Swimming against the tide – News letter for October 2015

Nothing is impossible – when we put our minds to it!

A Summer Prayer For Peace. This tune has so much meaning and is testament to the severity and reality of human influence on planet earth. This particular single was written and released in the year of 1971 and puts complete relevance on how the population has exploded out of control in as little as 44 years. And where will the world be in a further 20 years from today? Feeling very deep.

Before reading the below, pop on the tune and be inspired by the words.

We saw 3 billion people in the year 1971. This year 2015 there are over 7 billion people and, it is estimated that by the year 2050, there will be well over 9 billion people on earth. So today, right now, is the time to make the change that is necessary for everyone’s survival:  http://www.geohive.com/earth/

 The year 1971                                           Today 2015

Indonesia 112 million ———————–253 million people
United Kingdom 55 million —————–65 million people
California 18 million—————————-38 million people
Laos 2 million —————————————7 million people
France 50 million ——————————- 65 million people
Japan 101 million ——————————128 million people
Australia 12 million—————————–23 million people
South Africa 19 million ———————–53 million people
Canada 20 million ——————————-35 million people
Mexico  47 million —————————–114 million people
Russia 237 million —————————–146 million people
Ireland 2 million ———————————–5 million people
New York 18 million —————————-20 million people
Illinois 10 million ——————————–13 million people
China 732 million—————————-1,360,720,000 people
North Vietnam 16 million——————– 92 million people
South Vietnam 17 million ——————- ”         ”          ”
The Netherlands 12 million —————–17 million people
Greece 9 million ———————————-11 million people
Texas 10 million———————————–26 million people
Israel 2 million ————————————–8 million people
Sweden 8 million———————————-10 million people
Egypt 32 million ———————————–84 million people
East Germany 16 million ———————-80 million people
Italy 10 million ————————————-60 million people
India 523 million——————————1,210,854,977 people
Cuba 8 million ————————————–11 million people

Is change impossible? Never! Nothing is impossible. It’s purely a numbers game, and a willingness to change. A paradigm shift. But it is very clear that something needs to be done urgently.

Together, we will inspire each other to do that which we know to be morally just. The minority have the will to care enough to keep chiselling at that prison brick wall until it comes down and stays down – brick by brick. It’s imperative that every single individual on earth go vegan as soon as possible. Why you may ask? Because it is clear that we cannot sustain ourselves at the going rate of annihilation. It’s that simple. The wisest annalists have been saying the same thing for quite some time now, and the statistics are clearly pointing to the evidence. We can no longer afford to destroy species, forest on land as well as in sea. We can no longer afford to destroy our air – not that we could ever afford to do so in the first place – neither did we ever have that right.

We need to level out our population. We need to focus on education and educating the masses – right down to the poorest of the poor who cannot afford the internet or to go to school. We need to stop animal *use* completely. We need to focus on looking after, feeding and educating those who are here with us right now in order to move forward properly, and we need to focus on what’s left on earth making it greener. We need to start fixing things and making things better and focusing on the positive.  In the years to come, focus must be on improving everyone’s lives spiritually with ethics and appreciation in mind.

All of that will come to pass when the predicted 9 billion people  on earth all go vegan within the next 12 years. That is going to be accomplished as every single vegan on this planet right now focuses and educates another one person to go vegan every year, year after year, after year, after year. Nothing is impossible. It may seem as though we are swimming against the tide but, the tide is changing and, people want change – they are demanding it. People are rising up – 7.3 billion people on this planet right now are revelling in change. The revolution has begun. We are living in the most exciting of times.

Vegan Love and Peace

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Active Vegan

Terminate all humiliation of animals. Go vegan: https://www.facebook.com/ActiveVegan

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