Healthy happy vegan dog recipe 4

A fully tried and tested healthy recipe to keep your pup fully content knowing that every food item in his bowl is good for him.

We have spoken to many vegans who are now cooking their own healthy food for their rescues and have been doing so for many years with very positive results.

With so much suffering in our world today there is no need to further contribute to it when there is no need to do so. And so without further ado, we jot down for you another inspirational recipe for you to try for your very own beloved. This is the fourth in our continued series which came into fruition beginning of February this year and by all means shall not be the last, for we too acknowledge that canines appreciate a good healthy balanced variety of meals to enjoy.


4 cups rice

2 bags barley

1 bag soup mix

1/2 bag lentils

1 cup coconut oil

1 handful coconut flakes

3 t ginger

3 t turmeric

To make:

Bring to boil in a large pot.

Divide into two pots – add water and put on lowest heat for an hour or so.

Once cooled, freeze half and keep the other chilled.

To serve:

4 cups with hot water over the top, mix.

P.S – Alternate the rice for barley every second batch by replacing the rice with more barley.

Please do forward you own successes with your pups so that we can pay them forward.

~ Active Vegan ~

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Active Vegan

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