Loving Hut China

Yes great news,  China has huge populations who do want to embrace veganism and non-violence. We found Loving Hut here in Wanchai 2/F Luen Tai Building 93 Wan Chai Road , contact them on  +852 2574 3248. This stunning modern contemporary store, beautifully lighted, air conditioned, offering 100% plant based, clean, pure food. The atmosphere exudes positive chi and is frequented by gentle, kind, forward thinking people who grasp the concept of health and non-violence – who appreciate good, clean food. Rub shoulders with the modern thinking age and meet the most amazing people here. The service is friendly and highly trained caring staff are at your service. Food is stunning. Spoil yourself at this Loving Hut Branch.

We could not allocate a Facebook page for this specific store however did find a website. China has so many bans and restriction’s for access information to the west, it’s a tragedy really as we would truly love to communicate with one another so desperately. Freedom of speech ought to be a fundamental right for all throughout the entire world. We wish the East much love and trust that in the future we shall make connections much more freely. Roads shall be created for it is written in the stars and the Universe speaks to us all. We feel you – we acknowledge that you are out there.

They are located here : https://www.google.com/maps/place/Loving+Hut+Wanchai/@22.276599,114.175131,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x3404005b6d3246f5:0x459bcc3af576b81c?hl=en

A little more about the ethics of Loving Hut :  http://www.lovinghut.com/

Please if you do have connections in the East, any vegan Facebook pages, organisations, websites, activists do contact us. We would love to pay them forward (with your permission),  to the world. Thank you so very much.