World food day today – everyday

Veganism will end world hunger and provide everyone with more than enough food. There is no need at all for anyone to ever go hungry. Take five minutes to read this, and watch the short clip.

It is understandable how easy it may be to feel helpless in the fight against malnutrition and starvation, when you hear about the 975 million* men, women and children who are facing this devastating crisis today. But there is something you can do about it, and it begins with what you choose to put our your own dinner plate.

The video above from Evolve Campaign, summarizes some startling facts from 2010, about how a plant-based diet and vegan choices will END world hunger. While this may sound too good to be true, you may be surprised to find out, that the amount of grain produced globally today, is enough to feed the world TWICE over, but instead the majority of it is being fed to farmed animals!

If you’re concerned about animal rights, water conservation, clean air and health, then you may already be on the road to becoming vegan – so why not take five minutes and find out how veganism will end world hunger.

* At time of release and publication, the video states that 840 million people were going hungry. New statistics have been released to date, demonstrating that over 975 million people are now going hungry, and 55% of the 12 million childhood deaths recorded each year are due to malnutrition.

So let today be the day, on ‘World Food Day’,  if you have not yet, that YOU decide to do what will possibly be the most meaningful action that you could take, assume full responsibility – take action through effective veganism. Thank you.

World Environment Day, every day – Going Vegan.

It is purely through the inspiration of world environment day that we are completely inspired to write this article.  And may we add that every day ought to be environment day – for it is upon our ecosystems that we all so depend.

Your question: Our dream is to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature… What’s yours?

Ours is to encourage children (all of which are innocent until corrupt by an otherwise unjust system), to grow up and do what is morally just.  The world is in need of education at tertiary level. The school systems around the world are so slow in adapting to future standards. We need to work on that!

People every where love animals and do not want to see them harmed in any way what so ever. However due to a corporate systems that encourages children to become desensitized to slaughter, murder , violence, and death  – so does the earth experience the same energies experienced by our future children.  This desperately needs to be amended by us their guardians, their fellow elders.

It is the elders who have supposedly learnt from past mistakes and experiences –  it is therefore up to us to pass those blessings down to the young ones.  We have seen for ourselves for many a millennia what works and what does not.  Violence – we have learnt offers no protection, it offers no health , it offer no mental or physical stability. Therefore it is conclusive to move away from violence completely – to educate now about nonviolence.  There are many sights that list animal agriculture as the number one cause for world demise (violence, hunger, climate change, confusion).

How do we practice nonviolence in our daily lives you may ask – simple – through veganism. We practice it daily by understanding what veganism means . It means love. Veganism means that we understand what it means to love completely. We love by not harming anyone – that would include all living beings, human and nonhuman beings.  With the understanding that all beings have a purpose of living, we all have cognisance, we all plan ahead, we all have feelings, we all have understanding, we all have the capacity to feel love, joy, fear etc, – in other words we as humans have not the right to enslave, possess, torture, abuse, murder, eat , wear, and use others in order to profit from and pleasure ourselves with at others expense.  All who so dearly love sentient’s already agree with this.

Since we cannot rely on those who fight for animal rights who continue to fight for them for profit margins through their ‘donate buttons’ that do nothing to save the lives of animals on the grand scale of things, neither can we rely on corporations who continue to exploit animals , and neither can we rely on governments who do nothing –  it has become clearly obvious and apparent that it is only at the grassroots level that we (you and I) CAN do something to save the lives of billions of animals by going vegan.

Going vegan costs you nothing.  No one controls you. It is a consciences decision that you alone can agree on, and want to for the sake of suffering animals across the globe, for the sake of climate change, and for the sake of other humans who suffer at the current system in play.  Going vegan is a joy and it certainly leaves you so much healthier. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Back to your original question :  Our dream is to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature… What’s yours?

Our answer to your question is : Go vegan first and foremost, and teach others to do the same. Stop violence, stop climate change.

How to make the most of world environment day:

Go vegan first and foremost.

Make the most of your garden.

Make thoughtful decisions.

Create a compost pile.

Reduce food waste.

Reduce plastic consumption.

Love one another.

Human Rights.

Our Human Right is to stop this violence against all who are oppressed.

9,000 Animals are rescued from just one of the millions of ‘Worst Torture Operations’ In The World.  They are all bad. There are millions just like this, both legal and illegal operations. Every single slaughter facility in the world, practice brutality and violence of this nature.

