Asaase Pa Natural Food and Products

Stunning to have found Asaase Pa Natural Food and Products in Ghana, Accra. saase Pa is the oldest local vegan restaurant and health food shop in Ghana. It has been instrumental in creating awareness about veganism. Please do give them a huge like – let’s get the message of non-violence going throughout the whole of Africa.

This is a small, vegan restaurant in the city centre of Accra. The menu is varied, staff are very friendly, and the atmosphere in general is very nice. The food is good, tasty, and dishes are well balanced and presented. It is a kind of a vegan Oasis!

There is also a small library on vegetarianism, with nice chairs and tables to sit and read. They also have a mini-health food store, basic but very convenient!

Their continental dishes like their stir-fry veggies and other things “not African” are good, but do make sure that you order a portion of fufu to your table. It’s one of the only places you can get real, traditional Ghanaian food (fufu with groundnut or palm nut soup) and you don’t have to worry about meat being in it. And it’s pretty tasty – you should eat the fufu with your hands, it’ll tastes even better!

Give Assase Pa 5 stars because the owner of the place is also the founder of the Vegetarian Association of Ghana who tries very hard on all levels to promote a vegetarian/vegan diet in his country. So big props there!

Contact them on: 0277816017

Full address is : Accra high street, 2nd., 233 Accra, Ghana.

Very excited for Ghana – much encouragement here. Please do keep sharing your favorite vegan eateries with us – we shall pay them forward.

~ Active Vegan ~

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