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If you live in South Africa – then this link is for you! Why are we posting this you may ask – because we care. We care about animals, we care about our environment, and we care about you and your health. We want you to go green! Shopping online has never been easier.

Taking good care, living consciously with those around us, both human and non, means less violence, less harm, to everyone that we have the capability to care so much about. Everyday we sob our hearts out at the harm, the horror, that is unnecessarily inflicted upon the animal kingdom, we ask ourselves how can we change it for them – what can we do to stop their suffering and pain.

Everyday, we read, we hear about climate change, methane Co2, how over 51% of this noxious gas, is derived from the animal agricultural sect. We hear how the ice caps and glaciers are melting, how we are destroying the forests, how we are acidifying the oceans, poisoning our waterways, polluting our air, and destroying the fundamental ecosystems that we have all become so reliant upon, and whole species who are going extinct.

There are solutions, we’re not at a complete and utter loss – there are phenomenal alternative ways we can refine our lives, to improve and change the tragic situation, as South Africans we are capable of embracing the concept of going green, to start living consciously, to reverse this violence, violence to animals, violence to ourselves, and violence to our mother earth.

We encourage you to check out this link offered by Faithful to Nature – your online organic shop. Check out the hundreds of vegan products on offer here in South Africa, on our very own soil – our land, and know, that what you purchase is free of animals, free of animal bi-products, free of harm, it’s organic – no chemicals or pesticides, environmentally safe and green.

We have spoken to so many people who say that it is difficult to go vegan and hard to live consciously – it’s not. Going vegan, living our lives nonviolently, has never been easier, it’s just a simple mind switch. There are mega products which have hit local supermarkets today! And if you can’t find them in some stores – you will find them here on line. Vegan restaurants are booming, stores are getting with the programme, so many more South Africans are starting to embrace this gorgeous way of life today. The movement is growing exponentially, the markers are up – the demand Is growing. Join in, have fun, live life ethically, make the switch, make the difference! Let this be the day that you say – ” I have had enough of violence, this is my stand, my choice to no longer be a part of violence. I am going vegan for ethical reasons. I am doing it for animal rights”.

Another excellent link that you may be interested in :

World Environment Day, every day – Going Vegan.

It is purely through the inspiration of world environment day that we are completely inspired to write this article.  And may we add that every day ought to be environment day – for it is upon our ecosystems that we all so depend.

Your question: Our dream is to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature… What’s yours?

Ours is to encourage children (all of which are innocent until corrupt by an otherwise unjust system), to grow up and do what is morally just.  The world is in need of education at tertiary level. The school systems around the world are so slow in adapting to future standards. We need to work on that!

People every where love animals and do not want to see them harmed in any way what so ever. However due to a corporate systems that encourages children to become desensitized to slaughter, murder , violence, and death  – so does the earth experience the same energies experienced by our future children.  This desperately needs to be amended by us their guardians, their fellow elders.

It is the elders who have supposedly learnt from past mistakes and experiences –  it is therefore up to us to pass those blessings down to the young ones.  We have seen for ourselves for many a millennia what works and what does not.  Violence – we have learnt offers no protection, it offers no health , it offer no mental or physical stability. Therefore it is conclusive to move away from violence completely – to educate now about nonviolence.  There are many sights that list animal agriculture as the number one cause for world demise (violence, hunger, climate change, confusion).

How do we practice nonviolence in our daily lives you may ask – simple – through veganism. We practice it daily by understanding what veganism means . It means love. Veganism means that we understand what it means to love completely. We love by not harming anyone – that would include all living beings, human and nonhuman beings.  With the understanding that all beings have a purpose of living, we all have cognisance, we all plan ahead, we all have feelings, we all have understanding, we all have the capacity to feel love, joy, fear etc, – in other words we as humans have not the right to enslave, possess, torture, abuse, murder, eat , wear, and use others in order to profit from and pleasure ourselves with at others expense.  All who so dearly love sentient’s already agree with this.

Since we cannot rely on those who fight for animal rights who continue to fight for them for profit margins through their ‘donate buttons’ that do nothing to save the lives of animals on the grand scale of things, neither can we rely on corporations who continue to exploit animals , and neither can we rely on governments who do nothing –  it has become clearly obvious and apparent that it is only at the grassroots level that we (you and I) CAN do something to save the lives of billions of animals by going vegan.

