Kafé 44 in Stockholm, Sweden – vegan

This is Kafé 44  in Stockholm, Sweden! Do check them out, like their page, support all vegan establishments throughout the world! Share them ! Their vegan lasagne will have you drooling!

Café 44, Stockholm offers cost effective vegan meals that are absolutely delicious together with vegan coffee variations and daily specialities, they have a rather beautiful room, and the coolest scene, together with a stunning bookstore. The venue also offers music collections. They take cash only, and their specialities are vegan luncheons and beverages. Be sure to stop by and rub shoulders with some awesome individuals.

Contact them on: 086445312 and check out their website at : http://kafe44.org/

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Relaxed Indian-style atmosphere. Upstairs guests can sit on a pillow at a low table i.s.o. on a chair. Serves simple food like lasagna, soup, and take away sandwiches etc are available. Plentiful and tasty veggie fare. Part of a global restaurant food chain, this particular store is reported to be all vegan, with a new owner in Aug 2014.

The place can be quite full during lunch hour but still has a relaxed atmosphere. Tasty food, great service and friendly staff. The exotic atmosphere is a plus. You won’t leave hungry!

Cuisine: Vegan, Indian, International, Hare Krishna

Fridhemsgatan 22 (at T-bana: Fridhemsplan), Stockholm, Sweden

Contact: 08-6549004

Web: http://www.govindasstockholm.se

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