The Vegan Shawarma – Israel.

Check out the wonderful 100% vegan options at the Vegan Shawarma in Israel, Tel Aviv

Give their Facebook page a like, support, and share them around the world. Israel has the fastest growing vegan population in the world. Along with original vegan dishes, you can find what ever crosses your mind.

The Vegan Shawarma opened in 2011 before veganism became THE trend as a healthy alternative to carnivorous street food eateries. The first time I tried vegan shawarma I couldn’t believe the taste, and actually I was confused by how seitan (wheat protein) imitates meat.

It’s the perfect spot to grab some quick, super tasty, vegan com­fort food! My personal choice – the vegan shawarma, of course. The okra and double cheeseburger are delicious as well! If you are up for something sweet, you can spoil yourself with vegan desserts – cakes and donuts. The burger is also available for home cooking.

Besides the food I like the location: King George – one of my favourite streets in Tel Aviv, connecting Rabin Square and HaCarmel Market. It’s my usual food break spot when I am wandering around the city on Saturdays.
The Vegan Shawarma | Snacks, Restaurants (Middle Eastern) | Vegan shawarma from ILS 24
King George 81 | +97235248821
12:00 – 00:00 daily


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