South Africa! Shop local for vegan products – online here!

If you live in South Africa – then this link is for you! Why are we posting this you may ask – because we care. We care about animals, we care about our environment, and we care about you and your health. We want you to go green! Shopping online has never been easier.

Taking good care, living consciously with those around us, both human and non, means less violence, less harm, to everyone that we have the capability to care so much about. Everyday we sob our hearts out at the harm, the horror, that is unnecessarily inflicted upon the animal kingdom, we ask ourselves how can we change it for them – what can we do to stop their suffering and pain.

Everyday, we read, we hear about climate change, methane Co2, how over 51% of this noxious gas, is derived from the animal agricultural sect. We hear how the ice caps and glaciers are melting, how we are destroying the forests, how we are acidifying the oceans, poisoning our waterways, polluting our air, and destroying the fundamental ecosystems that we have all become so reliant upon, and whole species who are going extinct.

There are solutions, we’re not at a complete and utter loss – there are phenomenal alternative ways we can refine our lives, to improve and change the tragic situation, as South Africans we are capable of embracing the concept of going green, to start living consciously, to reverse this violence, violence to animals, violence to ourselves, and violence to our mother earth.

We encourage you to check out this link offered by Faithful to Nature – your online organic shop. Check out the hundreds of vegan products on offer here in South Africa, on our very own soil – our land, and know, that what you purchase is free of animals, free of animal bi-products, free of harm, it’s organic – no chemicals or pesticides, environmentally safe and green.

We have spoken to so many people who say that it is difficult to go vegan and hard to live consciously – it’s not. Going vegan, living our lives nonviolently, has never been easier, it’s just a simple mind switch. There are mega products which have hit local supermarkets today! And if you can’t find them in some stores – you will find them here on line. Vegan restaurants are booming, stores are getting with the programme, so many more South Africans are starting to embrace this gorgeous way of life today. The movement is growing exponentially, the markers are up – the demand Is growing. Join in, have fun, live life ethically, make the switch, make the difference! Let this be the day that you say – ” I have had enough of violence, this is my stand, my choice to no longer be a part of violence. I am going vegan for ethical reasons. I am doing it for animal rights”.

Another excellent link that you may be interested in :

Parlour – vegan bakery – Florida, USA

If you’re in the Florida area USA – head on down to your favourite : Parlour Vegan Bakery – serving delicious toaster pastries, pizza rolls, oatmeal cream pies and everything that your heart desires!

Their full address is 1487 S UNIVERSITY DR #3, Plantation, Florida 33324 –   they’re open Mon to Fri 10am to 7pm, and Sat to Sun 10am to 5pm.

Contact them on (954) 533-7104 or check out their Facebook page and website here:

Pink frosted toaster pastries (think Pop Tarts), doughy cinnamon rolls, (edible) glitter-sprinkled cupcakes; these are the contents of the charming glass case at Parlour Vegan Bakery, Plantation’s newest sweetery.

For such a small spot, the menu is lengthy, and includes the sweet and savoury. There are Irish cream, chocolate cookie dough and “Dunkaroo” cupcakes ($3.75); gluten-free blueberry and strawberry pop tarts ($3.50); black bean and corn empanadas ($3.50); gluten-free oatmeal cream pies ($3.75) and pillowy, massive pizza rolls ($3.95).

The line-up echoes old school snack nostalgia, and that was intentional, says co-owner Alejandra Miranda.

“A lot of my inspiration would probably be foods I grew up eating in the ’90s,” she explains.

“I love that kind of stuff and I was missing those things when I did become a vegan. I like junky snacky—if I’m going to be bad, I want to be bad and I still want it to be plant-based.”

Make no mistake, Parlour isn’t about “health food”—it’s about indulgence, and its line-up is worth every bite. From the pillowy pizza rolls to the rich, sugary oatmeal cream pies, the menu is mouth-watering. (For those looking for healthier eats, there are refrigerated snack boxes featuring hummus, fruit, chick pea salad and more.)

Miranda and her husband co-own the cake supply store next door, and decided to launch the bakery as a labour of love. While everything at Parlour is vegan, the idea is to make delicious items that appeal to everyone.

“We wanted the feel to look like a cool bakery, a cool place, and oh by the way it’s vegan,” she says.

“People think vegan is all kale and spinach and green stuff and it’s not. It’s educating our community that there are other options that are vegan-friendly and you’re not sacrificing the taste.”

