More adventures in the insane ‘humane’ myth.

Canada – more adventures in the insane ‘humane’ myth of killing.

The Canadian government in early March 2015 announced this year’s quota for its annual, and highly controversial, seal hunt. The allocation for 2015? – 468,000 harp, hooded and grey seals.

In an effort to minimize ‘inhumane’ treatment, the Canadian government mandates that seals can only be killed using a high-powered rifle or shotgun, a club or a hunting tool called a hakapik. If that is what is referred to as ‘humane’ – then the Canadian government is highly confused. I cannot picture anyone taking a high powered rifle or a shotgun, a club or a hakapik to any ‘persons’ body – bludgeoning them to death – and then refer to that as ‘humane’.  Thrusting such force upon anyone  is anything but humane, and is uncontrollably violent in any mans language. Yet surprise surprise with the hunt in full swing, last week  shocking footage of baby seals being shot, clubbed and dragged aboard hunting vessels – footage that, certain groups allege, shows the hunt is anything but humane. It was never ‘humane’ to begin with. If certain groups condemned the hunt outright from the onset instead of pussyfooting around and advocating for ‘humane slaughter’ for the past 17 years – we may actually arrive at a more formidable conclusion (one that everyone wants) – that of nonviolence, no killing under any circumstances. There is no such thing as ‘humane’ clubbing, shooting and bludgeoning to death . There is no such thing as ‘legal’ protection when the green light and go ahead to murder has been given. Incidentally victims are hunted and shot from helicopters.  

Rebecca Aldworth, executive director of HSI’s Canada chapter, has stated that despite the legal protections, “what happens to these baby seals is some of the worst suffering I’ve ever witnessed.”  – She ought to visit any slaughter facility where the very same horrors transpire. She spent last week in a helicopter off the northeast coast of Newfoundland getting a first hand look at the seal hunt –  her 17th year doing so. 17 agonising, horrific years have gone by with utter cruelty increasing yearly – yet annually she goes back to watch them die helplessly – unable to do a damn thing about it – oh but wait ! She could make a stand against this sort of animal cruelty by going vegan but has failed to do so – and we all sit here scratching our heads, crying out relentlessly for their lives – in vein. If you really want to do something to stop cruelty to animals go vegan – when everyone does, there shall be no demand to kill these pups for their ‘pelts’.

“Ever year we go out there, we see the same kind of cruelty,” Aldworth said. “The seal is moving on the ice, the ice is moving on the ocean and the boat is rocking on the waves, so you often see a seal that’s wounded because it’s incredibly difficult to make that shot.”

The hunt takes place in north eastern Canada between November and June, with the majority of the seal hunting happening in March and April. The animals are killed mainly for their furs, and young harp seals tend to be in the highest ‘demand’ because they have the most ‘valuable pelts’ – a crying shame that their ‘pelts’ are not recognised by the average as someone else’s skin – that’s because they haven’t been educated about vegan ethics. Vegans don’t wear ‘pelts’, but neither do they wear anyone else’s skin – leather, fur, wool and even silk are all derived from cruelty. Neither do vegans eat animals – eating the flesh of animals, wearing their skins and exploiting any parts of their body is just as bad as the other – in all cases, animals lives are taken away from them in the most brutal manner, and lets be clear once again their is nothing humane about murder – more so when life is taken without consent. We can rest assured that no animals give their consent to die because we know that they want to live.

The Canadian government maintains that safeguards are in place to ensure animals are killed quickly and humanely –  what a preposterous joke and a load of crock, when you see blood, there is some serious violence going down. There is no scientific rationale for the hunt. Neither is there any rationale for killing any individual. If you want to make the difference for them, the only acceptable option is for you to stand firm, you go vegan, and shut down the slaughter forever  – that is your direct action, veganism is your connection, going vegan will stop violence.

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