World food day today – everyday

Veganism will end world hunger and provide everyone with more than enough food. There is no need at all for anyone to ever go hungry. Take five minutes to read this, and watch the short clip.

It is understandable how easy it may be to feel helpless in the fight against malnutrition and starvation, when you hear about the 975 million* men, women and children who are facing this devastating crisis today. But there is something you can do about it, and it begins with what you choose to put our your own dinner plate.

The video above from Evolve Campaign, summarizes some startling facts from 2010, about how a plant-based diet and vegan choices will END world hunger. While this may sound too good to be true, you may be surprised to find out, that the amount of grain produced globally today, is enough to feed the world TWICE over, but instead the majority of it is being fed to farmed animals!

If you’re concerned about animal rights, water conservation, clean air and health, then you may already be on the road to becoming vegan – so why not take five minutes and find out how veganism will end world hunger.

* At time of release and publication, the video states that 840 million people were going hungry. New statistics have been released to date, demonstrating that over 975 million people are now going hungry, and 55% of the 12 million childhood deaths recorded each year are due to malnutrition.

So let today be the day, on ‘World Food Day’,  if you have not yet, that YOU decide to do what will possibly be the most meaningful action that you could take, assume full responsibility – take action through effective veganism. Thank you.

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