Vegan Cooking Classes With Focus On Faux Meats Now In Gauteng!

Want to try vegan, but not quite sure how to incorporate plant based meats into your meal plan – then come and have a fun day with us, as we show you how!

Just Vegan Cooking Classes: for everyone who wants to help stop animal exploitation, improve environment, eat healthy, help curb world wide hunger, learn something new, have fun, & make new friends – an exciting, enjoyable experience,  join Šárka Hedström at Vegan Chef On The Run for Just Vegan  !

A wonderful day of cooking, second Saturday of each month! Loads of fun and excellent value for money! The focus is on faux meats. Cost for the day – R500.00 P/P.

Please contact Šárka via: for banking details, to mail through POP to confirm, and to book.

• Lesson commences at AM: 9:00, and completes at 14:00 (5 hours).

• Price incl tea, breakfast/brunch, beverage, and late lunch cook offs, petit four, and coffee.

• All ingredients and materials needed for lessons are provided.

• One on one, and or group cook lessons.

• Learn how to bake rolls, and create faux meats (haam, bakun, beaf, minse, chikun, fisch, and scramble), using a variety of textures and flavours.

• You will also have a better understanding of pantry essentials and kitchen equipment to enhance vegan cooking.

• Recipe material and recommended suppliers will be mailed to you as you complete.

• You will take home samples of each recipe that you have prepped, developed, and cooked during your day together.


9:00 – 11:00 ; Prepping dough for rolls. Prepping haam, bakun, beaf, minse, chikun, fisch – working with tofu, textured vegetable protein, curd skins, seitan, and learning how to manipulate flavours.

11.00 – 12:00 ; Bake rolls. scramble tofu eggz, blitz up a juice, and sit down to breakfast/brunch.

12:00 – 13:00 ; Reflect, discuss Pantry essentials, design late lunch menu.

13:00 – 14:00 ; Cook lunch and enjoy, then finish with petit four & coffee.


Release dates for cooking classes focusing on faux meats, 2nd Saturday of every month for 2018 are as follows:

• January 13th
• February 10th
• March 10th
• April 14th
• May 12th
• June 9th
• July 14th
• August 11th
• September 8th
• October 13th
• November 10th
• December 8th

Book soonest for fun filled day! 🧚‍♂️

Going vegan in 2 hours.

You either want change or you don’t want change but change is not going to happen without a small effort from your part.

A little effort to read 1-2 hours worth of information which will put  you in the loop about how to get the cogs in the wheel turning toward real change.

We’re not talking about moaning, swearing, crying , shouting, name calling and discriminating against those who are just as complicit to murder and violence as you may be by eating, wearing, and using others for entertainment purposes and palette pleasures – we are talking about ‘real’ change from grass roots level up. You ARE the change.

Change will only happen when YOU take the situation into your own hands and make it happen.

If we all sit here and there and say : ‘It’s not going to happen’.  Or:  ‘The world will never change’. Or  : ‘The world will never be vegan’.  Or : ‘No one cares so why should I’ – then, NOTHING will ever change and Nothing will ever happen for the better.

Change happens one by one – one person at a time, as we all embrace it and decide that this is the time , right here , right now, that I am going to be a part of the changing process.  Millions are doing it – millions of people are not only willing change but they are picking up the pieces and they are changing themselves first, before they point fingers at others.  There is no reason why you cannot do it too!

Change starts with you, it starts with me, it starts with us all, it starts on your plate, then shifts into how you think, and into what you do, and how you treat others.  – THAT is real change –  when YOU start caring about others before you care about yourself.  That’s ethical change,  when you go vegan everything changes.  How you see the world changes, how you see colour changes, how you see sex changes, how you see species changes. Everything and everyone becomes equal. And everyone and everything is as important as the other because they are all interconnected. There is a strong link , that bond of nonviolence becomes the prerogative – it is the very web of life herself.

