Hatred and violence.

There are so many reasons to go vegan. The connection between xenophobia and all other phobia’s and ‘ism’s” – all centred around hatred, violence, anger, miscommunication, intolerance, misunderstanding, negative experiences, disrespect, greed, lack of ‘humility’ to both human an non. Every single individual who involves themselves in any of these ‘violent’ movements –  abuse animals through the consumption of sentiments. Consuming violence encourages violence –  not one of the people involved in these ‘violent’ movements’ is vegan.
All these ‘Isms’ and phobias in todays world. So much hatred. Racism, Speciesism, Sexism, Homophobia etc., South Africa is now also experiencing heightened Xenophobia – so much so that the CBD had to be shut down recently – it’s now spreading to Mozambique who are retaliating against those who started it in S.A. Violence encourages violence. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth shall see all those involved without sight and without teeth shortly.


Stop the violence – Go vegan. Find solutions through peace, find love, understanding with one another. Seek connectivity through respect –  centre spiritual well being through peace not violence, get grounded. Violence finds no solutions –  it only finds more death, more sorrow, so much more loss.  Finding the connection to all things violent – all awfulness revolves around violence and hatred, wanted needs, greed. To harm anyone is immoral – no matter what the reason is. Lets stop finding ‘excuses’ for this – it comes from a cup that is empty and shall remain empty with loneliness and violence.

There is no amount of anger, hunger, poverty and desperation that could possibly endorse harming another being – to do so are  excuses to allow violence to continue. Stop trying to analyse these situations, stop giving the act of violence consent and stamp of continued approval.  There is no justification for it. Don’t even try and spin psycho babble bullshit around where it stems from. There is no moral justification for unbalanced behaviour toward fellow living beings human and non – non what so ever – it should never be condoned or justified. Let’s get our ‘act’ together. Go vegan. It is YOUR choice to vote for non violence, non violence to all living beings by enacting and practicing non violence in your daily lives. Go for it – nothing is stopping you but your outlook, your perception, your good spirit. Do it for them, do it for yourself, do it for the world, do it for your offspring and for their future generations. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Peace.

~ Active Vegan ~


Published by

Active Vegan

Terminate all humiliation of animals. Go vegan: https://www.facebook.com/ActiveVegan

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