Where there are animals that are used for exploitation, you can be sure that violence is prominent. Please be reminded that animals have no voice. “Owners” do as they wish with them, no one will tell, no one hears them, and no one sees them suffer so. Animals today live in torture chambers. They are crammed into confined spaces, molested and ridiculed, raped, victimized, punched, kicked, stabbed, shot, smashed with sledgehammers, boiled and skinned alive, they are torched, and hung upside down, and finally their beautiful innocent wasted frames are hacked and butchered into unrecognisable pieces. Do we really want to continue to support this type of violence, no matter how humane we have been lead to believe that it is.

The most effective solution to end all animal suffering is to go vegan. There really is no other solution. Are you prepared to give up your palette pleasures of suffering, and join the millions who already have, for the love of animals. Billions of animals just like these are awaiting rescue in facilities like it all around the world.

~ Active Vegan ~

International Woman’s Day

International Woman’s Day is a big day for woman around the world and is celebrated by many on March 8. But whom do we recognise as woman? Does this apply to humans only? Are humans the only specie in the entire world who have woman in their social sector? We already know the answer to that question as a resounding no.

Woman exist in every specie that this planet harbours. Is it therefore morally correct or fair to only acknowledge the human specie? We think not. We firmly believe that it is time that all woman are acknowledged. Woman today are no where near their well deserved respected right of acknowledgement. Woman today are still treated with utter disrespect. They are underpaid and, taking all specie into consideration, most are not paid at all. Woman today are enslaved, treated as breeding machines, milked, raped, tortured, abused, and used as commodities, murdered, and used as slaves.

We assume that the matriarchs of today’s modern era leading the way, and compassionate people alike forge their views and understanding around woman holistically from all specie who continue to suffer. Animal injustice is still the greatest injustice in today’s modern world since the abolition of human slavery, and that today still exists today. Make  no mistake woman today continue to suffer.

The cow, who is raped continually in order to produce milk, causing her udder to swell two to three times it’s painful size. she is held against her free will, poked and prodded.  She is also violated daily with cold machines hooked up to her, which cause mastitis and other complications, bleeding and puss formations causing severe infections and pain. She is pumped,fed, injected with antibiotics and other chemicals. Her calves are stolen from her within a few days of birth for the veal industry, her natural life is cut short, and when she can no longer give milk, she is sold to meat trade, often unable to even walk to auction. This is no life for a woman. This is no life for anyone.

The life of a hen is just as bad. She is imprisoned behind bars, sees very little natural light, never experiences the pleasures of life, and is disallowed expression of natural behaviours such as foraging or interaction with her chicks. She is made into an egg laying machine in a confined coffin, causing so much stress that she loses plumage and picks up disease and severe health issues. She is fed hormones to increase her body weight, causing her legs to buckle and break under her. In many cases she is left for days besides her inmates and other dead rotting corpses. And when her underpaid job is done, she is hung upside down, scolded in boiling hot water, and her throat is slit. We call this gratitude?

Female puppy mill dogs don’t have it any better. They are raped constantly, kept in unsanitary, confined conditions and forced to become breeding machines. More often than not are fed their own kind, as well as left over remnants from slaughter facility floors and other euthanized dogs from shelters. Very few people see this side of puppy mills. Woman’s bodies here become so haggard, inflamed and torn, with constant pregnancies and giving birth to up to sixteen pups at a time, only to have their babies stolen from them and sold to pet stores and other breeders. Most puppies are sold to irresponsible buyers who end up neglecting, abusing, and ultimately dumping them into rivers, dustbins and shelters who end up euthanizing them. All of her unnecessary forced pain and suffering brings more pain and suffering to an already violent world. And when she can no longer go on and has no strength to further supply, her life considered spent, she in turn is dumped and euthanized. Her voice, her cry, her name was never known. And she never had the opportunity to be loved or to feel love.

Sows suffers much the same. Confined in a space where she is unable to move or turnaround. Within the first year, through sheer daunted madness, she has managed to grind her teeth down to stubs against the cold iron bars that keep her confined against her free will.  Her gums bleeding, till she eventually gives up with insanity. Her body too is used as a breeding machine, she is raped and tortured, kicked and prodded, as she spends her days sadly watching her young suckling painfully on her, unable to show them love or even interact with them. Very often her eyes rolling back, tears wetting her cheeks, helplessly watching her young die with infections on chilling, cold, hard steel and concrete floors filled with feces. Her disgusting life is a sad story of horror similar to that of billions of woman imprisoned still in our world today.