The duo designed the diminutive spot themselves, and it has a chic, citified feel.

“We took trip to the Northwest and after seeing how vegan-friendly everything is we said, we should definitely do something like this, but not make it something that scares away non-vegans. If you’re vegan you’ll know it’s vegan and you’ll love it,” Miranda explains.

In addition to the baked goods, the vegan nook has coffee options, blended tea drinks and even packaged snacks, like Earth Balance cheese crackers.

They’ll also be introducing new menu items regularly, says Miranda. Soon, s’mores, cotton candy and pecan bourbon cupcakes will all be added to the case.

So far, Parlour has had a hell of a reception. It’s the spot’s third week in operation. “We sold out on Sunday, we had to close early! It was insane. Now we know, on Sundays, bake a little bit more.”

Future ‘butcher’ shops – all vegan.

Vegan ‘butcher shops’ are becoming all the rage as more demand by public is leaning toward nonviolent choices.

A vegan butcher shop in Toronto –  Yamchops. Learn more –

Their full address: 705 College Street, Toronto, Ontario m6g 1c2
Open Mon – Sat: 11am to 7 pm & Sun 11am to 5pm
Call them on : 416-645-0117

Or talk to them on :

The world is going vegan because we see the ‘benefits’ in doing so – going vegan is easy. Going vegan is an absolute joy!

Rabbit Food Grocery – Austin, Texas, USA

Rabbit Food Grocery  are situated at 2210 S 1st St, Suite M, Austin, Texas 78704  –  are open Monday to Saturday 11am to 19:00, and on Sundays from noon to 17:00.
Rabbit Food Grocery is Austin’s 100% VEGAN market.
Shop Online:
They believe a more compassionate world is possible. They strive to live without causing harm to animals, people, and the environment – and believe a vegan lifestyle is essential to create a better world for now and the future.
The mission at Rabbit Food Grocery is to grow the vegan community by educating the public on the importance of a vegan life style for the animals, for your health, and for the environment. They offer 100% cruelty-free vegan items including: grocery staples, body care products, household supplies, clothing, and gifts and provide compassionate and veg-curious people a one-stop shopping experience to demonstrate how easy it is to adopt and sustain a vegan lifestyle.
Contact them on :  (512) 666-8638 and check out both their page and their website.

Viva la Vegan Grocery.

Viva la Vegan Grocery  are situated at 2723 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, CA, USA. They are a 100% vegan one stop store, where you can shop from a large selection of 100% vegan compassionate items in the cosmos.

Check out their new site : where they will also have items available for purchase online with nationwide shipping soon!

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World’s First Vegan Supermarket Chain Plans to Take Over Europe!

Jan Bredack opened the doors to Veganz, the world’s first all-vegan supermarket chain, in 2011. Since then, he has turned “tofu into dough” and shows no plans of stopping, with plans to open dozens of new stores across Europe over the next several years.

Right now, Veganz has two stores in Berlin, with a third slated to open this year. Frankfurt, Munich, and Hamburg also have stores. Stores opening soon or currently in the works include locations in Vienna, London, Amsterdam, Zurich, Barcelona, Milan, and Copenhagen. Then, Veganz plans to move to the U.S.! According to The Local, “In 2016, Veganz will open a vegan shopping center in Portland, including a shoe and clothing store and restaurant.”

What is a Veganz shopping experience like? Well, The Local says it’s like no other shopping experience you’ve seen before: “Walking into a Veganz supermarket you would be hard pushed to believe that there were no animal products around. Every type of food that you would expect in your usual supermarket is available, from cheeses to different kinds of ‘fish’ and ‘meat.’”

For founder Bredack, who is a former meat eater himself, the store is not trying to make the whole world vegan, but aims instead to make the world a little easier for those who are vegan. “It should be really simple,” he said. “People shouldn’t have to cut out anything.”

Along with his supermarket expansion set to bring all-vegan grocery stores to shoppers across Europe, Bredack has other interesting plans for his store and brand. The Local reports: “Bredack is taking Veganz a step further, as they plan to take their food to festivals, music and sports events in a mobile snack trailer. From the specially designed food trucks they will offer vegan hotdogs and burgers and plan to tour Europe.”

Now that’s one way to bring the message that it’s possible to eat vegan in every part of life to people all over! For more on Veganz and its food truck expansion, be sure to check out the video!

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