Just FaB / Veg Italian Street Food in U.K, London – all vegan

Just FaB / Veg Italian Street Food in U.K.   –  operate from a Red Double Decker bus catering Italian vegan food in London; U.K. festivals and events. Look out for them – food is excellent and the atmosphere is a must!
Contact them on : 07414917637
Just F.a.B. is a LTD company, catering VegItalian Street F.ood a.nd B.everages in London, UK Festivals and Events.
Just F.a.b. is a Family venture that operates from a fun and colourful TFL Red Double Decker Bus converted into a mobile catering unit with a well equipped – 5 star Food and Hygene rating – kitchen on the lower deck, two take away windows and an eat-in space on the upper deck that welcome people with a vintage atmosphere created by the original bus seats and tables made with the yellow handrails of the bus and recycled wood.

JUST F.a.B. phylosophy is to bring the flavours of the Italian regional cuisine to London with our confortable and easy to move mobile catering unit.

The menu is inspired by traditional and contemporary Italian raw and cooked Foods, adapted in shape to be easily eaten as street food and includes delicious selection of dishes. The menu is designed to have both typical Italian products and English locally organic grown.

Chef Myra, the Sicilian Mamma, passionate for traditional, fresh, tasty and healthy Italian Food, is President -since 1996- of MiAmo (I love myself) her own Wellbeing Foundation already registered in the Vegan Society UK.

It depends from the location, Just F.a.B. is open from breakfast to dinner, from 10am to 10pm.

Check out their web: http://www.just-fab.org/

~ Active Vegan ~ April newsletter.

Rolling out our 4th Newsletter for 2015 – April.

March brought much excitement in the travel around the globe in search for stunning vegan establishments serving healthy 100% plant based foods.  31 days  – 31 countries  – 31 delicious vegan restaurants.  America, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, England, France, Guadeloupe, Germany, Ghana, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Poland , Scotland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam – all have populations who have embraced non-violence.

We shall visit another 1 in another 30 alternative countries during April – that shall bring in more than half the world who are begging for non-violence – who are denouncing violence – demanding health love compassion life for all.

A human step is one of the most powerful things we posses – changing the destiny of everyone – the future of countries, the course of history. Today the power of the human step can once again change everyone’s lives. Lack of education has profound consequences on the innocent  health,  and social development.  What if you could make a difference,  what if you could change the world,  what if you could transform someones life – by simply going vegan. What if every step you take could generate non-violence.  How do we get everyone to look and not turn away.  You can – every step counts. Go vegan and educate others.

March brought you only one more vegan recipe for dogs but  one more for humanity and one more  for the lives of those whose lives matter – April shall bring you many more as this project gains momentum.

Vegan Chef has pencilled more time into her schedule and focus in April shall bring you more easy to make  vegan  recipes from her.  Energy on vegan cooking courses as well as vegan events – guiding you in the right direction at ~ Active Vegan ~  we believe that if you know how to go vegan – going vegan is easy.  You desire the knowledge  – you  want  to know how to acknowledge, embrace, understand  veganism  to enable yourself to be caring loving healthy conscientious individuals.

The world is vegan if you want it to be.  You are the power, you hold the magic wand, you can change the course of history, you are the guiding light, you hold the torch to non-violence.  This train is gaining momentum – climb aboard, don’t get left behind, these are exciting times. We share them with you feelingly.

Seomra Spraoi

Seomra Spraoi is an autonomous social centre in Dublin, Ireland. It is run by a non-hierarchical, anti-capitalist collective. For more info: http://seomraspraoi.org . They officially opened back in 2004.  They are entirely funded by donations and are always on the lookout for people to volunteer in the space, in the kitchen, at late night events, in the bike workshop, or the much less glamorous cleaning! Please do check out their page, give them the thumbs up, share them with the world, and support them!

They very often have events on outside of the bellow hours though, so check out their website and their Facebook page for any changes. You can also call the Seomra Spraoi phone to see if they are open at a given moment .

A great article added ‘ You are in Dublin. You are fed up with the city centre attractions and the need for consumerism. You want to be, without necessarily having to express yourself spending money. Not many spots in town offer that. There is a free event guide that may turn out to give you some options, but when it comes to food the budget you need to consider is pretty high. The vegan café at Seomra Spraoi may then be the place for you. Seomra Spraoi is a social space in 10 Belvidere Court. The location is relatively in the city centre.

The social centre offers a venue for creative, cultural, alternative and social activities. Being an anarchist social space, there is a lot of room for every kind of initiative you would like to propose. There are some limitations of course: the venue would never offer a room for a conference on the benefits of a junk food diet. Apart for that kind of topic, which is not even a valid one; any kind of critical debate and analysis of social, cultural and psychological issue is welcome; as well as the exhibition of musicians that want to delight the public with their work.

The most famous event of the social space is definitely the Vegan Café Night, in place every Wednesday. It is so famous that some people would refer to the place as the “Vegan Café” more than “Seomra Spraoi the social space”.

Every Wednesday around 7 or 7.30 pm the Vegan Café night starts for the public. For the volunteer starts a bit earlier. A group of people propose to cook for the café every week. The entire menu must be based on vegan ingredients. They cook and cater for the night. People are welcome to go there, have dinner and leave a 5 euro donation. All the rest is up to the people there, social interaction, playful atmosphere, fun. It is not included in the package, but it has never been missing.

The donations that the volunteers gather go to cover expenses such as rent and bill, to maintain the place open and comfortable’.


Belvedere Court is a lane that runs behind the north side of Mountjoy Square, and number 10 is right in the middle of it.

Address is: Seomra Spraoi, 10 Belvedere Court, Dublin 1

Call them on: +353 1 872 8670

Their email: seomraspraoi@gmail.com

Monday – Thursday: 6pm-10pm

Please check out their website here: seomraspraoi.org

Thank you for supporting veganism. Please do continue to share your favourite vegan eateries with us, so that we can pay  them forward with the world.

~ Active Vegan ~