How the industrial revolution is destroying our planet.


We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before. We do not yet know just how it will unfold, but one thing is clear: the response to it must be integrated and comprehensive, involving all stakeholders of the global polity, from the public and private sectors to academia and civil society.  But where does all of this leave ‘life’ –  all life, and how is ‘life’, all life, herself viewed and *used* ?

The First Industrial Revolution used water and steam power to mechanize production. The Second used electric power to create mass production. The Third used electronics and information technology to automate production. Now a Fourth Industrial Revolution is building on the Third, the digital revolution that has been occurring since the middle of the last century. It is characterized by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres. All of these advancements has ruined our blue planet and the species who rely upon her.

The fourth industrial revolution is indeed upon us now. And these are exciting times but, do we as humans have the capability to recognise the importance of how and what we meaningfully do with this now fourth revolution? Are we capable of looking to history, and comparing our passed errs to the current situation, to then use this technology with responsibility to one another for and to our earth. In other words, at what cost are the next few years going to come at? We have all acknowledged that we have indeed messed things up, and that we have an urgent obligation to make responsible current and future changes. Responsible changes to nonhumans, to humans and to the earth (her waters and her air), in order to survive, to enjoy the fourth industrial revolution.

Should we choose to continue along the path of destruction that the first, second and third industrial revolutions brought with her, there will be nothing ‘real’ left to feel, to touch, to smell, to see, to taste, to hear, to love, and to enjoy. What we do now, in the now, as well as in the near future, how we treat others (both human and non, and how we treat the ecosystem that we have all become so reliant upon), will pave the way for altruistic happiness and freedom for ALL (not just a few). Much of what happens in the years to come is going to rely heavily on conscience, ethics and morality. And that is going to take some effort from all of us, but will make the future for all so well worth living for.


1974 – Steam, water, mechanical production equipment.

1870 – Division of labour, electricity, mass production.

1969 – Electronics, IT, automated production.

? – Cyber, physical systems.


The unnecessary thirst for consumerism is the continuing driving wedge for the industrial revolution which marketing and advertising companies are taking full advantage of at full peril of mother earth and her inhabitants. Since the industrial era began, everyone and everything became a commodity for the big scramble of common wealth. Slavery indeed and exploitation of massive scale and epic proportions with very little concern or thought, and lack of foresight to current and future damage and disasters, of both human and nonhuman life, and natural ‘resources’ from the earth.

What started off as an exciting era of open minded ideology, was followed into the pith of destruction, with a very badly thought out future caring plan that would intimately ignore everyone who’s lives do matter.  But, only an elite few would ultimately become meaninglessly wealthy at the demise of others who would and still today do suffer.

The consumer revolution with all it’s trinkets and rubbish, together with an ever exploding population today continues to fuel the greed that has vastly changed a beautiful planet to the disaster that we live in today. As we continue along this unjustified path of ruination, there cannot possibly be a future for billions of species who are forcedly becoming a scarcity and nullity in and from their very own losing and degrading environments. And there cannot be a future for the once healthy, beautiful, and pristine environments which are rapidly shrinking and extensively littered and poisoned with useless, meaningless, human indulgences.

Once magical forests filled with life and the most fragrant of scents,  have become mine dumps, logging camps, and barren fields of intoxicating flames. The oceans have become acidic, our rivers are poisoned, our water is sold, and the air has become putrid and toxic. Man continues to lustfully commodify everything: from humans, to nonhumans, to water, and even air. The stimulation of the economy is obliterating earth.

Britain who historically led the Industrial revolution, who were the mightiest industrial power in the world, introduced to us slavery, unleashed nonhuman holocaust of monumental and epic proportions, they stole land and raped the inhabitants who lived there, and taking what was never theirs. In turn they left most hungry and poor, and for much of the time during it’s 150 – 200 year rise to treacherous glory, produced two thirds of the words coal and half it’s iron ripped from the earth and leaving behind barren waste land.

The industrial revolution is the beginning of a fallen, damaged, and vandalised world, which then everyone willingly followed into, and a continuum of a society which is indeed of great need of desperate healing. New ideas, new machines, new processes, are only truly great when they harm no one in the process but enrich everyone and everything, and give back without just taking. When all of these things unlock the ‘resources’ of ‘society’ without any future thought – they become useless corroding, unintelligibly, gadgets of time lost to iniquity that leave lands barren, the stench of death, and strip every living being of their last breath, their dignity, and their right to live.

Imperial power is not everlasting. And when there is nothing left to exploit, is that then when the ‘might’ shall at last turn around, look back, and wish they had taken a different route? Would they then have said that they would have chosen ‘life’ over wealth. Was the fallacious provisional wealth whom only a handful of people benefited from, truly worth the holocaust that disrupted the face of the earth and her inhabitants in such a short space of time? And annihilated everything and everyone, including themselves? Was all of that, the horribilis transformation sincerely worth it? We are now living in the shadow of the ‘achievements’ of those people, and we are now forced to clean up their mess. We all have an obligation to go vegan. We have an obligation to live ‘green’. And we have an obligation to support rural endeavours to slow down our global footprint and boost local economies.  Let 2016 and the future be one of many ethical conscientious choices that not only serve mankind, but integrate us all side by side with nonhumans, and green the earth back to her recognisable, beautiful, pristine loving arms and home that we all can love, enjoy and declare safe once more.

