conveyor belt of cruelty. Commercialized ‘meat’ based dog foods contain dangerous, unwanted chemicals, antibiotics, and left over sludge and slop from slaughter facility floors, there is nothing within those bags that offer your dog good nutritional health.

The rise of cancer rates in canines has become rather alarming. Not to mention the increase of skin irritations, ear and eye infections, congenital problems, tooth decay, mouth ulcerations, degenerative eye diseases, dementia, lethargy, obesity, premature death, gosh the list is endless.

Many people are surprised to learn that not only can dogs enjoy vibrant health on a vegan diet, but just like people, their physical condition actually improves as a result of eliminating animal products and bi-products from their meal plans.

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Your pup deserves the very best! Just as you are concerned about your own good health, we ought to be concerned about theirs, and therefore deliver the very best for them, in order to encourage and maintain optimum health and happiness.

This recipe is an inspiration to encourage, and to show you how very easy it is to improve your dogs health on a well balanced vegan diet. The recipes are shared with all of our rescues whom have embraced, and are currently fully enjoying their new, healthier way of dining!

Within the two week window period, commencing Feb 1st 2015, we have already noted positive improvement in skin and coat condition, and body weight. We are therefore delighted to share this information with all who have canines as companion friends, and no longer want to ‘guilt’ about feeding them cruelty! There is no reason why canines cannot thrive on a proper well balanced vegan diet!

So without further ado, we present his royal highness dinner, made for 2 medium sized dogs, enough for three meals.

3 sweet potato (chopped and boiled)

1 cup brown rice (boiled)

3 raw carrots (grated)

1 plateful of pumpkin (chopped, roasted in olive oil, without the seeds)

1 cup oats (boiled)

1 cup non gmo soy chunks (soaked in 2-3 cups water, then boiled)

To make:

P.S. All of these food items are quick to prepare, I like to do them separately, then add them together once prepared.

Once cooked or prepared, you can bung portions of each together and mix, and refrigerate the rest in separate containers.

Add a couple of t of flax seed ground, and a couple of t of brewers yeast flakes to each meal.

You may want to add additional supplements such as Taurine, L-Carnitine

Portion the balance of your recipe, and refrigerate for a follow up meal. Remember to serve warm, you can do this by bringing your kettle to the boil and pouring a little water over the next follow up meal, then drizzle a little hemp, olive, or sunflower oil for added nutritional value and great taste.

Note: Refrain from adding salt or sugar to your dogs diet. It is not good for them, and they cannot digest this. And do keep your pup hydrated at all times with fresh water!

Big Luv from me Vegan Chef On The Run

and the team at ~ Active Vegan ~

Has this article inspired you to switch your canine to a healthy vegan diet? Please do let us know! We would love to hear from you, and do share your vegan recipes with us!

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