Relaxed Indian-style atmosphere. Upstairs guests can sit on a pillow at a low table i.s.o. on a chair. Serves simple food like lasagna, soup, and take away sandwiches etc are available. Plentiful and tasty veggie fare. Part of a global restaurant food chain, this particular store is reported to be all vegan, with a new owner in Aug 2014.

The place can be quite full during lunch hour but still has a relaxed atmosphere. Tasty food, great service and friendly staff. The exotic atmosphere is a plus. You won’t leave hungry!

Cuisine: Vegan, Indian, International, Hare Krishna

Fridhemsgatan 22 (at T-bana: Fridhemsplan), Stockholm, Sweden

Contact: 08-6549004


Thank you for sharing your wonderful vegan experiences with us, please do continue to do so – we shall pay them forward with the rest of the world.

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