Pico-co cafe – Russia.

We have found a superb restaurant in Russia, Moscow who offer healthy vegan meals. Visit the Pico-сo café , give them the thumbs up, share them around the globe, and support. There are many vegan eateries around the world that you can support and frequent thus promoting non-violence. Make a statement – stay away from eateries who continue to exploit animal abuse. Make the difference and be a part of the biggest growing revolution today. Stand up for animal rights by refusing to wear – by refusing to consume them.

PICO-CO café – it’s delicious, simple and useful.
This project is designed primarily for those who value their time and love delicious non-violent fresh food.

Call them on : 8(926)334 45 59; 8(968)081 32 83

Contact them on the following email: picoco.cafe@gmail.com

Kostomarovskaya Nab, 29a, Moscow, Russia is their full address.
+7-495-664-62-74 alternative number.

Cuisine: Vegan, International

Located near the center of the design Artplay. Inexpensive

Thank you for sharing your favourite vegan eateries with us – we continue to pay them forward. Should you wish to assist update our information regarding – we shall gladly do so for others to benefit.