Rolling out our newsletter for March 2015

February was yet another exciting month, busy but rather short, bringing with it a whole lot of love for both humans as well as non-humans! We celebrated another brand new year, and focused primarily on the health of canines, advocating to switching them to a healthy vegan diet, thereby further saving billions of unnecessary tortured lives!  We shall take this theme well into March, and take that project into it’s next phase. February also saw us set up on pintrest and youtube, and we’re hoping to tie in Vegan Chef On The Run regarding.

Love without prejudice is our motto for March. Why love one specie but not the other when you can love them all!

March sees us foccusing on vegan restaurants around the globe and we shall continue to offer support to them and give them a jolly good deserved punt! So if you are a restauranteur or know of vegan restaurants around the world worthy of mention, please do contact us with details so that we can uptade our sites regularly,  making it as easy as possible for everyone to find and share the great news!

We continue to advocate in making going vegan the most fun, healtiest,  and easiest switch ever for everyone! Today going vegan is really easy, with magnitudes of choices in the food departments, as well as mouthwatering vegan recipe suggestions. Vegan restaurants are sprouting up everywhere as per public demand ,as people are becoming so much more health concoius. Cosmetic companies, and companies selling sundries have also climbed on board! Non toxic and echo friendly household chemicals for cleaning are now also widely available. Fashion houses (clothing, shoes etc) are now also embracing so many more green, envirionmentally concious, and cruelty free options. Todays options are limitless, and more people are shifting toward  this new wonderful way of clean living. The intelligent money is moving toward veganism. The train is gainning momentum and, when it hits max speed there shall be no turning back!

We look forward to another riveting month ahead! We shall be working round the clock to get all of this exciting information out there to everyone.   We have choices! The more that know, the easier it shall be for evryone to make those ethical choices! Do join us on our pages and contribute to the most amazing changes that the world is about to further embrace!  We leave no one behind!

Love from the entire team at ~ Active Vegan ~


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