How to go vegan. September Newsletter 2015


Just like most decisions that matter in life  – when we procrastinate and hum and arr, we may just miss the greatest opportunity of a life time! The easiest way to go vegan is to simply jump right in, and worry about the semantics later! There is no time like the now. Believe me when I say (and you can ask any vegan the same question), the only regret that you will ever have about going vegan is, not having done so a lot sooner!

Going vegan is the easiest thing in the world to do – you better believe it! It has never been easier than it is today! A simple mind set is all it is, and from the minute you get rolling, things start happening fast. You force yourself to find information, nutritional facts, knowledge, new friends, vegan restaurants, eco – ethical shops, and in some cases even new and exciting jobs and relationships!

Amazing changes take place immediately, notably at first, your clear conscience, and the heavy burden of letting go of all of that violence and the violence taking place in society today, that plagued you for so long. Almost immediately you look back and say – “I’m so relieved that I am no longer a part of the pain and the suffering, of animal *use*”  The weight is lifted off your shoulder instantly, you feel like a new version of a human being immediately! –  Mentally, spiritually you know that your decision to go vegan for ethical reasons is the morally right thing to do!

Your conciousness becomes heightened to your entire surrounding and to the needs of others before yours. You’re hearing and observing living beings, nature and the beautiful positive around you, you are making those connections, that you may not have even considered before! It’s the most amazing feeling. You feel as though you have finally come home!

One of the first things you may notice is how filthy the inside of your fridge and pantry is –  and that you may still have dead flesh, dairy, eggs and other items containing tortured animals still laying about. You question what to do with it all, and decide instinctively to clear it all out! Do it! Clear it all out – don’t delay. There is no place for it in your brand new life. Pull it all out, get rid of it, disinfect your fridge, your pantry and your entire kitchen and make space for the good stuff because the best is yet to come!

Your first vegan shop is the most exciting – it’s like making love for the first time! The passion, the drive, the brand new relationship with what you now revere as real life and living! Your curiosity grows – you’re now reading ingredients on every single label on store bought goods. You’re no longer  an accomplice to murder and a part of a system that doesn’t care. You are no longer ignorant or accepting of anything less than what all nonhumans and humans deserve. You’re a leader, a creator and a scholar who want’s to learn and take ethics to a higher level, and not just an acceptable standard. These are exciting times and you feel fully in control now! You also suddenly realise how many vegan options there are out there and how delicious they all are, and that putting them together is no different to how you were doing it before, only now you are doing things better, much better for everyone including yourself! You want fruit, you want veg, you want herbs, your want grains, you want nuts, you want seeds, roots, and spices,  but you also may want to consider buying some of your favourite vegan ready made comfort foods (burgers, pies, sausages, samosas, schnitzels, nuggets etc)  including vegan dairy (milk, yoghurt, cheez).

Professionalism becomes your middle name as you start googling vegan recipes and having an absolute blast in the kitchen putting them all together! The  blender, the processor and the juicer become some of your favourite gadgets, and you shake your head in disbelief as you look at them, that they sat at the bottom of your cupboard gathering dust (as did your body) for all those years without use! These are now permanent features on your kitchen counter top as you start juicing daily – putting together the most amazing cocktails using your creative imagination skills, with fruits, veg, herbs, spices, superfoods, nuts, seeds – you name it, the sky is now your limit!


Now you start feeling like a superhuman being! You skin starts glowing, you have more energy and spring in your step, you become more regular, shed a few kilos,  eyes start to sparkle, you become more health concious, happy, but you become more sensitive to the stench and to the ghastly sight of dead flesh – and again you shake your head in disbelief that you consumed that crap for so many years! And naturally you may find it offensive to sit down and be in the company of someone who still chooses to consume dead animals, you don’t want it in your home and certainly you don’t want it in your kitchen or at your own table. But take every opportunity that comes your way to educate others about veganism. You will need to be pleasant, factual and firm and encouraging to be able to do this effectively. And there may be times when people may say incentive things – don’t let those people bother you at all.

Price analyst and anti wastage are now your motto! Becoming an expert at comparing prices becomes your ‘thing’, and you suddenly realize that making lots of things is more cost effective and so much easier than you thought! Experiment with your new found cheffing skills. The kitchen is now a place of joy, real talent and creativity! Making your very own milks, butters, mayo’s and cheezes, dips, jams, probiotics,  is easy, but then so is everything, when you know how. You learn how to prepare healthy nutritional food, and you make sure that your fridge is organised.  You now learn to have things on the ready for those wonderful feasts! Eat more, eat variety, and eat from your rainbow (blue, red, green, yellow, white, purple and orange). Look after your health, feed your body and mind.  And because you’re enjoying your meals so much – there is never ever any wastage!

Nutritional expert – who would have ever thought! As you learn what your body and mind is in need of to think and function clearly and properly – you become so fine tuned.  The fog just keeps lifting by the day, as you realize how lied to, you have been all these years, the law, the doctors, nonvegan ‘nutritionists’, all the bullshit and society abnorms. You learn that you don’t need that much protein and that in fact, there’s more than enough protein in every single vegan food out there, you  learn where to get iron, calcium, your vitamins, amino acids, omega’s, and that B12 is easily obtained from fortified foods or non evasive patches or supplements, at minimal cost and that even nonvegans can lack B12. Most of all you learn to get your information from reliable, trustworthy vegan sources. And if you had any ails and ills  – you notice they have improved, and in most cases are no more!

