Think abundance, think ahead, think nonviolence – think vegan.

So you want to make a real difference for the world, leave a legacy, be a part of positive change. You can – it’s easy. Let today be the 1st day of the month for the rest of your life! Be the change that you so long for – make the difference to stop animal abuse by going vegan. Your free bonus (if you’re looking for one), is health, sanity, financial improvement, creativity, happiness, self sustainability and wellbeing.

Give yourself a kick start by cleaning out your pantry, fridge, your entire kitchen.  It’s the beginning of the month, millions are going shopping – create your shopping list to benefit all. Buy the right stuff, tuck in there – get going with your vegan pantry list. Great ideas right here : vegan panty list.

If you have a little kitchen space on windowsills etc, or are one of the fortunate few to have a little garden space – take a step back, and have a different perspective. We encourage you to plant your own healthy food! Think about the things that you like most – the things that you use in everyday cooking (herbs, spice, fruit, veg, legumes, nuts and seeds etc),  plant those first according to your season.  A hanging basket with strawberries looks beautiful and is easy to grow. Lemon trees look gorgeous in pots on patios, providing an abundance of fruit. Herbs on windowsills look so pretty, smell so fresh, a chilli bush keeps giving, grow tomatoes and legumes up trellises etc. Get creative! Think about long term projects too such as an avo tree which may take a couple of years to fruit – if you have space, is so worth it! Think of all the money you shall save, great meals for your family with least amount of foot print. But most importantly, think of those fortunate, who would have been slaughtered but weren’t because you chose to go vegan for them.

Sentient’s don’t have time to wait for laws to change. They don’t have time for welfarist groups who take half measures, promoting happy animal abuse, as ‘humanely’ as they think they are.  We cannot wait and stand idly by for yet another meeting,  talks, conventions, half hearted  treaties, meaningless petitions,  tiny baby steps, to phase out animal abuse by others who continue to promote animal abuse daily, directly, from their dinner plates at least three times a day.

Let’s all take a close but objective view at corporate menu offerings, their buffets, whilst they keep yammering on about nonsensical baby steps and how they are going to stop animal abuse, climate change, repair ecosystems, reverse drought, stop hunger, poverty etc. Yeah let’s take a close look at those menus – the amount of abuse on those plates is indicative of how serious they are, that they in fact are not as serious about change, as we would like them to be. They may continue to yammer, but we can make the change right here, right now, by taking the lead, the initiative, lead by example, show them how it’s done today without  wasting further time, without  wasting more money, without entertaining ourselves with nonsense, without costing any more lives – by simply being completely serious, by going vegan.

Going vegan is easy when you climb out of the cradle, cease to take  baby steps that welfarist groups are convincing you to take – those promoting that get everyone no where.  Walk upright, march on, straight,  proud to be a part of the fastest, biggest, growing nonviolent revolution in the 21st century.  Climb off that slow, broken down, backward thinking, welfarist bus right now – catch the modern, fast moving,  blitzy, eco train – go vegan.  If you want to stop animal abuse, the most powerful petition is the one that says :  ” I’m vegan “

June 2015  ~ Active Vegan ~  newsletter.


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