There should never be a notion of ‘you don’t have time’ to make some one else’s life happier, more fulfilling and more fair. Being vegan means to be fair.  When it only takes  a couple of hours to make this world a better place, and it costs you absolutely nothing, and does not inconvenience you in any way whatsoever, why would you not do that? Why would you want to argue that you don’t have time?Why would you choose to continue to make excuses for violence, and why would you continue to be completely unfair not only to yourself but to others?


So this festive season – let’s all put a little extra effort into making others lives more liveable. Indeed that is the greatest gift that we could possibly give someone else. We have an obligation to make an effort. Let’s put a little extra effort into finding out how easy it is to go vegan, and let’s make others lives a joy, because going vegan is such a pleasure, going vegan is easy, going vegan is ethical, going vegan is going to make others lives fair and liveable, and going vegan is going to save the world through climate change.

We only have two choices:

  1. We go vegan to stop animal *use*, save human and nonhuman lives, and stop climate change.    OR
  2. We continue exploiting human and nonhuman lives, and continue to destroy the world.

There is no third choice.

Going vegan is a simple mindset – a paradigm shift. A wanton need for real change.

Here are a few links that will lead you in the right direction. No donate buttons. No costs incurred. Just a simple concern for others. A love for life and love for others who matter. You too can be vegan within 2 hours.

Change from a nonvegan pantry to a vegan pantry with a few easy to find simple ingredients. They are all readily available and easy to find at any grocery store, health store and or online.

A very reliable and safe website that does not promote ‘welfarism’ :

How to go vegan. September Newsletter 2015


Just like most decisions that matter in life  – when we procrastinate and hum and arr, we may just miss the greatest opportunity of a life time! The easiest way to go vegan is to simply jump right in, and worry about the semantics later! There is no time like the now. Believe me when I say (and you can ask any vegan the same question), the only regret that you will ever have about going vegan is, not having done so a lot sooner!

Going vegan is the easiest thing in the world to do – you better believe it! It has never been easier than it is today! A simple mind set is all it is, and from the minute you get rolling, things start happening fast. You force yourself to find information, nutritional facts, knowledge, new friends, vegan restaurants, eco – ethical shops, and in some cases even new and exciting jobs and relationships!

Amazing changes take place immediately, notably at first, your clear conscience, and the heavy burden of letting go of all of that violence and the violence taking place in society today, that plagued you for so long. Almost immediately you look back and say – “I’m so relieved that I am no longer a part of the pain and the suffering, of animal *use*”  The weight is lifted off your shoulder instantly, you feel like a new version of a human being immediately! –  Mentally, spiritually you know that your decision to go vegan for ethical reasons is the morally right thing to do!

Your conciousness becomes heightened to your entire surrounding and to the needs of others before yours. You’re hearing and observing living beings, nature and the beautiful positive around you, you are making those connections, that you may not have even considered before! It’s the most amazing feeling. You feel as though you have finally come home!

One of the first things you may notice is how filthy the inside of your fridge and pantry is –  and that you may still have dead flesh, dairy, eggs and other items containing tortured animals still laying about. You question what to do with it all, and decide instinctively to clear it all out! Do it! Clear it all out – don’t delay. There is no place for it in your brand new life. Pull it all out, get rid of it, disinfect your fridge, your pantry and your entire kitchen and make space for the good stuff because the best is yet to come!

Your first vegan shop is the most exciting – it’s like making love for the first time! The passion, the drive, the brand new relationship with what you now revere as real life and living! Your curiosity grows – you’re now reading ingredients on every single label on store bought goods. You’re no longer  an accomplice to murder and a part of a system that doesn’t care. You are no longer ignorant or accepting of anything less than what all nonhumans and humans deserve. You’re a leader, a creator and a scholar who want’s to learn and take ethics to a higher level, and not just an acceptable standard. These are exciting times and you feel fully in control now! You also suddenly realise how many vegan options there are out there and how delicious they all are, and that putting them together is no different to how you were doing it before, only now you are doing things better, much better for everyone including yourself! You want fruit, you want veg, you want herbs, your want grains, you want nuts, you want seeds, roots, and spices,  but you also may want to consider buying some of your favourite vegan ready made comfort foods (burgers, pies, sausages, samosas, schnitzels, nuggets etc)  including vegan dairy (milk, yoghurt, cheez).

