Are we all Jehadi Johns? Are we all terrorists? Are we all complicit to the terror? Stop terrorism – go vegan. Stop the violence.

We can view this horribilis ‘terrorism’ incidence in new light, we write with respect to those who have lost their lives, their families, their loved ones.  And to those who shall still be a part of terrorist victimisation and ultimate future death.  This is indeed a huge contentious issue that is not about to go away too soon but, there is something that we can all do about it, on the immediate, in retaliation, in justice, in solidarity, and in good faith, which costs absolutely nothing. The entire world is indeed in a state of war, a state of conflict, of utter fear, a state of terror – but only if we allow for it to be so. The world is in fact right now, as we write, not in one piece!

Are Suicide Bombers Mentally Ill or just Brainwashed and Evil? – We believe not, the very answer lays in neither. Some indeed may or may not be depressed, which could indeed offer a cowardly ‘way’ out, a means to an end – without a means.

Most of us would like to believe that this kind of incident would merit mental instability but, this is not the case, when we take into consideration, the highly complex and premeditated planning, and the execution that proceeds. To lay blame on brainwashing is the same as…., when we all have the capability to think for ourselves and make our own ultimate finale decisions. Yes, pulling the trigger may be easy for some but it does not merit ‘brainwashing’, and even if it did to some degree, the onus lays with the individual who even under certain circumstances will in all cases take responsibility to some or more degree – any good lawyer will tell you that.

When we start to consider terrorism from a species equality level and point of view, there really is no difference when butchering a human as there is to butchering a nonhuman – apart from law. The unethical act of it is just the same. It is only that the law supports human lives as by far more relevance to nonhuman lives and effectively of higher value in terms of life. Nonhumans are viewed as mere things, chatel property. objects,  that influences the shock factor in terms of terrorism. But lest us not forget for one second that nonhuman lives are indeed not terrorized. For indeed they they are – every second of the day, in unimaginable numbers, leading to figures of trillions annually. They all become John Does, subject to terrorism of unimaginable proportions that most still do not connect with. Something is severely wrong with the system.

These ‘terrorists’ that we have labelled terrorists, are neither crazy, they are neither mad, they are not brainwashed, mentally ill or evil. If that were the case then, we would be obligated to label all terrorists who butcher humans and nonhumans as such. And what about those who not only butcher animals but, who also actually consume them, and degrade them, and go ahead and tear their flesh apart …not in the name of Allah or whatever but in the name of this as just being a part of normality?  Are they terrorists too? Then attempt to justify their actions for whatever reasons. Just because something is ‘legal’ does not make it right.

All of these people, these so called ‘terrorists’ who take lives for their own apparent reason, simply have no moral concern for life. They do not believe that what they are doing is morally wrong –  they simply see things differently to the average person who believes in nonviolence. They justify their violent action in the name of what they believe to be right. They lack nonviolent education, respect for life, for those who matter, for those who want to live.

They are brainwashed no more by terror groups to blow themselves up and kill others than, butchers are, who shoot nonhumans with a stun-gun, 9 inch bolts to the head, then slinging them up by back leg, hacking nonhumans open with an electric saw, tearing off their skins, to those who have been led to believe that consuming, wearing and *using* nonhumans is an absolute normality and is justified. Otherwise in essence then – we could by all rights call all individuals who intimidate, who blow up, who kill, who mutilate others, who consume flesh, who kill and terrorise humans and non terrorists (as that is precisely what they are to those whom they harm).

‘Brain washers’ will supply as much incorrect information to ‘terrorists’ on much the same level as animal agricultural and governmental organisations, their educators and advertising agencies, as well as some churches and religious sects will do, to the general public, to convince them that killing nonhumans is acceptable. So, does this make everyone a terrorist? Please let us consider that we terrorise more than a trillion nonhumans annually and on a daily basis. It is up to each and every single individual to see through the bureaucracy and to be able to decide what is right and what is indeed unjust.  Violence, killing, murder, hurting ‘someone’ else, and terrorism is all clearly wrong. That is a no brainer no matter which specie we inflict those atrocities upon.  Terrorism is terrorism and, as a peaceful nation, we have the power to stop that – we do not need to wait for lawmakers to decide upon that.

What each and every single one of these ‘terrorists’ that feel it within their right, that to harm either human and or nonhuman, is acceptable by their understanding,  is simply a lack in basic nonviolent vegan education, upon which, when receiving, and understanding, and accepting,  that education, will indeed reunite them with reality, morality,  ethics, and reconnect them with values and therefore encourage ethical behaviour. Non-violence is just a paradigm switch away and it is something that we all really want to start associating with as soon as possible, in order to lead our world, her people, to a level of living which is acceptable to all lives, because all lives do matter.

Today we revoke the actions taken by terrorist attacks on Paris, we revoke the terrorist attacks on Palestine, we revoke the terrorist attacks on Lebanon, we revoke the terrorist attacks on woman on men on children on ethnic individuals, we revoke the terrorist attacks on nonhumans that take place on a daily basis world wide. We revoke the panic, the fear, the terror inflicted upon all. And we hope this essay leaves a little if not more depth of thought to think about.

We love you all, and we look forward to a vegan world – share the nonviolence. Educate others to go vegan.

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