Switching from dairy to nut milk is easy.

You have never thought about switching from dairy to nut milks – why not? Nut milks are so much healthier for you than any dairy product ever produced – you don’t know how? It’s so easy – here’s how: this is all that you need to do it.

This is why you want to make the switch: Dairy is cruel there is no logical argument to prove otherwise. Dairy is the cause of most  illnesses including the common cold, all inflammatory related illnesses, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, allergens etc.  – so it’s something that you want to avoid. It’s unhealthy in that it contains, violence, blood, puss, antibiotics and unhealthy fats. It’s calcium content which is meant for the babies it was made for leaches calcium form our bones causing aches and pains and premature aging. 75% of the worlds population is allergic to dairy. The dairy industry is one of the major contributors to climate change as well as land, water and air degradation. The dairy industry is also a major contributor to poverty and hunger, as well as ‘slavery’ and animal exploitation but only because humans ‘demand’ it. Switching to nut based milks improves both our physical and mental health in that they offer us healthy fats, omega’s, essential oils, feeding our body with high foliates, magnesium, tons of vitamins and minerals and they taste delicious – nut milks feed our brain – decreasing brain related illnesses such as dementia.

What you will need: Your favourite nuts. Blender. Nut bag. Bowl.

How to make: Soak your favourite nuts overnight in water – this releases their enzymes and creates a ‘sprouting effect’, making them so much easier to digest. Add  a handful  to your blender,  top up your blender with about half a litre of alkaline water.  If you would like your  nut milk to be more creamy or thicker,  add more nuts to less water or the other way round for a thinner texture. If you like your milk with a little more  flavour you could add a couple of drops of natural organic vanilla, a pinch of cinnamon, a couple of majool dates  – though just the nuts on their own are stunning too.  Blend for about 30 seconds. You can drink just like that  a little chunky or, if you like your milk very smooth – you can strain that through a nut milk bag. This you can then bottle up and keep in your fridge, use in your recipes –  you can also make ice cream out of it etc. Making nut milk is so much easier than you thought –  go on – make the switch for all the right reasons. Get off of the toxic dairy train. Go vegan today.

Vegan Chef On The Run

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Active Vegan

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