Going vegan in 2 hours.

You either want change or you don’t want change but change is not going to happen without a small effort from your part.

A little effort to read 1-2 hours worth of information which will put  you in the loop about how to get the cogs in the wheel turning toward real change.

We’re not talking about moaning, swearing, crying , shouting, name calling and discriminating against those who are just as complicit to murder and violence as you may be by eating, wearing, and using others for entertainment purposes and palette pleasures – we are talking about ‘real’ change from grass roots level up. You ARE the change.

Change will only happen when YOU take the situation into your own hands and make it happen.

If we all sit here and there and say : ‘It’s not going to happen’.  Or:  ‘The world will never change’. Or  : ‘The world will never be vegan’.  Or : ‘No one cares so why should I’ – then, NOTHING will ever change and Nothing will ever happen for the better.

Change happens one by one – one person at a time, as we all embrace it and decide that this is the time , right here , right now, that I am going to be a part of the changing process.  Millions are doing it – millions of people are not only willing change but they are picking up the pieces and they are changing themselves first, before they point fingers at others.  There is no reason why you cannot do it too!

Change starts with you, it starts with me, it starts with us all, it starts on your plate, then shifts into how you think, and into what you do, and how you treat others.  – THAT is real change –  when YOU start caring about others before you care about yourself.  That’s ethical change,  when you go vegan everything changes.  How you see the world changes, how you see colour changes, how you see sex changes, how you see species changes. Everything and everyone becomes equal. And everyone and everything is as important as the other because they are all interconnected. There is a strong link , that bond of nonviolence becomes the prerogative – it is the very web of life herself.

There should never be a notion of ‘you don’t have time’ to make some one else’s life happier, more fulfilling and more fair. Being vegan means to be fair.  When it only takes  a couple of hours to make this world a better place, and it costs you absolutely nothing, and does not inconvenience you in any way whatsoever, why would you not do that? Why would you want to argue that you don’t have time?Why would you choose to continue to make excuses for violence, and why would you continue to be completely unfair not only to yourself but to others?


So this festive season – let’s all put a little extra effort into making others lives more liveable. Indeed that is the greatest gift that we could possibly give someone else. We have an obligation to make an effort. Let’s put a little extra effort into finding out how easy it is to go vegan, and let’s make others lives a joy, because going vegan is such a pleasure, going vegan is easy, going vegan is ethical, going vegan is going to make others lives fair and liveable, and going vegan is going to save the world through climate change.

We only have two choices:

  1. We go vegan to stop animal *use*, save human and nonhuman lives, and stop climate change.    OR
  2. We continue exploiting human and nonhuman lives, and continue to destroy the world.

There is no third choice.

Going vegan is a simple mindset – a paradigm shift. A wanton need for real change.

Here are a few links that will lead you in the right direction. No donate buttons. No costs incurred. Just a simple concern for others. A love for life and love for others who matter. You too can be vegan within 2 hours.

Change from a nonvegan pantry to a vegan pantry with a few easy to find simple ingredients. They are all readily available and easy to find at any grocery store, health store and or online.

A very reliable and safe website that does not promote ‘welfarism’ :

Are we all Jehadi Johns? Are we all terrorists? Are we all complicit to the terror? Stop terrorism – go vegan. Stop the violence.

We can view this horribilis ‘terrorism’ incidence in new light, we write with respect to those who have lost their lives, their families, their loved ones.  And to those who shall still be a part of terrorist victimisation and ultimate future death.  This is indeed a huge contentious issue that is not about to go away too soon but, there is something that we can all do about it, on the immediate, in retaliation, in justice, in solidarity, and in good faith, which costs absolutely nothing. The entire world is indeed in a state of war, a state of conflict, of utter fear, a state of terror – but only if we allow for it to be so. The world is in fact right now, as we write, not in one piece!

Are Suicide Bombers Mentally Ill or just Brainwashed and Evil? – We believe not, the very answer lays in neither. Some indeed may or may not be depressed, which could indeed offer a cowardly ‘way’ out, a means to an end – without a means.

Most of us would like to believe that this kind of incident would merit mental instability but, this is not the case, when we take into consideration, the highly complex and premeditated planning, and the execution that proceeds. To lay blame on brainwashing is the same as…., when we all have the capability to think for ourselves and make our own ultimate finale decisions. Yes, pulling the trigger may be easy for some but it does not merit ‘brainwashing’, and even if it did to some degree, the onus lays with the individual who even under certain circumstances will in all cases take responsibility to some or more degree – any good lawyer will tell you that.

When we start to consider terrorism from a species equality level and point of view, there really is no difference when butchering a human as there is to butchering a nonhuman – apart from law. The unethical act of it is just the same. It is only that the law supports human lives as by far more relevance to nonhuman lives and effectively of higher value in terms of life. Nonhumans are viewed as mere things, chatel property. objects,  that influences the shock factor in terms of terrorism. But lest us not forget for one second that nonhuman lives are indeed not terrorized. For indeed they they are – every second of the day, in unimaginable numbers, leading to figures of trillions annually. They all become John Does, subject to terrorism of unimaginable proportions that most still do not connect with. Something is severely wrong with the system.

