Silence the violence for all specie.

Our news letter for May 2015.

We have been speaking with people all across the board – those who very tragically say that they really don’t quite give a damn about animals, to those who have the capacity to connect with only a few selected sentient’s such as dogs and cats etc.,  and then many who make the connection to veganism through a healthy way of eating only.  Sadly even fewer people relate to climate change or to poor and underprivileged people.  Billions of people have not been reached as yet in more remote parts of the world and so ‘cruelty’ throughout the world still prevails.  Half the world has no internet access – many who support violence still take full advantage of those.  There is also corruption and those who continue to push violence in seemingly unrecognisable and unsuspecting ‘nonviolent’ ways to those who are unable to recognise the difference between unethical and unjust treatment and what Is morally correct.  And so we realize that we are going to have to push all buttons in order to continue to promote nonviolence – veganism – ahimsa –  throughout the world.

Whilst we admit that real change shall be made by those who embrace veganism due to ethical reasons first and foremost –  as stats as well as logic have proved that those are the people who do stay vegan with absolute conviction, we accept that many join the ‘movement’  to nonviolence through other ‘personal’ reasons before they see full light,  but their reaction to stop violence is slow and puts pressure on those who need help most IE: animals who are viewed as commodities, the poorest of the poor, and off course the ecosystems that we so rely on.  People have been taking ‘baby steps’ all their lives and it got them no further than their starting point –  the world moves at such a fast pace that baby steps have no place in todays spinning globe. So we are saying  ‘screw’ baby steps – they are a waste of time. Take the leap forward and go vegan, then see how much faster you can make the difference here for all who are in extremely vulnerable positions. We need to catch up quickly through education and slow down violence, and move nonviolence forward into the new future right now.

This month we continue to reach as many as we possibly can but staying focused, on track –  as to why going vegan is the moral baseline to nonviolence, health, a better climate, and a happier life for all.  Going vegan is easy when you know how.  Going vegan is easy when you have witnessed the atrocities forced upon animals by humans who are able to make  the connection to it’s immoral action.  Going vegan is even easier when you agree that the violence to sentient’s is unethical in every way –  that is what we want you to see, because we know that humans do have the capacity to connect to unjust practice to those who suffer.  Suffering, pain and violence doesn’t start and stop with animals – it extends to all who bleed, it extends to all who feel, it extends to all and each and every single one of us.

At this moment, as you read this – know that billions of animals are tortured, slaughtered, killed,  are crying out for your help, they are screaming in pain for you to hear them, are pleading for you to connect to their pain and suffering.  They are waiting for your action to help them, do something about their horror. They are waiting for you to take moral decisions to go vegan,  to be their voice,  to be their advocates,  to stop their slaughter.  Billions of lives are waiting for you to make the difference –  not only for themselves, but for you,  your children, for the entire planet.

We celebrate veganism this month as we do every month, every day, every second –  we encourage you to push and educate everyone to go vegan, share your message of nonviolence for all sentient’s until everyone ‘gets it’ .   Embracing veganism is of highest priority in the world today – educating everyone about veganism is the most ethical action that you can make in your everyday lives today in order to silence violence for all specie.

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others, if you cannot help them –  then don’t hurt them. Don’t hunt them, don’t poach them, don’t eat them, don’t use them for personal gain, don’t wear them, and don’t treat them as slaves.


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Terminate all humiliation of animals. Go vegan:

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