Crohn’s disease.

All illnesses are of such sensitive topic, with due respect to all patients who suffer from them. I have met with many patients suffering needlessly from various illnesses, cancers, crohn’s, diabetes, arthritis, heart issues, high blood pressure, obesity, anxiety, depression, inflammation, all seem to be prevalent issues in today’s modern society, and all of these patients are in the hands and care of G.P/s and specialists, as well as highly respected surgeons who know nothing about nutrition.

Patients who have been suffering for years, who have been in and out of consultations, who have had horrific, uncomfortable, invasive testing, and sometimes hard core surgery, whom are living daily uncomfortable lives on medications which cause further complications to other organs. The medications are not a cure, they are a temporary mild relief whose damage has become a life long event and threat.

The truth is that doctors today have very little nutritional qualifications and healthy advise to give. The truth is that nutrition is what needs to be focused on the most. We are shocked that doctors today still are recommending that patients up their protein intake through the consumption of eggs, meat and dairy, the very foods that are causing all of these illnesses in the first place. Doctors today are writing out scripts for medications which cause more harm than good, and are recommending ‘fad money making diets’ of no substance as a way forward.

The bottom line is that you are what you eat. The fuel that you put into your body will show result. If you continue to abuse your body with foods which are processed, contain bad cholesterol, are rich in high ‘unhealthy proteins and fats’, foods that acidify your body and lower your immune systems, then expect to suffer the consequences thereof. Disease thrives in these conditions.

If you are ill, first and foremost, we strongly suggest that you have an alternative approach. Seek a fully qualified nutritional practitioner who is plant based and pure. This is of utmost importance. There is no need for invasive testing, toxic medication, surgery, suffering or death, when you can heal yourself by adopting a whole new approach through healthy eating.

So many are still unaware of healthy fuels today. My heart bleeds to see those who suffer daily, who take in such ill advise from the medical field who continue to prescribe, not cure, but contain pain. I compare it to a teacher who recommends that a child go on Ritalin, in order to quieten him down. We want to focus on cure rather, through a change of mindset, a complete change of lifestyle. Becoming healthier through what we consume. The only way to do this is to eliminate all animal products and bi-products off of ones plate. Focus on organic plant based foods. Up your alkaline ph body balance. Plant based foods shall be your cure, cleanse your colon, go green, up your greens, juice and cleanse. One has to be open minded, read, learn and embrace a healthier, cleaner, lifestyle choice in order to make real change in ones life, and in order to have a positive impact ones health. Medication is not a cure, real food is. Real, clean, cruelty free food is your cure. Think organic plant based nutrition.

Respect your body, and it shall respect you.

We have added this video on crohn’s. Do you want to continue to listen to this nonsense that they are feeding you? (meds, surgery, pain and suffering is inevitable for the rest of your life), Or do you really want to give yourself the chance for a complete turnaround to a healthier life? The choice is yours. Please do try it, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain :

Half a million Americans suffer from this disease. Now watch something like this for inspiration:

We do hope that we have inspired you in the right direction. Please do share with us your own personal experiences and successes.

~ Active Vegan ~


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