~ Active Vegan ~ April newsletter.

Rolling out our 4th Newsletter for 2015 – April.

March brought much excitement in the travel around the globe in search for stunning vegan establishments serving healthy 100% plant based foods.  31 days  – 31 countries  – 31 delicious vegan restaurants.  America, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, England, France, Guadeloupe, Germany, Ghana, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Poland , Scotland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam – all have populations who have embraced non-violence.

We shall visit another 1 in another 30 alternative countries during April – that shall bring in more than half the world who are begging for non-violence – who are denouncing violence – demanding health love compassion life for all.

A human step is one of the most powerful things we posses – changing the destiny of everyone – the future of countries, the course of history. Today the power of the human step can once again change everyone’s lives. Lack of education has profound consequences on the innocent  health,  and social development.  What if you could make a difference,  what if you could change the world,  what if you could transform someones life – by simply going vegan. What if every step you take could generate non-violence.  How do we get everyone to look and not turn away.  You can – every step counts. Go vegan and educate others.

March brought you only one more vegan recipe for dogs but  one more for humanity and one more  for the lives of those whose lives matter – April shall bring you many more as this project gains momentum.

Vegan Chef has pencilled more time into her schedule and focus in April shall bring you more easy to make  vegan  recipes from her.  Energy on vegan cooking courses as well as vegan events – guiding you in the right direction at ~ Active Vegan ~  we believe that if you know how to go vegan – going vegan is easy.  You desire the knowledge  – you  want  to know how to acknowledge, embrace, understand  veganism  to enable yourself to be caring loving healthy conscientious individuals.

The world is vegan if you want it to be.  You are the power, you hold the magic wand, you can change the course of history, you are the guiding light, you hold the torch to non-violence.  This train is gaining momentum – climb aboard, don’t get left behind, these are exciting times. We share them with you feelingly.

More reasons to go vegan.

In China 7000 magnificent moon bears, their limbs torn off in traps are imprisoned for 26 years as a catheter drains bile into a bucket which the Chinese drink. 26 years the bears go insane.

In Korea dogs are beaten to death in the market place because the butchers believe that pain and suffering makes the meat taste.

In South Africa 5000 tamed orphaned lions are killed with guns, spears or torn apart and they call it sport.

In Canada 300 000 baby seal pups are clubbed and skinned alive on the ice – their tiny hearts still beating.

In Australia animals are sent on death ships to the middle east where their eyes are stabbed out and their tendons are slashed.

In Asia dogs are suspended on hooks and skinned alive for fur trim coats in the west.

We treat our oceans as our private pantry and as a public toilet.  The Pacific is now so full of junk and plastic and human feces – it has created a floating island bigger than India.

Dolphins and whales are stabbed to death in the shallows of Japan, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and huge bays are blood red.

Factory farms spew chemicals into the oceans creating hippoctic dead zones totalling one million square kilometres. Our oceans are so full of toxic acids – it’s killing coral, ocean animals and plants.

So called enviable dairy calves who cannot be sold for veal are killed by farther –  hitting them on the head with a hammer or jumping on their ribs and crushing their hearts.

Billions of bouncing little chicks are mechanically ground up in mincers simply because they are male.

Religious sacrifices around the world make the 21 st century look like the new dark ages.

Children around the world suffer and starve because their crop plants now produce meat for farmers.

The oceans are dying in our time. By 2048 all of our fisheries shall be dead – poisoned by the chemicals by the livestock industry. Trillions of fish are ground up into pellets to feed to livestock. Vegetarian cows are now the world largest ocean predators.

In human history only one hundred human beings have ever lived. Seven Billion humans live today and yet we humans torture and kill 2 billion sentient living beings every week.

10 000 species are wiped out every year because of the actions of one species and we are now facing the sixth mass extinction in cosmological history. If any other organism did this a biologist would call it a virus.

It is a crime of unimaginable proportions.

The world is crying out for only two things – leadership and the truth. Listen to the friends who tell you the truth – even if it hurts.

All it takes is for good people to do nothing. Doing nothing is no longer an option.


A dog is a pig – is a bear – is a boy.

~ Active Vegan ~


Ain Soph.Journey is a quiet, cozy café-slash-restaurant in Shinjuku that serves as an herbivorous haven amid Tokyo’s primarily carnivorous culinary jungle—and renders “vegan” synonymous with “delicious.”

Located right in front of Shinjuku-sanchome Station’s exit C5, Ain Soph.Journey instantly immerses visitors in its laid-back atmosphere, enhanced by the warm, earthy colors of its West Coast-inspired interior.

Relaxed, West Coast-style interior

The menu is extensive, boasting a wide array of Western-style dishes that extend beyond the standard fare at most Tokyo veggie eateries.

On the a la carte, try the Spanish omelet (¥800), which substitutes eggs with a tofu cream base, creating a similarly fluffy texture. The karaage (¥600) puts a veggie spin on Japanese fried chicken nuggets, replacing the poultry with soy meat, making this a low-cal treat.

Glasses of organic French and Austrian wine in need of company have a friend in the cheese platter (¥1,200), made of vegetable cheese—which is inexplicably hard to find in a country where soy milk runs like water.

The vegetable paella (¥1,400), nutty dry curry (¥1,350), veggie tortilla roll (¥1,600) and the mushroom Hayashi rice (¥1,300) all make satisfying main dishes.

The true stars of Ain Soph, however, are found in the dessert section. The pudding a la mode (¥850) is surprisingly creamy and caramel-sweet, considering the dish is completely free of egg, dairy or refined sugar; as is the nutty carob chip brownie (¥700).

Pancake of the heavens

The “tenjo no (heaven’s) vegan pancakes” (¥1,400) earns its name. It’s delectable and equal parts fluffy and light, emitting a flavor that’s buttery despite being dairy-free, and sweetened with Agave syrup, accompanied by a scoop of homemade soy ice cream.

Those craving a bit of everything can try the dessert plate (¥1,200), an assortment of everything except pancakes—they’re their own entity.

The prices are a little up there, but the food is top-notch and hearty—and is sure to sate vegans and non-vegans alike.

1F Shinjuku Q Bldg., 3-8-9 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku. Nearest station: Shinjuku-sanchome. http://ain-soph.jp/english.html

A huge hand to Martin Leroux for his stunning exposé of this very beautiful vegan restaurant in Tokyo! We pay it forward. Please do share this little gem out there, and do forward your favourite vegan restaurant to us that you frequent, we would love to forward them to the world.

~ Active Vegan ~