Silence the violence for all specie.

Our news letter for May 2015.

We have been speaking with people all across the board – those who very tragically say that they really don’t quite give a damn about animals, to those who have the capacity to connect with only a few selected sentient’s such as dogs and cats etc.,  and then many who make the connection to veganism through a healthy way of eating only.  Sadly even fewer people relate to climate change or to poor and underprivileged people.  Billions of people have not been reached as yet in more remote parts of the world and so ‘cruelty’ throughout the world still prevails.  Half the world has no internet access – many who support violence still take full advantage of those.  There is also corruption and those who continue to push violence in seemingly unrecognisable and unsuspecting ‘nonviolent’ ways to those who are unable to recognise the difference between unethical and unjust treatment and what Is morally correct.  And so we realize that we are going to have to push all buttons in order to continue to promote nonviolence – veganism – ahimsa –  throughout the world.

Whilst we admit that real change shall be made by those who embrace veganism due to ethical reasons first and foremost –  as stats as well as logic have proved that those are the people who do stay vegan with absolute conviction, we accept that many join the ‘movement’  to nonviolence through other ‘personal’ reasons before they see full light,  but their reaction to stop violence is slow and puts pressure on those who need help most IE: animals who are viewed as commodities, the poorest of the poor, and off course the ecosystems that we so rely on.  People have been taking ‘baby steps’ all their lives and it got them no further than their starting point –  the world moves at such a fast pace that baby steps have no place in todays spinning globe. So we are saying  ‘screw’ baby steps – they are a waste of time. Take the leap forward and go vegan, then see how much faster you can make the difference here for all who are in extremely vulnerable positions. We need to catch up quickly through education and slow down violence, and move nonviolence forward into the new future right now.

This month we continue to reach as many as we possibly can but staying focused, on track –  as to why going vegan is the moral baseline to nonviolence, health, a better climate, and a happier life for all.  Going vegan is easy when you know how.  Going vegan is easy when you have witnessed the atrocities forced upon animals by humans who are able to make  the connection to it’s immoral action.  Going vegan is even easier when you agree that the violence to sentient’s is unethical in every way –  that is what we want you to see, because we know that humans do have the capacity to connect to unjust practice to those who suffer.  Suffering, pain and violence doesn’t start and stop with animals – it extends to all who bleed, it extends to all who feel, it extends to all and each and every single one of us.

At this moment, as you read this – know that billions of animals are tortured, slaughtered, killed,  are crying out for your help, they are screaming in pain for you to hear them, are pleading for you to connect to their pain and suffering.  They are waiting for your action to help them, do something about their horror. They are waiting for you to take moral decisions to go vegan,  to be their voice,  to be their advocates,  to stop their slaughter.  Billions of lives are waiting for you to make the difference –  not only for themselves, but for you,  your children, for the entire planet.

We celebrate veganism this month as we do every month, every day, every second –  we encourage you to push and educate everyone to go vegan, share your message of nonviolence for all sentient’s until everyone ‘gets it’ .   Embracing veganism is of highest priority in the world today – educating everyone about veganism is the most ethical action that you can make in your everyday lives today in order to silence violence for all specie.

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others, if you cannot help them –  then don’t hurt them. Don’t hunt them, don’t poach them, don’t eat them, don’t use them for personal gain, don’t wear them, and don’t treat them as slaves.

‘Meat’ Pastels.

These pastels may look yummy and absolutely scrumptious – from the outside. But you would not divulge from a restaurant that served  ‘meat’. Why? – ‘meat’ – all meat comes from violence. ‘Meat’ no matter which specie, they all are farmed from violence, from pain and suffering  – all wanted to live,  all who’s lives were taken away from them. You do not want to consume violence. Let’s be clear – if you as a ‘meat’ eater where served up these delightful looking pastels with minced ‘meat’ in spicy savoury gravy – not even the most distinguished of palettes could establish who’s flesh it was within that pastry. If that thought stops you dead in your tracks – you want to go vegan. Most of all you want to go vegan for ethical reasons.