Going vegan costs you nothing.  No one controls you. It is a consciences decision that you alone can agree on, and want to for the sake of suffering animals across the globe, for the sake of climate change, and for the sake of other humans who suffer at the current system in play.  Going vegan is a joy and it certainly leaves you so much healthier. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Back to your original question :  Our dream is to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature… What’s yours?

Our answer to your question is : Go vegan first and foremost, and teach others to do the same. Stop violence, stop climate change.

How to make the most of world environment day:

Go vegan first and foremost.

Make the most of your garden.

Make thoughtful decisions.

Create a compost pile.

Reduce food waste.

Reduce plastic consumption.

Love one another.

Change today’s failures – make them victories.

This little calf was born on a truck whilst his pregnant mother was forced on board with others kidnapped to a slaughter facility. He fell out of the truck when she gave birth to him. He was abandoned on the side of the road. His mother, held against her will in the truck looked out calling to him while the truck continued to take her to her death – this is the reality of all animals whom humans call food.  Fortunately for her baby, traffic police rescued him  – but you can change billions of tragedies similar to this by going vegan. Change today’s failures  –  make them victories – no more excuses, no more invalid reasons to exploit.

Ever read commentary on so called ‘animal rights organisations’ Facebook pages and in groups? All that anger. Ever wonder why animal abuse is on the rise? Ever wonder why admins on those pages are not educating people about how to actually stop animal abuse through active veganism? There are a lot of angry people out there who say that they love animals but are not acquiring the knowledge on how to channel their anger to actually help animals actively  – organisations choose to avoid and ignore veganism as their moral baseline, and fail to educate their captive audience ethically about living nonviolently – in essence they miss opportunity to make a difference for billions of lives who depend upon them for survival. This is both immoral and unjust. Inciting hatred, sadness, confusion, and leaving people with feelings of uselessness is not beneficial for sentient’s – it is wasting time going full circle. People are yearning to learn how they can make a difference. It is up to all organisations to educate and guide about the ethics of living a vegan life. We are not saying that marching, protesting and signing petitions is wrong – we are simply saying that all of that is futile when those who do so continue to make excuses for abusing animals by consuming and wearing them.

Cruelty to animals starts with you and will only stop when you go vegan – if you don’t go vegan, cruelty to animals will continue to escalate as it has done for millennia due to increased populations and demand by you, whom have not been educated by organisations that you support. There is no amount of yammering that you can do that will change the status of animals – legally they don’t have one – only you can change your perception of them by not perceiving them as chattel property, by not allowing them to be treated as slaves, by not eating them, by not wearing them and by not exploiting them in any other way – quite simply go vegan . The fast-moving production lines have now extended to all animals which has become the demise of many specie and the primary cause of specie extinction. Breeding lines both legal and non are on the rise –  many if not most ‘animal organisations’ who say they are advocating for animal rights fail to educate and promote veganism as their ‘moral baseline’ , leaving animals with no choice but to die indiscriminately daily –  as long as organisations are giving people the green light to continue to promote violence – the violence shall continue because people will feel comfortable in doing so – and because they can.  In other words what many organisations are still saying to the public is that it is ok to eat and wear animals – it’s not.

Educating the world against animal exploitation which includes consuming meat, dairy and eggs, and wearing them, should be priority number one by anyone who says that they are advocating for the true interests of animals  –  nothing else makes any sense what so ever.  Animal rights organisations who fail to educate about nonviolence for animals are failing animals miserably  – clearly they couldn’t care less about animals. Fighting for single issue campaigns holds small significance with low mortality of success, without the back bone and support structure of educating the masses about living life nonviolently and encouraging everyone to go vegan.

In order to make a real difference – the most effective action that all organisations should be embracing and promoting today with complete conviction and clarity is veganism, they should have pounded this message five decades ago, the world wouldn’t be in the mess it’s in today, animal cruelty would be non existent.  If all animal organisations jumped out of bed with corporations who are directly responsible for animal abuse and environmental destruction, and pushed hard for vegan ethics first and foremost as their moral baseline – animals would have a much higher chance of survival rate.  Education, modern day thinking, and applications of the biggest solution to stop animal enslavement, torture and death, which rivals today’s largest pandemic ever is to go vegan and educate others to do so.  All animal organisations must now climb aboard the vegan train otherwise animals will continue to suffer – so shall the environment upon which they depend.

