A good reason to go vegan – you’re anti hunting.

If I were not vegan yet – I would go vegan for ethical reasons. One of which is that I am against hunting.  The theft of life is immoral – and can never be justified under any circumstances. The entire world is now aware of the tragic circumstances that Cecil, a magnificent innocent 13-year-old lion, has been exposed to by yet again the unprofessional hunting fraternity.  ‘Hunters’ – a complete embarrassment to society – aggressive, incoherent, violent, and vile. Cecil who was one of the stars of Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. When  we stay ‘stars’ – we mean that he was in the prime of his life, and life was not over according to Cecil. His will to live was on par with any and all human life. He was charismatic, and had good communication with both nature and man, he loved human contact, he was gentle, kind, and always obliging to professional photographers who were taken in by his composure, his eye contact, his body language, his freedom to express his love for the wild and the beautiful, and free. He was beautiful and had an unusual black mane which mystified visitors, set him apart from others – one was always able to recognise Cecil quite easily. He had a regal way about him, in the way that he walked in a slinky demur, how he blinked, and that loving look that he gave you – always charming.  That was Cecil – so charismatic. A perfect gentlemen even in his own pride. cecil charisma1 Earlier this month, locals found the protected lion shot, beheaded and skinned. Authorities now believe that a local man was paid $55,000 by a western hunter to lure Cecil out of the protected park so that the hunter could ‘legally’ murder the lion on a local landowner’s property. Only wounding Cecil, it is believed that the hunter then spent two days tracking Cecil before killing him and taking a ‘trophy.’ The 48 hours of  pain and the suffering is too hard to fathom. After investigation, the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority and The Telegraph are both naming Cecil’s killer as Walter Palmer, a dentist and known big game hunter from Minnesota. But this Is not the first time that Palmer’s name has been involved with illegal killings. There are recorded cases going back to 2006 together with other Zimbabwean officials as well as non officials, and perhaps it’s time for investigations to delve much deeper.  In fact this would also be a perfect case for INTERPOL, which would uncover more leads. Hunters are intertwined with poaching – that is for sure, as in this case. They lend wildlife and conservation a really bad name. walt palmer 1 Unsurprisingly, the dental surgery of Walter Palmer has not fared well on social media. In fact, there’s been so much backlash on social media that the dental practice seems to have shut down for the day and all shades have been drawn.  It is not surprising that Palmers clients are utterly disgusted – and we have seen comments that they shall never set foot in his practice again. The world has now seen him in action with innocent victims all over Africa –  killing Cecil our family Lion, and other members –  Rhino, Leopard, Buck, etc – his list of fetish for killing is chapters long. The lives he has drawn breath from is hopefully at end to which he must now answer for. Dear god may he never step foot on our land ever again to harm the innocent. cecils pride 1 Cecil leaves behind a pride of lions, including 24 cubs, who preservationists say, will now likely be killed by other lions. Cecil also leaves behind him so many humans who loved him so, appreciated and, who loved his nature, his free spirit, and who adored his companionship through the most amazing photographs that any wild individual could possibly display so freely, – educating the world how to love, and how to enjoy wildlife, the way it was meant to be. Live well Cecil – may your spirit live on and in all, for eternity and in the heart, of the good in man.

Walter Palmer: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know:

Cecil was left skinned & headless on the outskirts of the National Park.

The hunters tried to destroy Cecil’s collar to hide the evidence

Palmer faced prison time in 2008 for lying to a federal agent about the killing of a bear

Palmer was also previously accused of sexual harassment

Without blame –  thousands of death threats have been made against Palmer on social media due to his unlawful conduct and violent psychotic behaviour against the innocent.


~ Active Vegan ~

World Wildlife Day and going vegan.

It’s time to get serious about Wildlife crime. What has the significance of going vegan, have anything to do with stopping wildlife crime you may ask? Everything is your answer. 

There are several strong parallel links between the two, going vegan will strongly benefit all wildlife, both fauna and flora, and save millions of specie from extinction. Survival of wildlife compliments all ecosystems, which in turn is of paramount and pivotal importance to us.

World Wildlife Day, March 3 – a day which both celebrates the intrinsic value of wild fauna and flora and acts as a reminder of the urgent need to tackle wildlife and forest crime. Join us in the lead up to this important day and use your voice to tell the world that it’s time to take a stand against organized wildlife crime before it’s too late.

Sure we can curse about wildlife crime all that we want, we can march, we can sign petitions, we can scream and shout, and we can become completely embroiled with absolute bitter anger but, how effective is this going to be with growing populations, poverty rise, world hunger and demand for crime?  None of that is going to matter enough to change the annual exhilarated wildlife crime stats. Why not? Because the demand is still there and it’s on the rise. So the solutions has to be looked at and tackled from all and alternative perspectives, a bigger picture. Don’t underestimate the power, the benefits and the differences that going vegan will have on saving wildlife!

We do agree that the fight must go on, and that we are making small differences here and there however, lets make the ultimate difference demanding change at a faster speed. Going vegan is not a sacrifice. All it means is living ones life ethically. Let’s view the bigger picture, embrace the entire effect, and let’s take real meaningful action, educate others, and show and live out our daily lives as though we really mean it and do care, by changing our own lives first, in support of wildlife. Small differences are not enough as they just get swallowed up by ever growing communities. Big differences count the most, are most effective and, when 7 billion people embrace veganism, the demand for violence, and the utter destruction of wildlife witnessed today, shall be an embarrassing closed chapter of the past, a black book locked away safely for all of eternity. A learnt mistake.

There would be no such thing as wildlife crime because there would be no demand for it! 

There would be no demand for trinkets and other left over bone matter, skin, and embalmed dead animals haunting ones walls, shelves and cabinets. There would be no demand for the consumption of unhealthy, decaying flesh tortured on land and violently hauled from our waters, and stolen from the skies. There would be no demand for land, water and air degradation and pollution, destroying the chances of wildlife survival today. There would be no demand for zoos, circuses, aquariums and other forms of vile entertainment which sees so much violence, disrespect, suffering, and disregard to the lives of those stolen from the wild. There would be no demand for poachers, hunters and other criminals and sadists who candidly take the lives of the innocent simply because they can, further fuelling wildlife crime. There would be no demand for jackets, hats, gloves, shoes, belts, bags and purses, and all other ‘accessories’ made from the skins of stolen, captured and tortured wildlife. There would be no demand for pets who are ripped from their homes, their families, their environments. There would be no demand for wildlife trade. There would be no demand for slavery.

Change starts in our own homes.

You see when we change, our mindset and demand changes. When the demand is no longer there, attitudes change, the agenda of corporations change as they follow the money, and the law adopts a new and positive approach because we demand it. We demand a refreshing, new, positive outlook on life. Illegal syndicates will die and die they must. Poachers will look for other forms of income. Fashion houses will create, incorporate, and make use of other more greener, world and wildlife friendly options by demand. Slaughter facilities will disappear leaving the world with cleaner pockets of natural forests, cleaner water and cleaner air for wildlife survival. Greedy corporations wouldn’t dare step out of line. Everyone’s agenda would change dramatically by demand but, only when we ourselves want it badly enough to make the change, and take the lead. So take an ethical stand on Wildlife Day, make a real difference for wildlife by changing your mindset, and become a part of the biggest growing movement today by those who show that they really do care in their everyday actions, in the way that you live, in how you think, in what you wear, and in what you eat, and in whom you choose to support, and in how serious you truly are about change. The choice is yours, the clock is ticking. World Wildlife Day Everyday!

Thank you .

~ Active Vegan ~