Years of oppressive ‘abnormal’ society ‘norms’ leads us to violence

Societies social ‘norms’ are in complete conflict with nonviolence. This is a major concern for those who have attempted to heal the world through passive nonaggressive actions. Just in one day – I have rubbed shoulders with so many people who are unwilling to listen, learn or educate themselves, even though comprehensive material was given to them at no cost whatsoever. The absolute refusal, to have an open mind about a topic pivotal to the progress of the future of nature herself, shows a society indoctrinated with stubborn will to make no attempt to understand what it means to make life liveable for sentients. The matter of ‘inconvenience’ is always the answer – but at who’s expense and at what cost does that ‘inconvenience’ to change come?  Is often a question that they are unable and refuse to relate to. That is concerning. It is concerning that the human want’s change but is not prepared to work toward that goal in order to accomplish change.

To make matters worse on the same day several people snubbed me for posting on the same sex marriage celebrations in the US of A – a topic which I feel strongly that we ought all be happy about. We are referring to fundamental basic human rights here. If some humans are incapable of celebrating what should be everyone’s right and dignity, an oppressive law that should never have been an issue in the first place – then how the hell are we going to reach out to those same individuals to partake in what is morally just for all sentients, In particular animals who suffer so, those who still today have no rights whatsoever.

As if that wasn’t enough slaughter for the day, a really angry man, one whom I thought I had known ‘fairly well’ (not vegan yet), had an alarming and rather emotional outlandish ‘outburst’ of deeply embedded hatred toward cultures of ethnic groups (I care not to mention here – as it was painful to hear this amount of hatred tearing up his insides). Years of oppressive abnormal society ‘norms’ and ‘hatred’ bottled up inside of him  –  that even he, was unwilling and incapable of listening to reason without insulting moral integrity.

There are millions upon millions of humans in todays society who harbour so much hatred, who all, are looking for desperate healing and forms of escapism – most just haven’t come to this realization as yet. That energy could be channelled in the right direction.  I have the deepest concern, that even ‘welfarist vegans’ may become embroiled and caught up in the moment of violence, with the realms of ‘hatred’ so close to ones own doorstep,  just a fingertip away. Hate is an awful word – ‘hating’ humans is as immoral and unjust as hating animals. We could all aspire to take that word out of our vocabulary, replace it with love and abolitionist vegan education, to share it with others – we would be doing the world a great moral social justice. It is through this action that others will learn to love again, it is through this action that others will see reason and logic, it is through this action  that violence will end. Violence, an unnecessary evil inflicted upon all oppressed, still living amidst a society of ‘social abnormality’.

Not enough emphasis can be placed on the importance of soothing out, balancing, clearing, sharing with others, the importance of living life in the true vegan spirit, it’s main objective – to create a world free of hatred, free of violence, free of social oppression forced upon sentients. Years of oppressive ‘abnormal’ society ‘norms’  leads us to violence however, we have the power to unravel all of that. The world is vegan if you want it to be, there is no other solution.  Thank you.

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