Going vegan is easy, no need to go vegetarian first.

Our newsletter for August 2015:

Going vegan is easy once you have decided that it is immoral to harm animals. There is as much, if not more cruelty in a glass or milk and in an egg than there is in animal flesh. The ‘use’ of all animals is horrific. Please don’t buy into the ‘myth’ that it is difficult to go vegan (which is what all of the ‘animal groups’ are duping the public into believing).

Going vegan is wow, fun, easy, healthy but most of all you will be doing it for the right reasons – because you know that it is the ethical thing to do if we are to stop animal ‘use’. It is the best form of action that we as humans can do – the law is not going to stop animal ‘use’ until we as humans do. It’s a simple mind switch, a paradigm shift.

Next time you go shopping consider buying mock meats etc instead of animal flesh, consider buying milk substitutes https://activevegandotorg.wordpress.com/2015/04/02/switching-from-dairy-to-nut-milk-is-easy/, and items which you can use instead of eggs in your cooking and baking in addition to your usual purchase of fruits, veg, nuts and seeds. There is no need to go vegetarian first before you go vegan, simply jump right in and go vegan – it’s that easy.

Information is what you need, the correct information from the onset to make that transition as fun and enjoyable as possible. When you have the right information on what to add into your shopping basket in order to plan great tasting well balanced meals, you will never look back. The rest you will learn along the way – it really is quite fun!

Here is a list that may help you: https://activevegandotorg.wordpress.com/2015/04/03/top-pantry-essentials-for-eating-vegan/ , and yet another more extensive list for your https://activevegandotorg.wordpress.com/2015/01/20/how-to-get-your-vegan-pantry-started/ – do click on the links to give you an idea of all the wonderful food items that you will be enjoying! There may even be some that you have never heard of!

We also recommend that you visit: https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.howdoigovegan.com%2F&h=oAQFls5dv – it’s all about knowledge, empowerment, being in charge, going vegan, education, and showing others how easy going vegan is, your arms and legs don’t fall off. You become so much more healthy, and one by one – the world becomes vegan. We all want this so badly. We all want to live in a nonviolent world. This is the only way that we as humans are going to accomplish that! Enjoy!

The world is vegan if you want it.

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Active Vegan

Terminate all humiliation of animals. Go vegan: https://www.facebook.com/ActiveVegan

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