Falafel House

Welcome to Falafel House , the very best in town for fresh vegan fast food! A real treat for falafel, hummus, tahina, and great tabule. The service is awesome, really friendly, and the atmosphere in this small, though intimate cafe has a great local feel. Great value for money, and every dish is served up with such enthusiasm and love. Central location, and they are open till late. 100% vegan. Their condensed menu focuses on vegan, Greek, Mediterranean, fast food. They are open Mon-Sat 12:00 pm-12:00 am, and offer limited outdoor seating.

Their address is Αλεξ. Σβώλου 54, 54634 Thessaloníki , Greece.

You can contact them on: 2310238091

Please do give them a huge like, share them with the world and support vegan restaurants the world over!

Do continue to share your wonderful vegan experiences with us, we would love to hear which are your absolute favourite vegan restaurants, we would very much love to pay them forward!

~ Active Vegan ~

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Active Vegan

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