Failure to commit to veganism is responsible for a circle in ‘trend’ of animal abuse. There is no justification for sending out the wrong message to the public – ‘that it is acceptable to exploit animals’ by eating and wearing them  –  this is the worlds biggest social injustice today – those of you who know the difference recognise ARO’s who aren’t who they say they are,  who continue to display a ‘don’t care enough attitude’, those who are speciesist, who discriminate against some specie and only advocate for a selected few. They fail to make the holistic connection to what going vegan means – they fail to share a pivotal message – they fail to stop violence against animals.

Lets be clear – consuming and wearing animals harms animals – this is logical, there is no dispute.  To continue to do so violates their right to live – it is therefore logical that it is abusive and violent to eat and wear animals – all animals. Why would ARO’s not want to do everything in their power to educate the public against such abuse,  for all specie – you have the platform to do so, you hold the centre stage to speak with clarity against all forms of animal abuse, you have the audience, you hold the mike;  – yet continue to avoid the most fundamental moral issue that will stop animal cruelty of magnitude proportions today. You fail to speak out fully in support of going vegan and to educate about veganism.  The world is watching – ARO’s you have already lost credibility if you don’t climb fully on board now – you shall lose even more because the vegan movement is growing rapidly – those who care about animals, don’t discriminate against any specie  –  those who care about animals action their words to the next level, and live their lives ethically for the benefit of all sentient’s, those who care about animals educate others because they care so deeply and want change for them – the world is recognising the difference. Educating people about veganism is the worlds primary source of hope for animals and the environment in which they live.

How can you make a difference for  billions of animals today? – Go vegan, support vegan eateries and vegan stores, if you must donate then donate to ethical vegan establishments who do not discriminate against specie – who harm no one and educate about veganism , donate if you must to ethical vegan talk show hosts who promote nonviolence, and donate to no kill shelters,  talk about veganism  with clarity and conviction to everyone everywhere that you meet, promote veganism at schools –  support schools who have embraced modern vegan education, continue to educate your friends – your family – the neighbours about veganism   – shout it out loud,  share nonviolence with the world. Let everyone know that you are vegan for ethical reasons.  Let everyone know that animals matter –  that it is morally wrong to exploit them in any way what so ever .  You are their voice – you are their only hope of action, your decision to go vegan and to educate others to do so matters morally.

~ Active Vegan ~

What is veganism.

Vegan ethics. What is veganism – how can your actions benefit all sentient’s.

Being vegan is your statement in rejecting violence – violence to animals – violence to yourself, violence to the environment – on which we all depend.  When you consume violence – you are saying that violence is acceptable.  You are saying that violence to animals – violence to yourself, and violence to the environment is acceptable – therefore you become a part of violence.

Vegans reject eating violence –  vegans reject wearing violence, and they reject participating in any violence what so ever. This means that the consumption of all living beings –  the consumption of their ‘meat’, their dairy as well as their eggs is rejected no matter how ‘humanely’ they are killed.  This also means that wearing animals is rejected no matter how ‘humanely’ they are killed.  Wearing leather, fur, wool and silk all come from violence inflicted upon living beings. Vegans do not participate in animal exploitation – this means that vegans reject animal status as ‘chattel property’ – animals are not yours  to do with as you please, they are not forms of entertainment, they are not breeding machines, they are not sex acts, they are not slaves.

Being vegan means that you protect all animals, their rights, the rights of others, and you honour the environment in which you live in – by eating and wearing nonviolence. Veganism embraces nonviolence holistically  by not discriminating against any member of the moral community  including all specie, all race and sexes.  Vegans do not discriminate against specie – that would be speciesism – speciesism  is wrong because, like racism, sexism, homophobia, antisemitism, classism, and all other forms of human discrimination, speciesism involves violence inflicted on members of the moral community where that infliction of violence cannot be morally justified.

One must be clear about the meaning of nonviolence – one must be clear in the message that nonviolence resonates, one must be clear on how your  actions of nonviolence effects all living beings positively.  When you embrace veganism – you advocate nonviolence, you become nonviolent  – you must be clear on educating others to do so.

Finally – going vegan and staying vegan is easy when you know how and you do it for morally just reasons – that of animal rights. When you act upon moral justification – everything else falls into place, when animals stop suffering –  they ease your pain, when you stop consuming violence – health releaves your body, you become clean spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally. When you stop consuming violence, animals heal,  earth heals – your environment heals, people heal.