These ‘terrorists’ that we have labelled terrorists, are neither crazy, they are neither mad, they are not brainwashed, mentally ill or evil. If that were the case then, we would be obligated to label all terrorists who butcher humans and nonhumans as such. And what about those who not only butcher animals but, who also actually consume them, and degrade them, and go ahead and tear their flesh apart …not in the name of Allah or whatever but in the name of this as just being a part of normality?  Are they terrorists too? Then attempt to justify their actions for whatever reasons. Just because something is ‘legal’ does not make it right.

All of these people, these so called ‘terrorists’ who take lives for their own apparent reason, simply have no moral concern for life. They do not believe that what they are doing is morally wrong –  they simply see things differently to the average person who believes in nonviolence. They justify their violent action in the name of what they believe to be right. They lack nonviolent education, respect for life, for those who matter, for those who want to live.

They are brainwashed no more by terror groups to blow themselves up and kill others than, butchers are, who shoot nonhumans with a stun-gun, 9 inch bolts to the head, then slinging them up by back leg, hacking nonhumans open with an electric saw, tearing off their skins, to those who have been led to believe that consuming, wearing and *using* nonhumans is an absolute normality and is justified. Otherwise in essence then – we could by all rights call all individuals who intimidate, who blow up, who kill, who mutilate others, who consume flesh, who kill and terrorise humans and non terrorists (as that is precisely what they are to those whom they harm).

‘Brain washers’ will supply as much incorrect information to ‘terrorists’ on much the same level as animal agricultural and governmental organisations, their educators and advertising agencies, as well as some churches and religious sects will do, to the general public, to convince them that killing nonhumans is acceptable. So, does this make everyone a terrorist? Please let us consider that we terrorise more than a trillion nonhumans annually and on a daily basis. It is up to each and every single individual to see through the bureaucracy and to be able to decide what is right and what is indeed unjust.  Violence, killing, murder, hurting ‘someone’ else, and terrorism is all clearly wrong. That is a no brainer no matter which specie we inflict those atrocities upon.  Terrorism is terrorism and, as a peaceful nation, we have the power to stop that – we do not need to wait for lawmakers to decide upon that.

What each and every single one of these ‘terrorists’ that feel it within their right, that to harm either human and or nonhuman, is acceptable by their understanding,  is simply a lack in basic nonviolent vegan education, upon which, when receiving, and understanding, and accepting,  that education, will indeed reunite them with reality, morality,  ethics, and reconnect them with values and therefore encourage ethical behaviour. Non-violence is just a paradigm switch away and it is something that we all really want to start associating with as soon as possible, in order to lead our world, her people, to a level of living which is acceptable to all lives, because all lives do matter.

Today we revoke the actions taken by terrorist attacks on Paris, we revoke the terrorist attacks on Palestine, we revoke the terrorist attacks on Lebanon, we revoke the terrorist attacks on woman on men on children on ethnic individuals, we revoke the terrorist attacks on nonhumans that take place on a daily basis world wide. We revoke the panic, the fear, the terror inflicted upon all. And we hope this essay leaves a little if not more depth of thought to think about.

We love you all, and we look forward to a vegan world – share the nonviolence. Educate others to go vegan.

Swimming against the tide – News letter for October 2015

Nothing is impossible – when we put our minds to it!

A Summer Prayer For Peace. This tune has so much meaning and is testament to the severity and reality of human influence on planet earth. This particular single was written and released in the year of 1971 and puts complete relevance on how the population has exploded out of control in as little as 44 years. And where will the world be in a further 20 years from today? Feeling very deep.

Before reading the below, pop on the tune and be inspired by the words.

We saw 3 billion people in the year 1971. This year 2015 there are over 7 billion people and, it is estimated that by the year 2050, there will be well over 9 billion people on earth. So today, right now, is the time to make the change that is necessary for everyone’s survival:

 The year 1971                                           Today 2015

Indonesia 112 million ———————–253 million people
United Kingdom 55 million —————–65 million people
California 18 million—————————-38 million people
Laos 2 million —————————————7 million people
France 50 million ——————————- 65 million people
Japan 101 million ——————————128 million people
Australia 12 million—————————–23 million people
South Africa 19 million ———————–53 million people
Canada 20 million ——————————-35 million people
Mexico  47 million —————————–114 million people
Russia 237 million —————————–146 million people
Ireland 2 million ———————————–5 million people
New York 18 million —————————-20 million people
Illinois 10 million ——————————–13 million people
China 732 million—————————-1,360,720,000 people
North Vietnam 16 million——————– 92 million people
South Vietnam 17 million ——————- ”         ”          ”
The Netherlands 12 million —————–17 million people
Greece 9 million ———————————-11 million people
Texas 10 million———————————–26 million people
Israel 2 million ————————————–8 million people
Sweden 8 million———————————-10 million people
Egypt 32 million ———————————–84 million people
East Germany 16 million ———————-80 million people
Italy 10 million ————————————-60 million people
India 523 million——————————1,210,854,977 people
Cuba 8 million ————————————–11 million people

Is change impossible? Never! Nothing is impossible. It’s purely a numbers game, and a willingness to change. A paradigm shift. But it is very clear that something needs to be done urgently.