Becoming a much more common occurrence in todays world, the behind the scenes in ‘meat’ kitchens around the world where violence is commonplace, and no prejudice against any particular specie is acknowledged – where all specie are mere commodities, ‘food’, palette pleasures, innocent creatures to do with as man pleases, slaves, trinkets and toys. It therefore serves as no shock anymore when I hear that customers at restaurants such as Rio de Janeiro snack bar were unwittingly eating pastries made from the meat of stray dogs. Officers investigating the popular fast food house reportedly found boxes containing the frozen carcasses of dozens of dogs. The canines, which appeared to have been killed with blows to the head (no different to that of any other slaughter facility after all killing is killing), were used for the fillings of ‘pastels’, a traditional Brazilian stuffed pastry which is deep-fried and normally made with ground beef. Does that make the fact that it was sold as ground ‘beef’ any better or worse than the fact that it was dog, or even may have been cat or even had a bit of ground up ‘human’ hand in it – they are all ‘corpses’ –  ‘dead decaying flesh’. You don’t want to be eating any meat at all. Why? – When you eat ‘meat’, you encourage further violence by fuelling demand for flesh and certainly more variety of it.  

Moving on with this particular recent incident and according to police, owner of this shameful restaurant Van Ruilonc admitted to making the snacks from dog meat, adding that the animals were strays he had rounded up from streets in the city, which incidentally, will host next year’s Olympic Games. Van Ruilonc sees no difference in which ‘meat’ he serves up, it has all become just food to him – therein lays the moral issue. And I have to ask where do you draw the line, my simple response is – when you go vegan. When you stop eating, you stop wearing, you stop exploiting animals – they shall stop suffering. It’s quite simple – as long as you are consuming pigs, sheep, chickens, cows, fish, eggs, dairy etc – people shall be throwing in dogs, cats, rats, and any other inconceivable, unthinkable piece of flesh out there into the mix, because they can and because you have and are creating a demand for it. Violence, torture, and suffering shall go on for as long as you don’t go vegan.

Ruilonc, 32, is reportedly one of a group of Chinese businessmen who own dozens of pastry houses in Rio de Janeiro, including at least one in the beachside tourist district of Copacabana. I can only imagine and shudder how he and many others have managed to keep dog populations at bay within the districts attached to his charming ‘meatier’ pastry houses.
Lets be clear he was not caught out for his so called delicious ‘beef’ pastels – he was caught out for his slavery trade and trafficking of human beings, but then again what would one expect from an individual who exploits animals – after all humans are merely slaves and animals still. A rather daunting thought, one that I have heard many a comment – he may have been adding human flesh to the mix, then again, no one would ever have known the difference. The discovery at the eatery in Rio’s northern district of Parada de Lucas was made after officers arrived to investigate claims that trafficked Chinese workers were forced to live and work in slave-like conditions. Police found a cage in the back of the establishment where workers were incarcerated, and made to work 18 hours a day without pay. Public prosecutor Guadalupe Louro Couto said officers were shocked at what they found. He stated that he’d seen lots of bad things in his life time, but what he saw in that ‘meat’ pastry house was worse than everything he had ever witnessed. To start with, there was a cell, like a jail, with bars and padlock, set up inside the snack bar, where the workers were imprisoned. Apart from this, they lived with the stench of dead dogs, which were kept in the same room. He couldn’t stand it,  started to feel ill and asked to leave. When they started to open the polystyrene boxes, they saw the frozen dogs, they were perplexed. There were  so many violent various crimes being committed there.
Restaurants – common to all businesses watch their profit margins first and foremost. They buy competitively and as cost effectively where possible, in this case they kill right off the street to plumb up their volumes. When it comes to meat – all meat,  is derived from unsanitary conditions and is handled by so many bacteria laden hands, surfaces, and instruments, no matter which specie was brought to slaughter. The unsavoury rot on all carcass cannot be washed off under a tap as would dust from an apple. You must know that when you eat meat – you risk eating the unknown, you risk eating the dead,  you risk your health, and you risk further climate change. But most of all you put every animals life at risk .
If you say that you love animals, and you really mean what you say – you go vegan for them first and foremost before you take on any other action, going vegan for them is going to make all the difference to those whom you do not eat, to those whom you do not wear, and to all those whom you do not exploit, going vegan is going to make the difference to those who want to live –  all other nonviolent actions shall fall into their proper place thereafter.  Going vegan is easy.  It’s healthy for them, it’s healthy for you , and – it’s healthy for the environment.
Wishing all a ‘Happy Earth Day – every day.