As woman we need to continue to fight for the rights of all woman, for the dignity of all woman, for their freedoms to have choices, for their person-hood, for their basic rights, for their constitution. These are woman from four specie, but there are many. Woman of the world, relate to all woman, especially to those whom have come from hardships.  We have fought so hard for our rights. It’s time to fight for the rights of all woman, and to be the voice for all woman, every woman who is suffering today. Be their voice. We ask you to take a stand on International Woman’s Day, and to honour and to view the lives of all woman, and to recognize that all woman deserve the right to be heard, and for those who cannot speak, it is up to us to speak up on their behalf. We ask you to go vegan in respect of all woman today, on International Woman’s Day, and on every day.  Thank you.

~ Active Vegan ~

World Wildlife Day and going vegan.

It’s time to get serious about Wildlife crime. What has the significance of going vegan, have anything to do with stopping wildlife crime you may ask? Everything is your answer. 

There are several strong parallel links between the two, going vegan will strongly benefit all wildlife, both fauna and flora, and save millions of specie from extinction. Survival of wildlife compliments all ecosystems, which in turn is of paramount and pivotal importance to us.

World Wildlife Day, March 3 – a day which both celebrates the intrinsic value of wild fauna and flora and acts as a reminder of the urgent need to tackle wildlife and forest crime. Join us in the lead up to this important day and use your voice to tell the world that it’s time to take a stand against organized wildlife crime before it’s too late.

Sure we can curse about wildlife crime all that we want, we can march, we can sign petitions, we can scream and shout, and we can become completely embroiled with absolute bitter anger but, how effective is this going to be with growing populations, poverty rise, world hunger and demand for crime?  None of that is going to matter enough to change the annual exhilarated wildlife crime stats. Why not? Because the demand is still there and it’s on the rise. So the solutions has to be looked at and tackled from all and alternative perspectives, a bigger picture. Don’t underestimate the power, the benefits and the differences that going vegan will have on saving wildlife!

We do agree that the fight must go on, and that we are making small differences here and there however, lets make the ultimate difference demanding change at a faster speed. Going vegan is not a sacrifice. All it means is living ones life ethically. Let’s view the bigger picture, embrace the entire effect, and let’s take real meaningful action, educate others, and show and live out our daily lives as though we really mean it and do care, by changing our own lives first, in support of wildlife. Small differences are not enough as they just get swallowed up by ever growing communities. Big differences count the most, are most effective and, when 7 billion people embrace veganism, the demand for violence, and the utter destruction of wildlife witnessed today, shall be an embarrassing closed chapter of the past, a black book locked away safely for all of eternity. A learnt mistake.

There would be no such thing as wildlife crime because there would be no demand for it! 

There would be no demand for trinkets and other left over bone matter, skin, and embalmed dead animals haunting ones walls, shelves and cabinets. There would be no demand for the consumption of unhealthy, decaying flesh tortured on land and violently hauled from our waters, and stolen from the skies. There would be no demand for land, water and air degradation and pollution, destroying the chances of wildlife survival today. There would be no demand for zoos, circuses, aquariums and other forms of vile entertainment which sees so much violence, disrespect, suffering, and disregard to the lives of those stolen from the wild. There would be no demand for poachers, hunters and other criminals and sadists who candidly take the lives of the innocent simply because they can, further fuelling wildlife crime. There would be no demand for jackets, hats, gloves, shoes, belts, bags and purses, and all other ‘accessories’ made from the skins of stolen, captured and tortured wildlife. There would be no demand for pets who are ripped from their homes, their families, their environments. There would be no demand for wildlife trade. There would be no demand for slavery.

Change starts in our own homes.

You see when we change, our mindset and demand changes. When the demand is no longer there, attitudes change, the agenda of corporations change as they follow the money, and the law adopts a new and positive approach because we demand it. We demand a refreshing, new, positive outlook on life. Illegal syndicates will die and die they must. Poachers will look for other forms of income. Fashion houses will create, incorporate, and make use of other more greener, world and wildlife friendly options by demand. Slaughter facilities will disappear leaving the world with cleaner pockets of natural forests, cleaner water and cleaner air for wildlife survival. Greedy corporations wouldn’t dare step out of line. Everyone’s agenda would change dramatically by demand but, only when we ourselves want it badly enough to make the change, and take the lead. So take an ethical stand on Wildlife Day, make a real difference for wildlife by changing your mindset, and become a part of the biggest growing movement today by those who show that they really do care in their everyday actions, in the way that you live, in how you think, in what you wear, and in what you eat, and in whom you choose to support, and in how serious you truly are about change. The choice is yours, the clock is ticking. World Wildlife Day Everyday!

Thank you .

~ Active Vegan ~