The failure of single issue campaigns.

The failure of single issue campaigns resonate louder than the Chimes of Big Ben of London. A historical repeat at least eighty years in the making now in raw and truthful realization. The world is questioning why the results of hard core moaning and cursing, petition contributions, marches, arms up in the air, shock and horror has done nothing to change the status of animals and has done nothing to stop the magnitude of cruelty that they face today. We acknowledge that you are abhorrently horrified that injustices against all animals today has increased dramatically. Vivisection is on the rise so is the fur trade  which has made a major comeback, more animals today than ever before are under the knife in labs set up all over the world. Slaughter facilities mushroom everywhere – wildlife is disappearing at phenomenal rates – people are outraged at hunting and poaching expressing anger  bitterness –  yet no positive outcomes to benefit the innocent – they too are dwindling. – Foie gras failure – snuck back into restaurants and back onto shelves.  Consuming their vile overgrown exploded livers is bad enough – laying your head down at night on pillow casings filled with feathers violently plucked from their overweight frail bodies –  sold as comfortable sweet dream pillows and the torture doesn’t end there.  Billions of lives cry out every second of the day whilst you take part in single issue campaigns and nothing gets done.  The victims cursed –  every specie alive today. How can it be ? How can it be that the word ‘violence’ has become the word most synonymous in today’s vocabulary.  How can it be that everyone is fighting so hard for single issue campaigns  yet nothing is changing ? How can it possibly be that you are donating hard earned cash – yet they continue to suffer so . How can that be? The answer to your question is one that has been  right before your very own eyes . It has been written in bold on the very front page of your daily diary  – you are simply not doing enough –  supporting organizations who are encouraging violence  confusing the public.

Kicking up a fuss is just not good enough. You have to mean what you  say – you have to say and do what you mean if you really care, you have to live your life like you really care – that is what it means to go vegan.  You cannot be a part of an abusive system whilst you fight against it.  That simply does not make any sense what so ever. You cannot advocate for the rights of one animals body part and violate another and expect for change to happen. You have to advocate for all animals in order for their status to change. You cannot expect for people’s perceptions and opinions on animal abuse to change if you yourself are part of the violent system. You cannot expect the system to change period if you are eating, wearing or exploiting animals in any way. That will never happen – that is the reason that single issue campaigns are a complete failure today.  There are no shades of grey. There is nothing in between right and wrong. There is no middle ground. You are either in or you are out. You cannot stand in front of the door and just keep knocking and ringing – making a noise without opening that door and walking right through it  – and expect change to happen – it won’t.  If you are against violent atrocities against animals you have to act like you care, eat like you care and conduct your daily life like you give a dam – only then will your voice be heard.

When you start to live your life without violence  – you renounce violence only then do you fully comprehend the magnitude of what you have been doing wrong and why the suffering of the ones that you love so and have fought relentlessly for have continue to suffer – how all of that can change with a simple switch to veganism. The world is vegan if you want it to be. The pain and suffering can stop with one single action – and once you have embraced that simple action, you can teach others to do so. Going vegan is easy if you  mean what you say.  There is no need to eat animals, there is no need to wear animals and there is no need for animals to  be forced into a situation of having to entertain you. The sooner you understand and embrace that respect – the sooner everyone’s focus will change  to what is going to make the difference for the status of animals – all animals.

Thank you

Human Rights.

Our Human Right is to stop this violence against all who are oppressed.

9,000 Animals are rescued from just one of the millions of ‘Worst Torture Operations’ In The World.  They are all bad. There are millions just like this, both legal and illegal operations. Every single slaughter facility in the world, practice brutality and violence of this nature.

Where there are animals that are used for exploitation, you can be sure that violence is prominent. Please be reminded that animals have no voice. “Owners” do as they wish with them, no one will tell, no one hears them, and no one sees them suffer so. Animals today live in torture chambers. They are crammed into confined spaces, molested and ridiculed, raped, victimized, punched, kicked, stabbed, shot, smashed with sledgehammers, boiled and skinned alive, they are torched, and hung upside down, and finally their beautiful innocent wasted frames are hacked and butchered into unrecognisable pieces. Do we really want to continue to support this type of violence, no matter how humane we have been lead to believe that it is.

The most effective solution to end all animal suffering is to go vegan. There really is no other solution. Are you prepared to give up your palette pleasures of suffering, and join the millions who already have, for the love of animals. Billions of animals just like these are awaiting rescue in facilities like it all around the world.

~ Active Vegan ~