Together, we will inspire each other to do that which we know to be morally just. The minority have the will to care enough to keep chiselling at that prison brick wall until it comes down and stays down – brick by brick. It’s imperative that every single individual on earth go vegan as soon as possible. Why you may ask? Because it is clear that we cannot sustain ourselves at the going rate of annihilation. It’s that simple. The wisest annalists have been saying the same thing for quite some time now, and the statistics are clearly pointing to the evidence. We can no longer afford to destroy species, forest on land as well as in sea. We can no longer afford to destroy our air – not that we could ever afford to do so in the first place – neither did we ever have that right.

We need to level out our population. We need to focus on education and educating the masses – right down to the poorest of the poor who cannot afford the internet or to go to school. We need to stop animal *use* completely. We need to focus on looking after, feeding and educating those who are here with us right now in order to move forward properly, and we need to focus on what’s left on earth making it greener. We need to start fixing things and making things better and focusing on the positive.  In the years to come, focus must be on improving everyone’s lives spiritually with ethics and appreciation in mind.

All of that will come to pass when the predicted 9 billion people  on earth all go vegan within the next 12 years. That is going to be accomplished as every single vegan on this planet right now focuses and educates another one person to go vegan every year, year after year, after year, after year. Nothing is impossible. It may seem as though we are swimming against the tide but, the tide is changing and, people want change – they are demanding it. People are rising up – 7.3 billion people on this planet right now are revelling in change. The revolution has begun. We are living in the most exciting of times.

Vegan Love and Peace

How to go vegan. September Newsletter 2015


Just like most decisions that matter in life  – when we procrastinate and hum and arr, we may just miss the greatest opportunity of a life time! The easiest way to go vegan is to simply jump right in, and worry about the semantics later! There is no time like the now. Believe me when I say (and you can ask any vegan the same question), the only regret that you will ever have about going vegan is, not having done so a lot sooner!

Going vegan is the easiest thing in the world to do – you better believe it! It has never been easier than it is today! A simple mind set is all it is, and from the minute you get rolling, things start happening fast. You force yourself to find information, nutritional facts, knowledge, new friends, vegan restaurants, eco – ethical shops, and in some cases even new and exciting jobs and relationships!

Amazing changes take place immediately, notably at first, your clear conscience, and the heavy burden of letting go of all of that violence and the violence taking place in society today, that plagued you for so long. Almost immediately you look back and say – “I’m so relieved that I am no longer a part of the pain and the suffering, of animal *use*”  The weight is lifted off your shoulder instantly, you feel like a new version of a human being immediately! –  Mentally, spiritually you know that your decision to go vegan for ethical reasons is the morally right thing to do!

Your conciousness becomes heightened to your entire surrounding and to the needs of others before yours. You’re hearing and observing living beings, nature and the beautiful positive around you, you are making those connections, that you may not have even considered before! It’s the most amazing feeling. You feel as though you have finally come home!

One of the first things you may notice is how filthy the inside of your fridge and pantry is –  and that you may still have dead flesh, dairy, eggs and other items containing tortured animals still laying about. You question what to do with it all, and decide instinctively to clear it all out! Do it! Clear it all out – don’t delay. There is no place for it in your brand new life. Pull it all out, get rid of it, disinfect your fridge, your pantry and your entire kitchen and make space for the good stuff because the best is yet to come!

Your first vegan shop is the most exciting – it’s like making love for the first time! The passion, the drive, the brand new relationship with what you now revere as real life and living! Your curiosity grows – you’re now reading ingredients on every single label on store bought goods. You’re no longer  an accomplice to murder and a part of a system that doesn’t care. You are no longer ignorant or accepting of anything less than what all nonhumans and humans deserve. You’re a leader, a creator and a scholar who want’s to learn and take ethics to a higher level, and not just an acceptable standard. These are exciting times and you feel fully in control now! You also suddenly realise how many vegan options there are out there and how delicious they all are, and that putting them together is no different to how you were doing it before, only now you are doing things better, much better for everyone including yourself! You want fruit, you want veg, you want herbs, your want grains, you want nuts, you want seeds, roots, and spices,  but you also may want to consider buying some of your favourite vegan ready made comfort foods (burgers, pies, sausages, samosas, schnitzels, nuggets etc)  including vegan dairy (milk, yoghurt, cheez).

Professionalism becomes your middle name as you start googling vegan recipes and having an absolute blast in the kitchen putting them all together! The  blender, the processor and the juicer become some of your favourite gadgets, and you shake your head in disbelief as you look at them, that they sat at the bottom of your cupboard gathering dust (as did your body) for all those years without use! These are now permanent features on your kitchen counter top as you start juicing daily – putting together the most amazing cocktails using your creative imagination skills, with fruits, veg, herbs, spices, superfoods, nuts, seeds – you name it, the sky is now your limit!