Veganism is the biggest movement in modern thinking  times.  Be clear about veganism – share it with the world so that everyone benefits now.  Veganism is about nonviolence. It is about not engaging in harm to other sentient beings, to oneself,  and to the environment upon which all beings depend for life. The animal rights movement is, at its core, a movement about ending violence to all sentient beings. It is a movement that seeks fundamental justice for all. It is an emerging peace movement that does not stop at the arbitrary line that separates humans from nonhumans. Changing a hierarchical paradigm of pervasive exploitation that has dominated for millennia requires a great deal of hard work. And that hard work requires clarity.

If you are not vegan, please consider going vegan. It’s a matter of nonviolence. Being vegan is your statement that you reject violence to other sentient beings, to yourself, and to the environment, on which all sentient beings depend.

~ Active Vegan ~

‘Game’ exploitation – another reason to go vegan.

Wildlife for sale – that is the site that this picture was copied from. To be clear all animals are exploited. Those without voices – innocent individuals shall always be exploited for as long as you allow them to be. In South Africa – massive shift from exploiting domesticated animals to exploiting wildlife has been on the rise for decades and gaining momentum –  demand for It from abroad and the rise in exploitive associations and stakeholders internally – including South Africa’s own Deputy has resulted in the wildlife crises that she and other countries face today –  focus has shifted primarily on how to make a quick ‘ching’ – ranchers, game hunters and agricultural farmers continue to punt their violent business to the media and onto the public.

Gullible followers are swooped up in the mass hysteria – as they themselves continue to violate animal rights – whether it be a dog, or a sheep, or a chicken or a fish, or a buck, or a child etc. – exploiting animals shall always continue whilst you yourself choose to consume and wear them. You can no longer rely on welfare organisations and business corporations, suits and ties, governments and scientific experimental labs to make those changes for you. Cruelty shall simply shift from one specie to another as it has done over millennia – taking full circle – getting absolutely no where fast. You and only you can make that change –  by refusing to be a part of animal exploitation – then educating others to do the same.

Ranchers, hunters etc. shall always drive exploitation to where the ‘ching’ is – whether it be cows, pigs, geese, buck, elephant, lions, rhino – it doesn’t really matter to them who they exploit – as long as it is lucrative business for them. These adrenalin junkies get away with shooting their bullets because they can – because you allow them to and because you support their follies – dwindling numbers of wildlife, increasing figures in hunting and poaching, spurring demand for horn and other body parts, increasing violence, disrupting volatile ecosystems, destruction of land – air – water, violating poor impoverished communities, punting slaughter facilities – taxidermists – butcheries, violating both human rights and rights that all animals ought to have. These are the demons in today’s world – in todays society – the very same people who continue to say that they fight for conservation, who say that they care, who say that they love animals, who say they care about animal welfare – they don’t – let’s all be honest – they only care about the ‘ching’ in their pockets – and you who continue to support them – care about your own palette pleasure. You can only say that you really care when you stop exploiting animals completely – until then you are part of a vicious circle encouraging the rise in violence. You are wasting your time fighting for lost cause until you go vegan – until the world goes vegan – wilfully and conscientiously choosing to live non-violently for them – for yourself – for future generations – for the planet.

~ Active Vegan ~

~ Active Vegan ~ April newsletter.

Rolling out our 4th Newsletter for 2015 – April.

March brought much excitement in the travel around the globe in search for stunning vegan establishments serving healthy 100% plant based foods.  31 days  – 31 countries  – 31 delicious vegan restaurants.  America, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, England, France, Guadeloupe, Germany, Ghana, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Poland , Scotland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam – all have populations who have embraced non-violence.

We shall visit another 1 in another 30 alternative countries during April – that shall bring in more than half the world who are begging for non-violence – who are denouncing violence – demanding health love compassion life for all.

A human step is one of the most powerful things we posses – changing the destiny of everyone – the future of countries, the course of history. Today the power of the human step can once again change everyone’s lives. Lack of education has profound consequences on the innocent  health,  and social development.  What if you could make a difference,  what if you could change the world,  what if you could transform someones life – by simply going vegan. What if every step you take could generate non-violence.  How do we get everyone to look and not turn away.  You can – every step counts. Go vegan and educate others.

March brought you only one more vegan recipe for dogs but  one more for humanity and one more  for the lives of those whose lives matter – April shall bring you many more as this project gains momentum.

