Vegan Sweet Tooth – London, UK

VEGAN SWEET TOOTH LONDON – if you’re a Londoner then dig this page! And surely go visit  Giancarlo  at any one of his extensive markets for a taste sensation of vegan note! From savoury to sweet vegan cakes, pastries, savoury and patisserie.


– once you try any of his delicacies – we can assure you that you shall be going back just because they are so darn delish!

Check out his page, like it, and share it across the world!

Call him on :07799721148

Email him on

check out their website on :
We support and absolutely love all vegan projects, and other endeavours. Restaurants, markets etc. When we are in London, we buy here!

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Active Vegan

Terminate all humiliation of animals. Go vegan:

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