Now you start feeling like a superhuman being! You skin starts glowing, you have more energy and spring in your step, you become more regular, shed a few kilos,  eyes start to sparkle, you become more health concious, happy, but you become more sensitive to the stench and to the ghastly sight of dead flesh – and again you shake your head in disbelief that you consumed that crap for so many years! And naturally you may find it offensive to sit down and be in the company of someone who still chooses to consume dead animals, you don’t want it in your home and certainly you don’t want it in your kitchen or at your own table. But take every opportunity that comes your way to educate others about veganism. You will need to be pleasant, factual and firm and encouraging to be able to do this effectively. And there may be times when people may say incentive things – don’t let those people bother you at all.

Price analyst and anti wastage are now your motto! Becoming an expert at comparing prices becomes your ‘thing’, and you suddenly realize that making lots of things is more cost effective and so much easier than you thought! Experiment with your new found cheffing skills. The kitchen is now a place of joy, real talent and creativity! Making your very own milks, butters, mayo’s and cheezes, dips, jams, probiotics,  is easy, but then so is everything, when you know how. You learn how to prepare healthy nutritional food, and you make sure that your fridge is organised.  You now learn to have things on the ready for those wonderful feasts! Eat more, eat variety, and eat from your rainbow (blue, red, green, yellow, white, purple and orange). Look after your health, feed your body and mind.  And because you’re enjoying your meals so much – there is never ever any wastage!

Nutritional expert – who would have ever thought! As you learn what your body and mind is in need of to think and function clearly and properly – you become so fine tuned.  The fog just keeps lifting by the day, as you realize how lied to, you have been all these years, the law, the doctors, nonvegan ‘nutritionists’, all the bullshit and society abnorms. You learn that you don’t need that much protein and that in fact, there’s more than enough protein in every single vegan food out there, you  learn where to get iron, calcium, your vitamins, amino acids, omega’s, and that B12 is easily obtained from fortified foods or non evasive patches or supplements, at minimal cost and that even nonvegans can lack B12. Most of all you learn to get your information from reliable, trustworthy vegan sources. And if you had any ails and ills  – you notice they have improved, and in most cases are no more!

Education becomes priority because you want to share your joy with the world. You want everyone to benefit from being vegan! And why shouldn’t they – everyone deserves better. So you need confidence to do this. That’s easy! Check out reliable and trustworthy sites such as how do I go vegan and abolitionist approach ,  created by sincere people, for people who care about life, everything that matters about going vegan is right there.

Now I say this, and leave you with a final thought –  educating as many people as you can on the planet to go vegan is a numbers game. If all vegans today convince one more person to go vegan, and they do the same every year, and the year after that, and the year after that etc. We will have a vegan world within six years!  And to think that none of this would have been possible, if YOU had not decided and acted upon with conviction, on that very special day, to just jump right into it and go vegan without any further ado – you concur with your own thoughts that there is no other way to do it, and that is the best way!  You learnt everything that matters along the way.  It is the best decision that you have ever made for animals, for the planet and for yourself. Being vegan is amazing, being vegan is fun, it’s wow!  Being vegan brings with it so much joy and kindness and health. And you realize that you’ve been gone for so long, and you wonder what was holding you back, and what you were waiting for!

Be vegan, stay vegan and educate others to do the same! Vegan love.

Going vegan is easy, no need to go vegetarian first.

Our newsletter for August 2015:

Going vegan is easy once you have decided that it is immoral to harm animals. There is as much, if not more cruelty in a glass or milk and in an egg than there is in animal flesh. The ‘use’ of all animals is horrific. Please don’t buy into the ‘myth’ that it is difficult to go vegan (which is what all of the ‘animal groups’ are duping the public into believing).

Going vegan is wow, fun, easy, healthy but most of all you will be doing it for the right reasons – because you know that it is the ethical thing to do if we are to stop animal ‘use’. It is the best form of action that we as humans can do – the law is not going to stop animal ‘use’ until we as humans do. It’s a simple mind switch, a paradigm shift.

Next time you go shopping consider buying mock meats etc instead of animal flesh, consider buying milk substitutes, and items which you can use instead of eggs in your cooking and baking in addition to your usual purchase of fruits, veg, nuts and seeds. There is no need to go vegetarian first before you go vegan, simply jump right in and go vegan – it’s that easy.

Information is what you need, the correct information from the onset to make that transition as fun and enjoyable as possible. When you have the right information on what to add into your shopping basket in order to plan great tasting well balanced meals, you will never look back. The rest you will learn along the way – it really is quite fun!

Here is a list that may help you: , and yet another more extensive list for your – do click on the links to give you an idea of all the wonderful food items that you will be enjoying! There may even be some that you have never heard of!

We also recommend that you visit: – it’s all about knowledge, empowerment, being in charge, going vegan, education, and showing others how easy going vegan is, your arms and legs don’t fall off. You become so much more healthy, and one by one – the world becomes vegan. We all want this so badly. We all want to live in a nonviolent world. This is the only way that we as humans are going to accomplish that! Enjoy!