Hatred and violence.

There are so many reasons to go vegan. The connection between xenophobia and all other phobia’s and ‘ism’s” – all centred around hatred, violence, anger, miscommunication, intolerance, misunderstanding, negative experiences, disrespect, greed, lack of ‘humility’ to both human an non. Every single individual who involves themselves in any of these ‘violent’ movements –  abuse animals through the consumption of sentiments. Consuming violence encourages violence –  not one of the people involved in these ‘violent’ movements’ is vegan.
All these ‘Isms’ and phobias in todays world. So much hatred. Racism, Speciesism, Sexism, Homophobia etc., South Africa is now also experiencing heightened Xenophobia – so much so that the CBD had to be shut down recently – it’s now spreading to Mozambique who are retaliating against those who started it in S.A. Violence encourages violence. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth shall see all those involved without sight and without teeth shortly.

Stop the violence – Go vegan. Find solutions through peace, find love, understanding with one another. Seek connectivity through respect –  centre spiritual well being through peace not violence, get grounded. Violence finds no solutions –  it only finds more death, more sorrow, so much more loss.  Finding the connection to all things violent – all awfulness revolves around violence and hatred, wanted needs, greed. To harm anyone is immoral – no matter what the reason is. Lets stop finding ‘excuses’ for this – it comes from a cup that is empty and shall remain empty with loneliness and violence.

There is no amount of anger, hunger, poverty and desperation that could possibly endorse harming another being – to do so are  excuses to allow violence to continue. Stop trying to analyse these situations, stop giving the act of violence consent and stamp of continued approval.  There is no justification for it. Don’t even try and spin psycho babble bullshit around where it stems from. There is no moral justification for unbalanced behaviour toward fellow living beings human and non – non what so ever – it should never be condoned or justified. Let’s get our ‘act’ together. Go vegan. It is YOUR choice to vote for non violence, non violence to all living beings by enacting and practicing non violence in your daily lives. Go for it – nothing is stopping you but your outlook, your perception, your good spirit. Do it for them, do it for yourself, do it for the world, do it for your offspring and for their future generations. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Peace.

~ Active Vegan ~

What is veganism.

Vegan ethics. What is veganism – how can your actions benefit all sentient’s.

Being vegan is your statement in rejecting violence – violence to animals – violence to yourself, violence to the environment – on which we all depend.  When you consume violence – you are saying that violence is acceptable.  You are saying that violence to animals – violence to yourself, and violence to the environment is acceptable – therefore you become a part of violence.

Vegans reject eating violence –  vegans reject wearing violence, and they reject participating in any violence what so ever. This means that the consumption of all living beings –  the consumption of their ‘meat’, their dairy as well as their eggs is rejected no matter how ‘humanely’ they are killed.  This also means that wearing animals is rejected no matter how ‘humanely’ they are killed.  Wearing leather, fur, wool and silk all come from violence inflicted upon living beings. Vegans do not participate in animal exploitation – this means that vegans reject animal status as ‘chattel property’ – animals are not yours  to do with as you please, they are not forms of entertainment, they are not breeding machines, they are not sex acts, they are not slaves.