Professionalism becomes your middle name as you start googling vegan recipes and having an absolute blast in the kitchen putting them all together! The  blender, the processor and the juicer become some of your favourite gadgets, and you shake your head in disbelief as you look at them, that they sat at the bottom of your cupboard gathering dust (as did your body) for all those years without use! These are now permanent features on your kitchen counter top as you start juicing daily – putting together the most amazing cocktails using your creative imagination skills, with fruits, veg, herbs, spices, superfoods, nuts, seeds – you name it, the sky is now your limit!


Now you start feeling like a superhuman being! You skin starts glowing, you have more energy and spring in your step, you become more regular, shed a few kilos,  eyes start to sparkle, you become more health concious, happy, but you become more sensitive to the stench and to the ghastly sight of dead flesh – and again you shake your head in disbelief that you consumed that crap for so many years! And naturally you may find it offensive to sit down and be in the company of someone who still chooses to consume dead animals, you don’t want it in your home and certainly you don’t want it in your kitchen or at your own table. But take every opportunity that comes your way to educate others about veganism. You will need to be pleasant, factual and firm and encouraging to be able to do this effectively. And there may be times when people may say incentive things – don’t let those people bother you at all.

Price analyst and anti wastage are now your motto! Becoming an expert at comparing prices becomes your ‘thing’, and you suddenly realize that making lots of things is more cost effective and so much easier than you thought! Experiment with your new found cheffing skills. The kitchen is now a place of joy, real talent and creativity! Making your very own milks, butters, mayo’s and cheezes, dips, jams, probiotics,  is easy, but then so is everything, when you know how. You learn how to prepare healthy nutritional food, and you make sure that your fridge is organised.  You now learn to have things on the ready for those wonderful feasts! Eat more, eat variety, and eat from your rainbow (blue, red, green, yellow, white, purple and orange). Look after your health, feed your body and mind.  And because you’re enjoying your meals so much – there is never ever any wastage!

Nutritional expert – who would have ever thought! As you learn what your body and mind is in need of to think and function clearly and properly – you become so fine tuned.  The fog just keeps lifting by the day, as you realize how lied to, you have been all these years, the law, the doctors, nonvegan ‘nutritionists’, all the bullshit and society abnorms. You learn that you don’t need that much protein and that in fact, there’s more than enough protein in every single vegan food out there, you  learn where to get iron, calcium, your vitamins, amino acids, omega’s, and that B12 is easily obtained from fortified foods or non evasive patches or supplements, at minimal cost and that even nonvegans can lack B12. Most of all you learn to get your information from reliable, trustworthy vegan sources. And if you had any ails and ills  – you notice they have improved, and in most cases are no more!

Education becomes priority because you want to share your joy with the world. You want everyone to benefit from being vegan! And why shouldn’t they – everyone deserves better. So you need confidence to do this. That’s easy! Check out reliable and trustworthy sites such as how do I go vegan and abolitionist approach ,  created by sincere people, for people who care about life, everything that matters about going vegan is right there.

Now I say this, and leave you with a final thought –  educating as many people as you can on the planet to go vegan is a numbers game. If all vegans today convince one more person to go vegan, and they do the same every year, and the year after that, and the year after that etc. We will have a vegan world within six years!  And to think that none of this would have been possible, if YOU had not decided and acted upon with conviction, on that very special day, to just jump right into it and go vegan without any further ado – you concur with your own thoughts that there is no other way to do it, and that is the best way!  You learnt everything that matters along the way.  It is the best decision that you have ever made for animals, for the planet and for yourself. Being vegan is amazing, being vegan is fun, it’s wow!  Being vegan brings with it so much joy and kindness and health. And you realize that you’ve been gone for so long, and you wonder what was holding you back, and what you were waiting for!

Be vegan, stay vegan and educate others to do the same! Vegan love.