The world is vegan if you want it.

The conflict within humans.

There is not one  substantive reasons not to go vegan.  If you care about animal rights, and you care about the environment, your children’s future, your health,  and the health of your family – you are able to come to terms with and make the effort  to find out more to make the switch.  If you’re one of these people,  please read on.

We have spoken with many  nonvegans who say going vegan is ridiculously expensive, or that  it is difficult to buy the ingredients,  or  the ingredients are unavailable where they live,  or  they don’t know how to cook vegan food, or they cannot eat nuts, or that they don’t like tofu,  refuse to read or watch meaningful  literature that will educate them further,  or simply, that they are not remotely interested in vegan food products or going vegan  – let us reflect on these excuses for not going vegan.

When you wrap your head around it – going vegan is no more expensive than any other shopping is these days. Shopping for vegan foods becomes cheaper as you convert your pantry,  with a few minor tweaks here and there.  Buying vegan ingredients is easy (there is a fruit, veg, seed and nut section in every store).  When it comes to cooking vegan – there really is no difference to the methods of cooking either.

Getting rid of all ‘meats’ is easy (you can replace these with any healthy vegan protein). Getting rid of dairy  is  easy, there are many nondairy items available in stores today or,  (you can make your own cheeses and milks etc using a variety of vegan ingredients (making your own is obviously cheaper than buying ready-made – all you need is a blender and a nut bag). Replacing eggs  is a little more tricky if you enjoy baking, but  easy once you know how,  there are more than a handful of healthy options for you to use. That being said – we  bet that you could make a different vegan meal every day for the rest of your life,  and that it would be totally exiting!  You don’t have to be a professional chef to accomplish that – all ya gotta have is love for really good food and, doing what’s right by animals and the planet! Let that be your inspiration.

Some people may have allergies to certain foods and  may have illnesses –  it is important to note that many of these problems are  caused by ‘animal products’  and that  replacing these with healthy vegan foods – many  ‘illnesses’ can improve.  Should you have allergies to nuts, know that many vegan alternatives do exist.  Queenwa, hemp, oat milk etc can be substituted as milks etc.

Tofu may not be everyone’s favourite on first trial however, one learns quickly that tofu has many wonderful uses, adds texture to many dishes, and takes on the flavour of whatever you’re cooking with. When you have used tofu a few times,  like many new items,  ones  palette adjusts.  When we eliminate ‘animal’ foods,  our palettes ‘clear’, we enjoy vegan foods  more at every meal.

Most  who cook,  already have the basics in our kitchen,  blender,  juicer,   processor, nut bag etc – if not, these are  items you may wish to consider for your  kitchen.  They do make life easier and more cost-effective whilst learning  to cook your own food  is healthier,  so much more fun,  and provides clarity to exactly what you’re eating!  Voila!  And away ya go!

Vegan foods is sourced at markets, most stores,  health shops,  and is no more effort in purchasing than any shopping that you may be currently doing – it’s a simple paradigm shift. Once your pantry starts to grow, you become more organised. It’s really easy.  Let us know which products you’re not familiar with – we would be happy to point you in the right direction.  Involve yourself  with vegan events where there will be many stalls for you to peruse,  sample the delicious variety of wonderful offerings, and make great contacts etc –  a perfect opportunity for you to familiarize with vegans to enlighten you further in the right direction.  Try some vegan restaurants .  Have an open mind, your brain won’t fall out!

Moral justice for human and nonhuman beings,  (being vegan),  can never be viewed as ‘arrogant and patronising’ , forceful or militant, when going vegan,  it  teaches humans that violence in all forms against all sentients is morally wrong. When we are clear on the ethics,  less ignorant to our surrounding,  we realize that going  vegan has everything to do with animal rights – it is the most logical course of action that we can take, ensuring  that  all animals basic rights and dignities are intact. It is the very least we can do for them, to do anything less makes no sense whatsoever. Let’s face it – not one individual anywhere  wants to be treated as a slave,  be abused,  be eaten or worn,  be labeled a ‘commodity’ for another’s pleasures – that much is  clear and logical – rational individuals will agree to that.  We all have the capability to be  clear, able,  to equate,  conceptualize  with the ‘conflict’ within,  that  feeds our  own desires, interests, powers, perceptions over others,  and expel  thoughts  of what moral value does not mean.  Our ‘convenience’ should never matter more morally  than that of the lives of others,  it should never ‘seem’ by our  own logic that it is  easier  to simply ignore the pain of others, and  continue to ‘use victims’ for our own pleasures, this is precisely why abuse exists.  Going vegan is just a mind-set away, a paradigm shift – how much do we want to stop violence, how serious are we about the topic, when that changes, everything changes, everything starts to improve.  When more people make an ethical choice to go vegan for animal rights – the laws will start changing for animals – the world becomes liveable once again.