Being vegan means that you protect all animals, their rights, the rights of others, and you honour the environment in which you live in – by eating and wearing nonviolence. Veganism embraces nonviolence holistically  by not discriminating against any member of the moral community  including all specie, all race and sexes.  Vegans do not discriminate against specie – that would be speciesism – speciesism  is wrong because, like racism, sexism, homophobia, antisemitism, classism, and all other forms of human discrimination, speciesism involves violence inflicted on members of the moral community where that infliction of violence cannot be morally justified.

One must be clear about the meaning of nonviolence – one must be clear in the message that nonviolence resonates, one must be clear on how your  actions of nonviolence effects all living beings positively.  When you embrace veganism – you advocate nonviolence, you become nonviolent  – you must be clear on educating others to do so.

Finally – going vegan and staying vegan is easy when you know how and you do it for morally just reasons – that of animal rights. When you act upon moral justification – everything else falls into place, when animals stop suffering –  they ease your pain, when you stop consuming violence – health releaves your body, you become clean spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally. When you stop consuming violence, animals heal,  earth heals – your environment heals, people heal.

Veganism is the biggest movement in modern thinking  times.  Be clear about veganism – share it with the world so that everyone benefits now.  Veganism is about nonviolence. It is about not engaging in harm to other sentient beings, to oneself,  and to the environment upon which all beings depend for life. The animal rights movement is, at its core, a movement about ending violence to all sentient beings. It is a movement that seeks fundamental justice for all. It is an emerging peace movement that does not stop at the arbitrary line that separates humans from nonhumans. Changing a hierarchical paradigm of pervasive exploitation that has dominated for millennia requires a great deal of hard work. And that hard work requires clarity.

If you are not vegan, please consider going vegan. It’s a matter of nonviolence. Being vegan is your statement that you reject violence to other sentient beings, to yourself, and to the environment, on which all sentient beings depend.

~ Active Vegan ~

Yes, all animals do feel.

This image was taken on a “kill” line inside a slaughterhouse. It shows two cows seeking comfort in one another while awaiting slaughter. ‘I don’t know how to wake people up. My heart is irreparably broken’.

Have you been to a kill shelter, a slaughter facility or any other facility that kills living individuals on a fast moving conveyor belt. No – why not make a point of finding out how your ‘meat’ arrives from farm to your plate. It’s not a pretty sight – most would need a bucket to hurl into most could not watch individuals suffer –  most would throw up twice at the sight and stench of the flowing blood – that’s how violent it is. For anyone that says that they love animals – this emotional experience shall never leave your thoughts so much so that you would never touch carcass again.

If you ever doubted whether animals had thoughts emotions – standing witness to such atrocity shall forever stain your memory. Every single muscle in their bodies freeze with sheer terror as yours would should you be so violently assaulted. Animals are no different from us. We feel – they feel. We think – they think. We cry – they cry. We bleed – they bleed. We feel pain and suffering – so do they. As they are forced into the room of death – they cry they scream they try to escape they panic they are terrified – as you would in a terror attack.

Next time you look down at your plate – envisage the body of whom you have chosen to eat, give her a name –  she had one, she had a family she wanted to live – think about the horror that individual endured – ask yourself whether you feel morally comfortable in partaking encouraging such pain and suffering – think about how your actions amplify their violent screams around the world. See them hear them acknowledge them. They are the same as us. They have language they have emotion –  they have will to live love connect.

All animals share cognitive senses. There is no need for vivisection to prove this – this is simple logic. We are animals – put yourself in their place close your eyes and fathom the horror the torture you are putting them through – the very same dread that no one deserves. Tears run deep when we are in pain – so do theirs. They have tears they suffer pain. If you really care and you say that you love animals – go vegan for them. Stop the violence stop the slaughter stop the pain and suffering, make a difference change the world. Only you can do this for them –  they are waiting for your action. Go vegan.