Vegan Chef has pencilled more time into her schedule and focus in April shall bring you more easy to make  vegan  recipes from her.  Energy on vegan cooking courses as well as vegan events – guiding you in the right direction at ~ Active Vegan ~  we believe that if you know how to go vegan – going vegan is easy.  You desire the knowledge  – you  want  to know how to acknowledge, embrace, understand  veganism  to enable yourself to be caring loving healthy conscientious individuals.

The world is vegan if you want it to be.  You are the power, you hold the magic wand, you can change the course of history, you are the guiding light, you hold the torch to non-violence.  This train is gaining momentum – climb aboard, don’t get left behind, these are exciting times. We share them with you feelingly.

Humane slaughter.

We are convinced that everyone thinks these mugshots are deplorable in every way. Not only do they violate our human right to live peacefully in a non-violent society today however they violate every right that animals ought to have – the right to live. And yet this is what has been ‘coined’ as ‘humane’ slaughter by the animal agricultural industries and their partners involved in these massacres at slaughter facilities, farms, butcheries and whole sale markets.

Their feeble reasoning to continue these bloody onslaughts for profit margins of innocent individuals who cannot speak for themselves and have no legal rights, is to feed the masses. They say that they need to provide you with food but this is not food. You don’t need to consume such violent, decomposing vulgar that is thrown at you. They are all harping on about ‘humane slaughter’, selling out the animals and covering up their lies as they go along. You will agree that there is nothing humane about slaughter no matter which perspective you look at it from. Slaughter cannot be justified no matter how humane they try to convince you that it is. No such thing exists. It’s another marketing tool used by highly paid advertising campaigns to pat you on the back and encourage you to continue supporting the most violent legal industry in the history of mankind, with guilt free conscience.

We watched in silence, shock, horror as the perverted butcher spoke in a rigid voice and stroked ‘Bessie’ between her eyes. He promised her that she would be alight and that everything would be fine – and coldly patted her on the head. She froze. Bessie was a beautiful being. His assistant then pointed a cold steel bolt to her head, She looked up at us her eyes rolling back knowingly. The gun was fired, she collapsed to the floor with such a thud. Within 15 seconds a large iron chain with a hook was wrapped around  her left leg and she was hoisted into mid air. Her tongue fell out of her mouth, her eyes still open – body pushed across the slaughterhouse floor and positioned over a filthy bucket which read ‘inedible’. A knife was then forcefully thrust into her throat –  she was left to bleed out. The sickening stench of her blood filled the air and penetrated our nostrils – a disgusting smell we shall never forget. They proceeded to butcher her to pieces –  separating her head then the bottom part of all four of her legs. The skinning began still whilst she dangled in mid air until they had ripped off her entire beautiful epidermis. Her naked carcass hung there – she was completely unrecognisable from the gorgeous living breathing individual that had been alive only a few moments ago. Bessie had been completely violated in every way possible but they didn’t stop there. She was cut down the front of her body – someone then lunged into her ripping all of her insides out which fell into another bucket. She was then cut in half down the centre – her two halves now pulled away – they proceeded to hack at her now cold rotting body. Finally her pieces were rolled into a morgue with others that had been butchered before her. Does any of this sound remotely humane to you? No – off course not – that’s because you know that it’s not.

You may try to justify that killing someone less violently is humane. Killing someone less violently and without them possibly knowing that you are about to do so is better than killing someone in a highly violent manner but does it make it right.  No off course it doesn’t. There is no justification for killing at all –  not killing someone is first prize if we want to stop violence especially when there is no need for killing anyone at all. To say that they are killing these animals to feed you is simply quite perverse and to justify any murder as humane is even more perverted.

You can stop all violence by simply going vegan. ‘People’ like Bessie wouldn’t have to suffer so – you would be healthier and the whole world would benefit from you going vegan. Say no to violence – don’t fall prey to an industry that promotes so much violence (no matter how ‘humane’) they claim it to be – it’s not. They are responsible for billions of deaths including both animals and humans. They are also responsible for accelerated climate change – they are poising earth’s water and air and destroying beautiful land/forests by breeding and expanding their programmes. The barbaric animal agricultural industry is way behind our modern times. They are a backward thinking regimen still who continue to destroy – they have much to answer for and they know it but continue to punt ‘death’ on our doorstep because legally they can. So it is up to you to see right through them all – the evidence is there and it is highly apparent.

Here is a list of ‘healthy’ foods that you can switch over to immediately in order to benefit, stop violence and help the rest of the world to continue her healing process : Starting your vegan pantry 

~ Active Vegan ~