Midnight Sandwich Feast.

Ever have one of those AHA moments when you’ve had a long day, been studying or out and about on the town,exhausted, and you just want to grab a bite to eat without all the fuss of cooking?

Well assuming that you have the following ingredients in your refrigerator makes for a fantastic sarmie that you can simply slap together and revel in absolute joy! Sharing ideas and spreading the love. May the force be with you!

I am going to cover more sarmies and subs with time, as they are quick and easy connections to absolute joy and complete satisfaction when you are on the run or just plain tired or lazy to whip up that storm. What’s in your fridge is what you get out, and what you get are your bodies rewards.

Always make sure that you have back up in there for those aha moments!

Ingredients to make a fast one:

Two slices brown bread (toasted)

1/2 avo as a spread (in place of butter)

1 slice of raw sweet red onion

couple of T spoons of scrambled tofu

1 thick slice of grilled thyme tomato

loads of grated vegan cheddar (as much as you want…pile it on there)!

sprinkle cayenne pepper

phrs and mgpc to taste

sprinkle of hemp seed

squeeze of fresh lemon juice

drizzle of hemp oil

fresh parsley

How to enjoy:

Pop on your top slice of toastie, open your mouth up wide and tuck in, and enjoy!

Big Luv from me Vegan Chef On The Run

Inspired by ~ Active Vegan ~

Published by

Active Vegan

Terminate all humiliation of animals. Go vegan: https://www.facebook.com/ActiveVegan

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