Humane slaughter.

We are convinced that everyone thinks these mugshots are deplorable in every way. Not only do they violate our human right to live peacefully in a non-violent society today however they violate every right that animals ought to have – the right to live. And yet this is what has been ‘coined’ as ‘humane’ slaughter by the animal agricultural industries and their partners involved in these massacres at slaughter facilities, farms, butcheries and whole sale markets.

Their feeble reasoning to continue these bloody onslaughts for profit margins of innocent individuals who cannot speak for themselves and have no legal rights, is to feed the masses. They say that they need to provide you with food but this is not food. You don’t need to consume such violent, decomposing vulgar that is thrown at you. They are all harping on about ‘humane slaughter’, selling out the animals and covering up their lies as they go along. You will agree that there is nothing humane about slaughter no matter which perspective you look at it from. Slaughter cannot be justified no matter how humane they try to convince you that it is. No such thing exists. It’s another marketing tool used by highly paid advertising campaigns to pat you on the back and encourage you to continue supporting the most violent legal industry in the history of mankind, with guilt free conscience.

We watched in silence, shock, horror as the perverted butcher spoke in a rigid voice and stroked ‘Bessie’ between her eyes. He promised her that she would be alight and that everything would be fine – and coldly patted her on the head. She froze. Bessie was a beautiful being. His assistant then pointed a cold steel bolt to her head, She looked up at us her eyes rolling back knowingly. The gun was fired, she collapsed to the floor with such a thud. Within 15 seconds a large iron chain with a hook was wrapped around  her left leg and she was hoisted into mid air. Her tongue fell out of her mouth, her eyes still open – body pushed across the slaughterhouse floor and positioned over a filthy bucket which read ‘inedible’. A knife was then forcefully thrust into her throat –  she was left to bleed out. The sickening stench of her blood filled the air and penetrated our nostrils – a disgusting smell we shall never forget. They proceeded to butcher her to pieces –  separating her head then the bottom part of all four of her legs. The skinning began still whilst she dangled in mid air until they had ripped off her entire beautiful epidermis. Her naked carcass hung there – she was completely unrecognisable from the gorgeous living breathing individual that had been alive only a few moments ago. Bessie had been completely violated in every way possible but they didn’t stop there. She was cut down the front of her body – someone then lunged into her ripping all of her insides out which fell into another bucket. She was then cut in half down the centre – her two halves now pulled away – they proceeded to hack at her now cold rotting body. Finally her pieces were rolled into a morgue with others that had been butchered before her. Does any of this sound remotely humane to you? No – off course not – that’s because you know that it’s not.

You may try to justify that killing someone less violently is humane. Killing someone less violently and without them possibly knowing that you are about to do so is better than killing someone in a highly violent manner but does it make it right.  No off course it doesn’t. There is no justification for killing at all –  not killing someone is first prize if we want to stop violence especially when there is no need for killing anyone at all. To say that they are killing these animals to feed you is simply quite perverse and to justify any murder as humane is even more perverted.

You can stop all violence by simply going vegan. ‘People’ like Bessie wouldn’t have to suffer so – you would be healthier and the whole world would benefit from you going vegan. Say no to violence – don’t fall prey to an industry that promotes so much violence (no matter how ‘humane’) they claim it to be – it’s not. They are responsible for billions of deaths including both animals and humans. They are also responsible for accelerated climate change – they are poising earth’s water and air and destroying beautiful land/forests by breeding and expanding their programmes. The barbaric animal agricultural industry is way behind our modern times. They are a backward thinking regimen still who continue to destroy – they have much to answer for and they know it but continue to punt ‘death’ on our doorstep because legally they can. So it is up to you to see right through them all – the evidence is there and it is highly apparent.

Here is a list of ‘healthy’ foods that you can switch over to immediately in order to benefit, stop violence and help the rest of the world to continue her healing process : Starting your vegan pantry 

~ Active Vegan ~