Yes, all animals do feel.

This image was taken on a “kill” line inside a slaughterhouse. It shows two cows seeking comfort in one another while awaiting slaughter. ‘I don’t know how to wake people up. My heart is irreparably broken’.

Have you been to a kill shelter, a slaughter facility or any other facility that kills living individuals on a fast moving conveyor belt. No – why not make a point of finding out how your ‘meat’ arrives from farm to your plate. It’s not a pretty sight – most would need a bucket to hurl into most could not watch individuals suffer –  most would throw up twice at the sight and stench of the flowing blood – that’s how violent it is. For anyone that says that they love animals – this emotional experience shall never leave your thoughts so much so that you would never touch carcass again.

If you ever doubted whether animals had thoughts emotions – standing witness to such atrocity shall forever stain your memory. Every single muscle in their bodies freeze with sheer terror as yours would should you be so violently assaulted. Animals are no different from us. We feel – they feel. We think – they think. We cry – they cry. We bleed – they bleed. We feel pain and suffering – so do they. As they are forced into the room of death – they cry they scream they try to escape they panic they are terrified – as you would in a terror attack.

Next time you look down at your plate – envisage the body of whom you have chosen to eat, give her a name –  she had one, she had a family she wanted to live – think about the horror that individual endured – ask yourself whether you feel morally comfortable in partaking encouraging such pain and suffering – think about how your actions amplify their violent screams around the world. See them hear them acknowledge them. They are the same as us. They have language they have emotion –  they have will to live love connect.

All animals share cognitive senses. There is no need for vivisection to prove this – this is simple logic. We are animals – put yourself in their place close your eyes and fathom the horror the torture you are putting them through – the very same dread that no one deserves. Tears run deep when we are in pain – so do theirs. They have tears they suffer pain. If you really care and you say that you love animals – go vegan for them. Stop the violence stop the slaughter stop the pain and suffering, make a difference change the world. Only you can do this for them –  they are waiting for your action. Go vegan.


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