Human Rights.

Our Human Right is to stop this violence against all who are oppressed.

9,000 Animals are rescued from just one of the millions of ‘Worst Torture Operations’ In The World.  They are all bad. There are millions just like this, both legal and illegal operations. Every single slaughter facility in the world, practice brutality and violence of this nature.

Where there are animals that are used for exploitation, you can be sure that violence is prominent. Please be reminded that animals have no voice. “Owners” do as they wish with them, no one will tell, no one hears them, and no one sees them suffer so. Animals today live in torture chambers. They are crammed into confined spaces, molested and ridiculed, raped, victimized, punched, kicked, stabbed, shot, smashed with sledgehammers, boiled and skinned alive, they are torched, and hung upside down, and finally their beautiful innocent wasted frames are hacked and butchered into unrecognisable pieces. Do we really want to continue to support this type of violence, no matter how humane we have been lead to believe that it is.

The most effective solution to end all animal suffering is to go vegan. There really is no other solution. Are you prepared to give up your palette pleasures of suffering, and join the millions who already have, for the love of animals. Billions of animals just like these are awaiting rescue in facilities like it all around the world.

~ Active Vegan ~

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Active Vegan

Terminate all humiliation of animals. Go vegan:

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