Education becomes priority because you want to share your joy with the world. You want everyone to benefit from being vegan! And why shouldn’t they – everyone deserves better. So you need confidence to do this. That’s easy! Check out reliable and trustworthy sites such as how do I go vegan and abolitionist approach ,  created by sincere people, for people who care about life, everything that matters about going vegan is right there.

Now I say this, and leave you with a final thought –  educating as many people as you can on the planet to go vegan is a numbers game. If all vegans today convince one more person to go vegan, and they do the same every year, and the year after that, and the year after that etc. We will have a vegan world within six years!  And to think that none of this would have been possible, if YOU had not decided and acted upon with conviction, on that very special day, to just jump right into it and go vegan without any further ado – you concur with your own thoughts that there is no other way to do it, and that is the best way!  You learnt everything that matters along the way.  It is the best decision that you have ever made for animals, for the planet and for yourself. Being vegan is amazing, being vegan is fun, it’s wow!  Being vegan brings with it so much joy and kindness and health. And you realize that you’ve been gone for so long, and you wonder what was holding you back, and what you were waiting for!

Be vegan, stay vegan and educate others to do the same! Vegan love.

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2 thoughts on “How to go vegan. September Newsletter 2015”

  1. I’m 61yrs old next month. I live alone so cooking for one is an issue. I don’t eat meat. Haven’t for @6 mo. But I can’t give up milk butter or cheese. Milk is @80% of what I drink. Have for yrs. I live in a small Midwest town so finding vegan items is VERY limited. A lot of the foods like Tofu n vegan hotdogs are discusting. So I’m having difficulty with protein needs. I tried vegan milk. Twice I fed the rest to neighborhood cats. I need suggestions based on:
    1. Amounts for 1person so I don’t eat same dishes for 2-3 days.
    2. limited access to vegan items
    3. Limited income-vegan items & frozen vegan dishes are more expensive here.
    4. I eat lots of cheese. We have only 1 vegan cheese available- like American cheese. It’s tolerable.
    5. Getting veges in small amts is ok now but come winter I will have too large package amts , frozen veges-thaw n have to use til gone=same meals over days, or the individual cups- which are bland, tasteless even with herbs, & ? How do they not spoil in those cups? Too much preservatives.
    I need some serious help. I want to help animals avoid torture and abuse but I’m to the point where everything tastes the same and too much work to try to change will make me fail. Walmart is my only store n I complain to them about it but there is not much interest so they won’t put much on the shelves. Not a good economic choice for them at this point.


    1. Hi Cathy – congratulations! We hope that we haven’t missed your very special birthday! We shall tackle your concerns one at a time and as briefly as possible.

      *Your dairy issues can be tackled head on with a blender. Make your own using nuts etc. Please pop through to our dairy albums both here on our web as well as on our pages which you can find to the left of this site.

      ** With regards to tofu – please bare in mind that tofu does not have the taste of anything however does take on the flavours of the spices, herbs and whatever it is that you are using to cook with – so spruce up your dishes and try a variety of ways to cook with it. It is immensely satisfying once you get the jest of it! Again look up vegan recipes with tofu etc and have some fun in the kitchen.

      *** Protein – please do not be concerned about protein, we do not need that much. All of the nonsense hype is derived from the animal agricultural industries. There is more than enough protein almost every vegan option available to you. Bump up your legumes – they are so versatile!

      **** Don’t give up on vegan milk! Your palette just needs a little time to adjust, so persevere with it. You will be loving all the options on offer. You have choices from soy (with a variety of flavours, hemp, nuts, oats, rice, coconut etc.

      The trick is to prepare various basics and store them in you fridge. eg – beans/legumes, butter, mayo, stocks, gravies, veggies, dips such as humus, sausages, patties and other faux ‘meats’ etc as well as whatever it is that you enjoy consuming. You will soon get the hang of this. You want to have food items in the fridge that are ready prepared so that you can easily put things together when you want to cook without hassle, thus enabling you to make a variety of dishes at your convenience!
      Don’t worry that you have limited access to ‘vegan’ items – you can easily learn to make your own. There are millions of vegan recipes on the internet, so go ahead and put your skills to practice! As far as we are aware there is a fruit, vegetable and nut shop in every city, and every supermarket offers a wide variety of grains – so just mix and match as you please, and as best as you can in coordinating from your your rainbow colours ie – blue, purple, red, yellow, orange, white, green to give yourself a well balanced meal plan. And what you cannot buy locally that you may have your heart set on, you may want to consider purchasing it online!
      One of the most wonderful things about going vegan (apart from the ethical reasons and other bonuses) is that it is far more cost effective to live vegan than not – so no worries there!
      You say that you love cheese. Have you considered making your own if you cannot access it in your own town? Otherwise you can also purchase that item like most others, online. Miyoko cheeses and Midas fine art cheese are just two suppliers with whom you can place orders online.
      With regards to your frozen veg – have you considered sprucing them up with homemade sauces and veg stocks etc! Using them for pies, soups, stews etc etc! Try and buy fresh where and when you can from your market otherwise frozen and tinned is still far better than nonvegan foods by a long shot!

      Cathy – we only fail if we will ourselves to fail. Get on the net, educate yourself and search for those answers. They are out there and it’s very easy – do not convince yourself otherwise. If animals matter morally to you and you sincerely want to do that which is right then – you will find a way to adjust and make the improvements that you are looking for!

      Thank you so much for writing to us – we hope that we have inspired you further! Vegan Love

      P. S. Here are a few links that you may find handy or at least they may point you in the right direction further:


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