The conflict within humans.

There is not one  substantive reasons not to go vegan.  If you care about animal rights, and you care about the environment, your children’s future, your health,  and the health of your family – you are able to come to terms with and make the effort  to find out more to make the switch.  If you’re one of these people,  please read on.

We have spoken with many  nonvegans who say going vegan is ridiculously expensive, or that  it is difficult to buy the ingredients,  or  the ingredients are unavailable where they live,  or  they don’t know how to cook vegan food, or they cannot eat nuts, or that they don’t like tofu,  refuse to read or watch meaningful  literature that will educate them further,  or simply, that they are not remotely interested in vegan food products or going vegan  – let us reflect on these excuses for not going vegan.

When you wrap your head around it – going vegan is no more expensive than any other shopping is these days. Shopping for vegan foods becomes cheaper as you convert your pantry,  with a few minor tweaks here and there.  Buying vegan ingredients is easy (there is a fruit, veg, seed and nut section in every store).  When it comes to cooking vegan – there really is no difference to the methods of cooking either.

Getting rid of all ‘meats’ is easy (you can replace these with any healthy vegan protein). Getting rid of dairy  is  easy, there are many nondairy items available in stores today or,  (you can make your own cheeses and milks etc using a variety of vegan ingredients (making your own is obviously cheaper than buying ready-made – all you need is a blender and a nut bag). Replacing eggs  is a little more tricky if you enjoy baking, but  easy once you know how,  there are more than a handful of healthy options for you to use. That being said – we  bet that you could make a different vegan meal every day for the rest of your life,  and that it would be totally exiting!  You don’t have to be a professional chef to accomplish that – all ya gotta have is love for really good food and, doing what’s right by animals and the planet! Let that be your inspiration.

Some people may have allergies to certain foods and  may have illnesses –  it is important to note that many of these problems are  caused by ‘animal products’  and that  replacing these with healthy vegan foods – many  ‘illnesses’ can improve.  Should you have allergies to nuts, know that many vegan alternatives do exist.  Queenwa, hemp, oat milk etc can be substituted as milks etc.

Tofu may not be everyone’s favourite on first trial however, one learns quickly that tofu has many wonderful uses, adds texture to many dishes, and takes on the flavour of whatever you’re cooking with. When you have used tofu a few times,  like many new items,  ones  palette adjusts.  When we eliminate ‘animal’ foods,  our palettes ‘clear’, we enjoy vegan foods  more at every meal.

Most  who cook,  already have the basics in our kitchen,  blender,  juicer,   processor, nut bag etc – if not, these are  items you may wish to consider for your  kitchen.  They do make life easier and more cost-effective whilst learning  to cook your own food  is healthier,  so much more fun,  and provides clarity to exactly what you’re eating!  Voila!  And away ya go!

Vegan foods is sourced at markets, most stores,  health shops,  and is no more effort in purchasing than any shopping that you may be currently doing – it’s a simple paradigm shift. Once your pantry starts to grow, you become more organised. It’s really easy.  Let us know which products you’re not familiar with – we would be happy to point you in the right direction.  Involve yourself  with vegan events where there will be many stalls for you to peruse,  sample the delicious variety of wonderful offerings, and make great contacts etc –  a perfect opportunity for you to familiarize with vegans to enlighten you further in the right direction.  Try some vegan restaurants .  Have an open mind, your brain won’t fall out!

Moral justice for human and nonhuman beings,  (being vegan),  can never be viewed as ‘arrogant and patronising’ , forceful or militant, when going vegan,  it  teaches humans that violence in all forms against all sentients is morally wrong. When we are clear on the ethics,  less ignorant to our surrounding,  we realize that going  vegan has everything to do with animal rights – it is the most logical course of action that we can take, ensuring  that  all animals basic rights and dignities are intact. It is the very least we can do for them, to do anything less makes no sense whatsoever. Let’s face it – not one individual anywhere  wants to be treated as a slave,  be abused,  be eaten or worn,  be labeled a ‘commodity’ for another’s pleasures – that much is  clear and logical – rational individuals will agree to that.  We all have the capability to be  clear, able,  to equate,  conceptualize  with the ‘conflict’ within,  that  feeds our  own desires, interests, powers, perceptions over others,  and expel  thoughts  of what moral value does not mean.  Our ‘convenience’ should never matter more morally  than that of the lives of others,  it should never ‘seem’ by our  own logic that it is  easier  to simply ignore the pain of others, and  continue to ‘use victims’ for our own pleasures, this is precisely why abuse exists.  Going vegan is just a mind-set away, a paradigm shift – how much do we want to stop violence, how serious are we about the topic, when that changes, everything changes, everything starts to improve.  When more people make an ethical choice to go vegan for animal rights – the laws will start changing for animals – the world becomes liveable once again.

It is incorrect to say that going vegan has nothing to do with animal rights – veganism is about ‘everyone’s’ basic rights. We are not saying that it is wrong to fight for one specific cause, what we are saying is that fighting for that one specific cause is futile if you are not vegan.  Heres why: The logic is clear and simple.  Millions of well-meaning humans who have the capacity to love, to care, and who have emotion,  choose to advocate for one or several causes but fail to see that they themselves are a part of that problem.  We have to ask ourselves : Is it logical that I am abusing animals,  contributing to their suffering and death , whilst I provocate violence and judge others toward others who’s parralel of violence is the dual to mine, with the only difference being in that the species is different.  The species that I am abusing is ‘ justified only by legal terms’ – but does this make it moral. No it does not.  If  agri  dog meat were to be  a legally recognised  industry as is agri for chicken, cows, pigs etc is currently, would that make it morally acceptable. No off course not.  Should everyone just sit back and watch animals suffer? No off course not . So we have the capacity to know right from wrong.  Does this mean that vegans have  right to opinion – off course it does! Going vegan means that abuse for all animals, human and nonhuman stops. If we want change, real change – we have to change how we are abusing animals. We must stop eating, wearing, and using animals completely – they do not deserve slavery and commodity status.

Being vegan is not extreme, what is extreme is animal abuse. What is extreme is the 70 billion land animals, trillions of sea creatures, who are butchered annually for their carcass, their skin and other body parts for human pleasure because the law labels it as legal – that is extreme. What is extreme is that all of that is affecting climate change,  causing devastating  habitat loss to thousands more animals. What is extreme is that those who do want change  make excuses not to change . No one wants to be told how to live their lives but –  but as humans we ought to be able to gauge the differences between right and wrong.  Information, facts are  telling us that participating in the slaughter of innocent beings – eating,  wearing ,  enslaving  and commodifying nonhuman beings  is morally wrong –   we would be doing nonhumans a great justice to  see that, with our own eyes, hear that with our own ears,  feel that with our own emotions – willingly, and act upon it.  Welcome to the real world, welcome to the reality of violence.  If you are not already vegan, please consider going vegan – it is the very best and the very least that we as humans  can do for animal rights.

~ Active Vegan ~