It is incorrect to say that going vegan has nothing to do with animal rights – veganism is about ‘everyone’s’ basic rights. We are not saying that it is wrong to fight for one specific cause, what we are saying is that fighting for that one specific cause is futile if you are not vegan.  Heres why: The logic is clear and simple.  Millions of well-meaning humans who have the capacity to love, to care, and who have emotion,  choose to advocate for one or several causes but fail to see that they themselves are a part of that problem.  We have to ask ourselves : Is it logical that I am abusing animals,  contributing to their suffering and death , whilst I provocate violence and judge others toward others who’s parralel of violence is the dual to mine, with the only difference being in that the species is different.  The species that I am abusing is ‘ justified only by legal terms’ – but does this make it moral. No it does not.  If  agri  dog meat were to be  a legally recognised  industry as is agri for chicken, cows, pigs etc is currently, would that make it morally acceptable. No off course not.  Should everyone just sit back and watch animals suffer? No off course not . So we have the capacity to know right from wrong.  Does this mean that vegans have  right to opinion – off course it does! Going vegan means that abuse for all animals, human and nonhuman stops. If we want change, real change – we have to change how we are abusing animals. We must stop eating, wearing, and using animals completely – they do not deserve slavery and commodity status.

Being vegan is not extreme, what is extreme is animal abuse. What is extreme is the 70 billion land animals, trillions of sea creatures, who are butchered annually for their carcass, their skin and other body parts for human pleasure because the law labels it as legal – that is extreme. What is extreme is that all of that is affecting climate change,  causing devastating  habitat loss to thousands more animals. What is extreme is that those who do want change  make excuses not to change . No one wants to be told how to live their lives but –  but as humans we ought to be able to gauge the differences between right and wrong.  Information, facts are  telling us that participating in the slaughter of innocent beings – eating,  wearing ,  enslaving  and commodifying nonhuman beings  is morally wrong –   we would be doing nonhumans a great justice to  see that, with our own eyes, hear that with our own ears,  feel that with our own emotions – willingly, and act upon it.  Welcome to the real world, welcome to the reality of violence.  If you are not already vegan, please consider going vegan – it is the very best and the very least that we as humans  can do for animal rights.

~ Active Vegan ~

Think abundance, think ahead, think nonviolence – think vegan.

So you want to make a real difference for the world, leave a legacy, be a part of positive change. You can – it’s easy. Let today be the 1st day of the month for the rest of your life! Be the change that you so long for – make the difference to stop animal abuse by going vegan. Your free bonus (if you’re looking for one), is health, sanity, financial improvement, creativity, happiness, self sustainability and wellbeing.

Give yourself a kick start by cleaning out your pantry, fridge, your entire kitchen.  It’s the beginning of the month, millions are going shopping – create your shopping list to benefit all. Buy the right stuff, tuck in there – get going with your vegan pantry list. Great ideas right here : vegan panty list.

If you have a little kitchen space on windowsills etc, or are one of the fortunate few to have a little garden space – take a step back, and have a different perspective. We encourage you to plant your own healthy food! Think about the things that you like most – the things that you use in everyday cooking (herbs, spice, fruit, veg, legumes, nuts and seeds etc),  plant those first according to your season.  A hanging basket with strawberries looks beautiful and is easy to grow. Lemon trees look gorgeous in pots on patios, providing an abundance of fruit. Herbs on windowsills look so pretty, smell so fresh, a chilli bush keeps giving, grow tomatoes and legumes up trellises etc. Get creative! Think about long term projects too such as an avo tree which may take a couple of years to fruit – if you have space, is so worth it! Think of all the money you shall save, great meals for your family with least amount of foot print. But most importantly, think of those fortunate, who would have been slaughtered but weren’t because you chose to go vegan for them.

Sentient’s don’t have time to wait for laws to change. They don’t have time for welfarist groups who take half measures, promoting happy animal abuse, as ‘humanely’ as they think they are.  We cannot wait and stand idly by for yet another meeting,  talks, conventions, half hearted  treaties, meaningless petitions,  tiny baby steps, to phase out animal abuse by others who continue to promote animal abuse daily, directly, from their dinner plates at least three times a day.

Let’s all take a close but objective view at corporate menu offerings, their buffets, whilst they keep yammering on about nonsensical baby steps and how they are going to stop animal abuse, climate change, repair ecosystems, reverse drought, stop hunger, poverty etc. Yeah let’s take a close look at those menus – the amount of abuse on those plates is indicative of how serious they are, that they in fact are not as serious about change, as we would like them to be. They may continue to yammer, but we can make the change right here, right now, by taking the lead, the initiative, lead by example, show them how it’s done today without  wasting further time, without  wasting more money, without entertaining ourselves with nonsense, without costing any more lives – by simply being completely serious, by going vegan.

Going vegan is easy when you climb out of the cradle, cease to take  baby steps that welfarist groups are convincing you to take – those promoting that get everyone no where.  Walk upright, march on, straight,  proud to be a part of the fastest, biggest, growing nonviolent revolution in the 21st century.  Climb off that slow, broken down, backward thinking, welfarist bus right now – catch the modern, fast moving,  blitzy, eco train – go vegan.  If you want to stop animal abuse, the most powerful petition is the one that says :  ” I’m vegan “

June 2015  ~ Active Vegan ~  newsletter.

Silence the violence for all specie.

