World Environment Day, every day – Going Vegan.

It is purely through the inspiration of world environment day that we are completely inspired to write this article.  And may we add that every day ought to be environment day – for it is upon our ecosystems that we all so depend.

Your question: Our dream is to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature… What’s yours?

Ours is to encourage children (all of which are innocent until corrupt by an otherwise unjust system), to grow up and do what is morally just.  The world is in need of education at tertiary level. The school systems around the world are so slow in adapting to future standards. We need to work on that!

People every where love animals and do not want to see them harmed in any way what so ever. However due to a corporate systems that encourages children to become desensitized to slaughter, murder , violence, and death  – so does the earth experience the same energies experienced by our future children.  This desperately needs to be amended by us their guardians, their fellow elders.

It is the elders who have supposedly learnt from past mistakes and experiences –  it is therefore up to us to pass those blessings down to the young ones.  We have seen for ourselves for many a millennia what works and what does not.  Violence – we have learnt offers no protection, it offers no health , it offer no mental or physical stability. Therefore it is conclusive to move away from violence completely – to educate now about nonviolence.  There are many sights that list animal agriculture as the number one cause for world demise (violence, hunger, climate change, confusion).

How do we practice nonviolence in our daily lives you may ask – simple – through veganism. We practice it daily by understanding what veganism means . It means love. Veganism means that we understand what it means to love completely. We love by not harming anyone – that would include all living beings, human and nonhuman beings.  With the understanding that all beings have a purpose of living, we all have cognisance, we all plan ahead, we all have feelings, we all have understanding, we all have the capacity to feel love, joy, fear etc, – in other words we as humans have not the right to enslave, possess, torture, abuse, murder, eat , wear, and use others in order to profit from and pleasure ourselves with at others expense.  All who so dearly love sentient’s already agree with this.

Since we cannot rely on those who fight for animal rights who continue to fight for them for profit margins through their ‘donate buttons’ that do nothing to save the lives of animals on the grand scale of things, neither can we rely on corporations who continue to exploit animals , and neither can we rely on governments who do nothing –  it has become clearly obvious and apparent that it is only at the grassroots level that we (you and I) CAN do something to save the lives of billions of animals by going vegan.

Going vegan costs you nothing.  No one controls you. It is a consciences decision that you alone can agree on, and want to for the sake of suffering animals across the globe, for the sake of climate change, and for the sake of other humans who suffer at the current system in play.  Going vegan is a joy and it certainly leaves you so much healthier. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Back to your original question :  Our dream is to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature… What’s yours?

Our answer to your question is : Go vegan first and foremost, and teach others to do the same. Stop violence, stop climate change.

How to make the most of world environment day:

Go vegan first and foremost.

Make the most of your garden.

Make thoughtful decisions.

Create a compost pile.

Reduce food waste.

Reduce plastic consumption.

Love one another.