Rehydrating Iced Tea

Where ever you may be, it’s always recommended that you keep yourself well hydrated to keep optimum health. Rooibos makes for a rather refreshing iced tea. It carries no caffeine, is high in antioxidants, and holds a high mineral content.  A refreshing iced tea made from pure ‘red gold’  shall help you feel calm and relaxed, and simultaneously boost your immune system.

You could add a twist of ginger, the juice of one whole organic lemon for alkalinity, a little mint if you wish, and some lavender and borage! Add lots of ice, and perhaps just one teaspoon of coconut sugar to a litre of mixture to sweeten a little! Borage is effectively uplifting and has positive effects on ones mood, and the mint is soothing.

Keep a jug on hand and sip on this throughout your day. Stay healthy.

Vegan Chef On The Run