Our news letter for May 2015.

We have been speaking with people all across the board – those who very tragically say that they really don’t quite give a damn about animals, to those who have the capacity to connect with only a few selected sentient’s such as dogs and cats etc.,  and then many who make the connection to veganism through a healthy way of eating only.  Sadly even fewer people relate to climate change or to poor and underprivileged people.  Billions of people have not been reached as yet in more remote parts of the world and so ‘cruelty’ throughout the world still prevails.  Half the world has no internet access – many who support violence still take full advantage of those.  There is also corruption and those who continue to push violence in seemingly unrecognisable and unsuspecting ‘nonviolent’ ways to those who are unable to recognise the difference between unethical and unjust treatment and what Is morally correct.  And so we realize that we are going to have to push all buttons in order to continue to promote nonviolence – veganism – ahimsa –  throughout the world.

Whilst we admit that real change shall be made by those who embrace veganism due to ethical reasons first and foremost –  as stats as well as logic have proved that those are the people who do stay vegan with absolute conviction, we accept that many join the ‘movement’  to nonviolence through other ‘personal’ reasons before they see full light,  but their reaction to stop violence is slow and puts pressure on those who need help most IE: animals who are viewed as commodities, the poorest of the poor, and off course the ecosystems that we so rely on.  People have been taking ‘baby steps’ all their lives and it got them no further than their starting point –  the world moves at such a fast pace that baby steps have no place in todays spinning globe. So we are saying  ‘screw’ baby steps – they are a waste of time. Take the leap forward and go vegan, then see how much faster you can make the difference here for all who are in extremely vulnerable positions. We need to catch up quickly through education and slow down violence, and move nonviolence forward into the new future right now.

This month we continue to reach as many as we possibly can but staying focused, on track –  as to why going vegan is the moral baseline to nonviolence, health, a better climate, and a happier life for all.  Going vegan is easy when you know how.  Going vegan is easy when you have witnessed the atrocities forced upon animals by humans who are able to make  the connection to it’s immoral action.  Going vegan is even easier when you agree that the violence to sentient’s is unethical in every way –  that is what we want you to see, because we know that humans do have the capacity to connect to unjust practice to those who suffer.  Suffering, pain and violence doesn’t start and stop with animals – it extends to all who bleed, it extends to all who feel, it extends to all and each and every single one of us.

At this moment, as you read this – know that billions of animals are tortured, slaughtered, killed,  are crying out for your help, they are screaming in pain for you to hear them, are pleading for you to connect to their pain and suffering.  They are waiting for your action to help them, do something about their horror. They are waiting for you to take moral decisions to go vegan,  to be their voice,  to be their advocates,  to stop their slaughter.  Billions of lives are waiting for you to make the difference –  not only for themselves, but for you,  your children, for the entire planet.

We celebrate veganism this month as we do every month, every day, every second –  we encourage you to push and educate everyone to go vegan, share your message of nonviolence for all sentient’s until everyone ‘gets it’ .   Embracing veganism is of highest priority in the world today – educating everyone about veganism is the most ethical action that you can make in your everyday lives today in order to silence violence for all specie.

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others, if you cannot help them –  then don’t hurt them. Don’t hunt them, don’t poach them, don’t eat them, don’t use them for personal gain, don’t wear them, and don’t treat them as slaves.

~ Active Vegan ~ April newsletter.

Rolling out our 4th Newsletter for 2015 – April.

March brought much excitement in the travel around the globe in search for stunning vegan establishments serving healthy 100% plant based foods.  31 days  – 31 countries  – 31 delicious vegan restaurants.  America, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, England, France, Guadeloupe, Germany, Ghana, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Poland , Scotland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam – all have populations who have embraced non-violence.

We shall visit another 1 in another 30 alternative countries during April – that shall bring in more than half the world who are begging for non-violence – who are denouncing violence – demanding health love compassion life for all.

A human step is one of the most powerful things we posses – changing the destiny of everyone – the future of countries, the course of history. Today the power of the human step can once again change everyone’s lives. Lack of education has profound consequences on the innocent  health,  and social development.  What if you could make a difference,  what if you could change the world,  what if you could transform someones life – by simply going vegan. What if every step you take could generate non-violence.  How do we get everyone to look and not turn away.  You can – every step counts. Go vegan and educate others.

March brought you only one more vegan recipe for dogs but  one more for humanity and one more  for the lives of those whose lives matter – April shall bring you many more as this project gains momentum.

Vegan Chef has pencilled more time into her schedule and focus in April shall bring you more easy to make  vegan  recipes from her.  Energy on vegan cooking courses as well as vegan events – guiding you in the right direction at ~ Active Vegan ~  we believe that if you know how to go vegan – going vegan is easy.  You desire the knowledge  – you  want  to know how to acknowledge, embrace, understand  veganism  to enable yourself to be caring loving healthy conscientious individuals.

The world is vegan if you want it to be.  You are the power, you hold the magic wand, you can change the course of history, you are the guiding light, you hold the torch to non-violence.  This train is gaining momentum – climb aboard, don’t get left behind, these are exciting times. We share them with you feelingly.