Stop the flesh fetish. Become an ethical vegan. Empower yourself.

Many animals such as pigs and cows are diarrhoea fed in order to sustain the industry. Yup that’s right you heard well – their own diarrhoea is used in their feed. Humans who say silly things like “but I just love my pork and beef way too much to go vegan”, are in fact admitting to having a fetish to diarrhoea – these are not made up fables, these are true facts.  One may also want to look up why it is that humans with weak immune systems are asked to abstain from handling raw carcass, and why it is highly advisable and recommended that counter tops, utensils and chopping boards are strictly sprayed and wiped down with disinfectant when handling rotting flesh from animals. These are not simply basic guidelines but general HACCP standards. So let’s get past the fact that many humans enjoy diarrhoea – what about the poop, flesh, dairy and egg born diseases that are caused by consumption, such as salmonella, E. coli , campylobacteriosis etc. Some diseases lay undetected in human bodies for years – then surface later in forms of illnesses such as those as form of dementia etc. Is it really worth taking that risk for some poop – we think not. Let’s not even mention the chemicals – antibiotics. steroids, growth hormones mixed amidst the coagulated blood, the puss and other unsavoury excretions. No thank you – when you learn the truth about the madness within the animal agricultural industry – it is very easy to go vegan, and stay vegan. You name it, every conceivable sort of violence is ubiquitous  within these murder victims, who are then wrapped up In cellophane and cardboard boxes, and sold to unsuspecting consumers. But still some humans choose of their own free will to continue eating this finished product to get enough protein and iron etc to give them cancer. All diseases are linked to animal foods. So why choose to torture others, spread unnecessary diseases, from animal to animal, from animal to man,  man to man, and even consider taking such high risks in the death that one shoves into ones mouth. How can poop possibly taste good, how can macabre bodily fluids and manmade chemicals whose torture was born on vivisection even be considered to be healthy? It doesn’t, it isn’t, and it’s not even remotely ethical. When we can stop animals suffering, save the planet, save our health, feed the poor and the hungry, and maintain the ecosystems that we have all become so reliant upon – we ought to stop making exceptions and excuses not to be vegan. There are no excuses left. When we learn the information about going vegan, and how joyful, fun, unique and how wow it is to live vegan, it’s so inspiring, that we wonder how we could not have lived vegan so much sooner. Veganism is the spice of life, there are so many stunning discoveries out there, spices, herbs, humus, baba ganoush , all those vegan butters and milks. We discover foods that we have never heard about like quinoa, tofu, tempeh etc. It’s just so exciting. A whole new world opens up, and the sky is the limit! Today’s vegan food choices are amazing – there Is everything from fresh fruits, veg, nuts, seeds, grains, and so many vegan foods that are now ready available at most stores – vegan meats, cheese, butter, milk, biscuits, cakes, sweets, ice creams and other delightful frozen confectionaries, to all sorts of ready made meals (burgers, lasagne’s, mac & cheese, pizza etc).  Gardein, beyond meat, tofurky, fry’s, earth balance, are just some of the hundreds of brands who make vegan products. Today we have tons of wonderful information right at our fingertips, to show us just how easy it is to go vegan  –  videos, documentaries, movies, online e books, recipes, YouTube, Facebook pages, groups, cookbooks, and off course many vegans, that we can lean on to learn more about veganism , that there really is no excuse not to educate ourselves. There is no reason not to go vegan. There is no reason not to stop violence, and for not living and supporting a nonviolent way of life. There is no reason not to opt for health – our own and that of the planet. There are millions of vegan options today that contain no blood, no puss, no violence, no diseases and no fuss, and no poop . Going vegan has gone so mainstream today, that going vegan Is so easy. Next time you take a walk down the isle at your local store – take a detour to the vegan section and check them all out, check out all the options!  There is a shift on the earth that’s happening right now, and it’s really exciting. Join the movement. You never know how you can inspire, educate, and affect great changes on our planet. Stop the flesh fetish. Become an ethical vegan. Empower yourself. Grow more, know more, and love more.

~ Active Vegan ~


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Active Vegan

Terminate all humiliation of animals. Go vegan:

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