‘Meat’ Pastels.

These pastels may look yummy and absolutely scrumptious – from the outside. But you would not divulge from a restaurant that served  ‘meat’. Why? – ‘meat’ – all meat comes from violence. ‘Meat’ no matter which specie, they all are farmed from violence, from pain and suffering  – all wanted to live,  all who’s lives were taken away from them. You do not want to consume violence. Let’s be clear – if you as a ‘meat’ eater where served up these delightful looking pastels with minced ‘meat’ in spicy savoury gravy – not even the most distinguished of palettes could establish who’s flesh it was within that pastry. If that thought stops you dead in your tracks – you want to go vegan. Most of all you want to go vegan for ethical reasons.

Becoming a much more common occurrence in todays world, the behind the scenes in ‘meat’ kitchens around the world where violence is commonplace, and no prejudice against any particular specie is acknowledged – where all specie are mere commodities, ‘food’, palette pleasures, innocent creatures to do with as man pleases, slaves, trinkets and toys. It therefore serves as no shock anymore when I hear that customers at restaurants such as Rio de Janeiro snack bar were unwittingly eating pastries made from the meat of stray dogs. Officers investigating the popular fast food house reportedly found boxes containing the frozen carcasses of dozens of dogs. The canines, which appeared to have been killed with blows to the head (no different to that of any other slaughter facility after all killing is killing), were used for the fillings of ‘pastels’, a traditional Brazilian stuffed pastry which is deep-fried and normally made with ground beef. Does that make the fact that it was sold as ground ‘beef’ any better or worse than the fact that it was dog, or even may have been cat or even had a bit of ground up ‘human’ hand in it – they are all ‘corpses’ –  ‘dead decaying flesh’. You don’t want to be eating any meat at all. Why? – When you eat ‘meat’, you encourage further violence by fuelling demand for flesh and certainly more variety of it.  

Moving on with this particular recent incident and according to police, owner of this shameful restaurant Van Ruilonc admitted to making the snacks from dog meat, adding that the animals were strays he had rounded up from streets in the city, which incidentally, will host next year’s Olympic Games. Van Ruilonc sees no difference in which ‘meat’ he serves up, it has all become just food to him – therein lays the moral issue. And I have to ask where do you draw the line, my simple response is – when you go vegan. When you stop eating, you stop wearing, you stop exploiting animals – they shall stop suffering. It’s quite simple – as long as you are consuming pigs, sheep, chickens, cows, fish, eggs, dairy etc – people shall be throwing in dogs, cats, rats, and any other inconceivable, unthinkable piece of flesh out there into the mix, because they can and because you have and are creating a demand for it. Violence, torture, and suffering shall go on for as long as you don’t go vegan.

Ruilonc, 32, is reportedly one of a group of Chinese businessmen who own dozens of pastry houses in Rio de Janeiro, including at least one in the beachside tourist district of Copacabana. I can only imagine and shudder how he and many others have managed to keep dog populations at bay within the districts attached to his charming ‘meatier’ pastry houses.
Lets be clear he was not caught out for his so called delicious ‘beef’ pastels – he was caught out for his slavery trade and trafficking of human beings, but then again what would one expect from an individual who exploits animals – after all humans are merely slaves and animals still. A rather daunting thought, one that I have heard many a comment – he may have been adding human flesh to the mix, then again, no one would ever have known the difference. The discovery at the eatery in Rio’s northern district of Parada de Lucas was made after officers arrived to investigate claims that trafficked Chinese workers were forced to live and work in slave-like conditions. Police found a cage in the back of the establishment where workers were incarcerated, and made to work 18 hours a day without pay. Public prosecutor Guadalupe Louro Couto said officers were shocked at what they found. He stated that he’d seen lots of bad things in his life time, but what he saw in that ‘meat’ pastry house was worse than everything he had ever witnessed. To start with, there was a cell, like a jail, with bars and padlock, set up inside the snack bar, where the workers were imprisoned. Apart from this, they lived with the stench of dead dogs, which were kept in the same room. He couldn’t stand it,  started to feel ill and asked to leave. When they started to open the polystyrene boxes, they saw the frozen dogs, they were perplexed. There were  so many violent various crimes being committed there.
Restaurants – common to all businesses watch their profit margins first and foremost. They buy competitively and as cost effectively where possible, in this case they kill right off the street to plumb up their volumes. When it comes to meat – all meat,  is derived from unsanitary conditions and is handled by so many bacteria laden hands, surfaces, and instruments, no matter which specie was brought to slaughter. The unsavoury rot on all carcass cannot be washed off under a tap as would dust from an apple. You must know that when you eat meat – you risk eating the unknown, you risk eating the dead,  you risk your health, and you risk further climate change. But most of all you put every animals life at risk .
If you say that you love animals, and you really mean what you say – you go vegan for them first and foremost before you take on any other action, going vegan for them is going to make all the difference to those whom you do not eat, to those whom you do not wear, and to all those whom you do not exploit, going vegan is going to make the difference to those who want to live –  all other nonviolent actions shall fall into their proper place thereafter.  Going vegan is easy.  It’s healthy for them, it’s healthy for you , and – it’s healthy for the environment.
Wishing all a ‘Happy Earth Day – every day.

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Active Vegan

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