Being positive, staying positive – transferring those energies to others. Going vegan.

Going vegan is not a religion, it’s not a diet alone – going vegan is a state of mind and physical wellbeing that extends to the entire world and all who reside in it, it is the only way to live a nonviolent life that benefits everyone, as well as the ecosystems that we have all become so reliant on.

Going vegan shows respect to those who are currently in less fortunate positions than most. Going vegan is making a statement that you are against all violence to nonhuman beings as well as fellow humans.

There is nothing immoral about veganism – it expresses true love, and advocates for complete freedoms to those who are oppressed by a violent immoral social unjust corporate welfarist system, who’s first and foremost concern is profit. Keeping us sick is of primary importance to keep the cash flowing, enslaving, using sentient’s is easy as they cannot speak up and advocate for themselves. Easy targets for abuse.

What is sweeter than wine is being in full control of the one action that no one can stop you from – your own moral decision to control your own health, the health of others, the health of the world. Going vegan is easy, no one can stop you – so many more are making the decision to go vegan every day and are loving it. The animal agricultural industries are totally freaked out by the huge positive response to pro veganism – they are fighting hard to convince a somewhat subdued continued following who question their morality daily – the animal agricultural industry is a dying industry that ought to hop onto vegan train asap in order to keep up with the modern times and modern way of thinking.

We see millions of people all over social media who are against violence, who express their concern for violence and want nothing to do with violence in any way what so ever. The animal agricultural industry is a dying ‘breed’ – who –  will look back upon their horribilis actions in decades to come and wish they had taken an alternative course of action much sooner.

From a holistic and spiritual perspective: consuming nonviolence is so much more healthful and certainly ignites us with positive energy and health, both mentally and physically –  if for nothing else from a moral perspective that aligns us with inner peace in that we have harmed no one in the process of palette or any other arbitrary unjustified, and unnecessary human pleasure.

Being positive, staying positive – transferring those positive energies to others. Going vegan is the largest of life, and most effective conscious decisions that you can all make for the sake of the entire wonderful world. Break the chain of violence , their freedom is your freedom. Their social justice is your social justice. Set the bar, set the standard above and beyond – go vegan.

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Terminate all humiliation of animals. Go vegan:

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